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Medical expert, Dr Joe Obi-Njoku has advised Nigerian men to go for early screening for prostate cancer.

Medical expert, Dr Joe Obi-Njoku has advised Nigerian men to go for early screening for prostate cancer.

The renowned urologist who spoke in an interview in Owerri said male Nigerians should go for early screening for prostate cancer as early detection makes it cheaper and easier to be treated. Dr. Obi Njoku stated that once a patient comes to the hospital early with prostate cancer he could be 100% cured because early detection of the cause of the disease makes treatment easier.
The medical expert submitted that prostate cancer which is caused by cancer cells in the prostate gland is curable because its cause is known, stressing that early therapeutic approach on the causative factor makes it to recede. The former health commissioner in Imo State elucidated that prostate cancer could be caused by androgen activities or as a result of prostate infections which were untreated or badly treated.
He explained that it can cause anemia when it spreads by depressing the bone marrow and when this occurs there would be no blood formation again and the patient dies and added that it could sometimes cause cough when it invades the lungs at these various symptoms could be misleading when there are no urinary disturbances but thorough expert investigation would trace them to prostate cancer cells that invaded either the lungs or the bone marrow.
The renowned urologist further stated that a prostate cancer patient may be urinating freely and sometimes prostate cancer could cause direct bleeding when it has ruptured the prostate gland into the bladder as it could as well cause kidney failure. Dr. Obi Njoku disclosed that in the case of Benign Prostate Enlargement there is assurance that it is no longer a big problem because there are new programmes to handle it effectively through drug administration to the normal position or help to open the urethra by relaxing the prostate gland to enable the patient achieve improved urinary out flow, but when the patient cannot afford drugs, Carthaka could be inserted which should be changed from time to time.He added that one astonishing result is that after treating prostate cancer patients they appear renewed in appearance.