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Achieving your goals shouldn't be a tough ordeal. In fact, it can be fun and pleasure, if you go in the right way.  There are certain steps, strategies and attitudes you need to adopt in order to achieve success. Do you have dreams and goals?

Achieving your goals shouldn't be a tough ordeal. In fact, it can be fun and pleasure, if you go in the right way.  There are certain steps, strategies and attitudes you need to adopt in order to achieve success. Do you have dreams and goals?

Sure you have, but what are doing to make them come true?  Often, dreams and goals stay as daydreams, unless you do something turn them into reality.
Achieving your dreams and goals depends on several factors such as: You need to have a specific and clear goal. You have to be sure that you really want to achieve your goal. You need to create a clear mental image of your goal. You need a strong desire. You need to disregard doubts and thoughts about failure. You have to show confidence and faith, and persevere, until you achieve your goal.
How many people fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements? Just a few! Most people do not know that there are laws governing success, which should be followed.  It is so easy and simple to daydream, and then say, "Well it is just a daydream. It will never come true". It is so easy to give up and lose faith and motivation, when you facing obstacles.
You can achieve your dreams and goals using your mental tools.  Achieving your goals shouldn't be a tough ordeal. In fact, it can be fun and pleasure, if you go in the right way. It is not hard physical work that brings success. Success does not require hard physical labor. In fact, you need to do mental work.
Visualization and repeating affirmations make up this mental work, and are important stepping stones to achieving success. When you visualize and affirm, you focus and channel your energies toward your goal. Your mind is geared toward finding solutions to bring your goal into manifestation.
By thinking in a positive manner on your goal, and not letting any doubts enter your mind, your intuition starts working, you recognize opportunities, and you have energy at your disposal to follow your goals and dreams.
There are people who, listen to subliminal messages that program their minds for success. There are many CD's available today, which implant subliminal messages into the mind, so as to activate its power. It is said that these subliminal messages, which go straight to the subconscious mind, bring faster results.
When you visualize and affirm your goals, you gain much more, than what you gain by programming your mind passively with subliminal messages. The attention, intention and energy you channel toward visualizing and affirming improve your resolve, concentration, willpower and self-discipline, unlike using subliminal messages.
One of the advantages of visualization and affirmations is that you can use them wherever you are, at any time or place, without the necessity of any external requirements. All you need is your mind.
Success is attained through work, perseverance, ambition, and visualization. This is a process often that takes time, shorter or longer, depending on the goal. However, sometimes, success might appear in a miraculous and surprising manner. Sometimes, opportunities appear and doors open, but you need to get in, and take advantage of the opportunity.
Everyone has bigger and smaller goals. Visualization and affirmations make them easier and faster to achieve. Do you think that only major goals can be considered as goals? For example: Becoming wealthy.  Getting an expensive car.  Buying a big house with a swimming pool and, Building a very successful business.
The truth is that the following are no less important goals: Waking up early in the morning. Arriving to work on time.  Spending more time with your family.  Reading a book.  Going to see a movie with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.  Controlling your eating habits.  Exercising your body.
Yes, you can achieve your dreams and goals.  Like any other subject, if you want to do it right you need to study it right. I want to share with you a few essential steps for achieving goals. Instead of writing lengthy explanations, I decide to write something short, and therefore, easier to remember and implement.
#1.   Be specific about what you want to achieve.  Most people, don't know what they want to do with their life, and even after thinking hard, they don't come up with something they really want to do. This is one of the main reasons that in spite of so many books on success, most people live an average life.
#2.  Draw up a plan of action.  Devote as much time as you need to find a goal or goals, even minor goals are okay. Not everyone really desires great success and is willing to completely change his/her life. Not everyone desires to be a millionaire, or possesses the talent to make money.  After finding a goal that you really desire to achieve, draw up a plan, being as practical as possible.
#3.  Make a list of steps.  List the steps you need to take, such as signing up for a course, studying, reading, developing the required skills, looking for a job, etc, and other steps you need to implement that will take you closer to achieving your goal.
#4.  Act, do not be passive.  Take action and follow the steps on your list. Don't just wait for things to happen.
#5.  Read and listen to advice.  Read books or articles about what you want to achieve. Meet people who can help you and listen to their advice, but use your common sense and reason before accepting anything.
#6.  Alternative plans.  If a certain plan doesn't work, look for an alternative one.
#7.  Examine your goals periodically.  Some goals aren't worth achieving. Circumstances and people change. Some goals lose their importance. It is a good idea to re-examine your goals regularly and weed out the worthless ones.
#8.  Repeat affirmations.  Affirm with faith and feelings that your goal has already been achieved. If you don't undo your affirmations with doubts and lack of belief, they will be accepted by your subconscious mind, which will then provide you with more desire and motivation.
#9.  Visualize your goal.  Visualization will also affect your subconscious mind, which will keep you motivated, focused on your goal, and more aware of ideas and opportunities.
#10. Take action.  Don't just affirm and visualize and do nothing. Take any action required to bring your goal into fruition. Follow your intuition, new ideas and opportunities that present themselves, and accept help from other people.
(To be continued next week).
Sunny Ukaibe, Strategic Officer, SuccessCodes International Training Centre and Lead Pastor, SuccessCodes International Church, #34/35, Suite B, New Face of Imo Complex, Opposite Fish Island, Along Relief Market Road, Ikenegbu New Extension, Owerri. You can reach him on 08034278883 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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