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It does not matter what information you get, it is useless without one ingredient  action!  Real, honest, good information about how to make money or whatever your field from someone who has experience, is truly valuable. 

It does not matter what information you get, it is useless without one ingredient  action!  Real, honest, good information about how to make money or whatever your field from someone who has experience, is truly valuable. 

However, if you do not take action and apply that information, it is useless.  Plain and simple.  And here, once again, we discover that the secret lies inside of ourselves.  Purchasing information about your subject, studying and learning all you can, is without a doubt a key to success.
And, putting that information to use is the only way to get that success.  Having a mentor, someone you can ask questions and bounce ideas off of is one of the best ways to get a leg up starting your own business.
But be prepared to accept criticism to some of your ideas.  You are, after all, just getting started and when you ask for the advice of one with more experience, honour that experience by at least accepting the information, and not arguing.
This reminds me of the story I was once told by a mentor, of a very intelligent professor who went to see a great wise master to learn all he could from the master about the meaning of life.
After travelling many kilometers to see the master, they sat down together for a tea.  The Professor began to go on at length about all he knew about wisdom and what he thought was the meaning of life.
The master sat patiently listening and the few times he tried to speak, the professor quickly cut him off with his own feelings about whatever the master had begun to speak of.  After a while, the master asked the professor if he wanted some more tea.  The professor said, yes thank you.
As the master filled his cup, he continued to pour the tea even as it ran over the top and onto the floor.  The professor said, what are you doing?  The cup is full, stop pouring the tea!
As the master stopped pouring he said, just the same as the cup is full, so is your mind.  You came here to gain more knowledge from me; however, all you have done is tell me everything you already know.  Empty your cup so that you may learn from others.
This concept seems very simple, just plain common sense, but it continues to amaze me how many people call me for advice and then argue with the information I share with them. 
While it is true that only you can build your business and change your life, but by using guidance and information of others who are where you wish to be, you can certainly escape many pitfalls and mistakes and get where you want to be more quickly.
But you must accept that information and guidance and then put it into practice.  I do not claim to have discovered a secret formula.  What I am telling you is something that has been around for centuries.  It has been used to create success and wealth throughout time.
It has been explained many different ways, but the information is basically the same.  Truth is universal.  It may have been interpreted many different ways; however the information itself is nothing new.
Some people who have come up with the information whether they were a personal development coach or a financial advisor will say that they have discovered the secret to wealth. 
Sometimes they give the misconception that just by going through four hour course one time, the average person will immediately develop a new way to become rich, without putting forth any more effort.
That is absolutely not rue.  Even though I generated a million naira in business, I have not lost my thirst for knowledge, nor my drive to improve.  I am constantly growing and learning.  Having a solid foundation is extremely important.
Learn the basics, master them well and you can easily be well on your way to making a million naira or more.  So how do you get this foundation?  In one word; repetition.  But I do not mean that you go through article 5 or 10 times in a row.
You do need to take breaks in between.  During these breaks, reflect on the world around you, read books, take in other information.
When you come back, the new info and the new experiences will give you a different outlook and raise your perspective to a whole new level.  When you come back to this material fresh, energized and receptive, messages you were not ready for in a previous read will then be revealed to you.
If I had lunch with somebody and presented all of my knowledge, meaning giving them hours and hours of personal consultation, and then I never saw that person again, I would guarantee you that person will not be able to apply even ten percent of the information I gave them.
This is because people are not able to absorb in that way.  Just because you thoroughly went over this information once, it will do you no good.  Even if you understand the English language perfectly and read every word carefully, this information will not become clear to you unless you can begin applying it to your life and begin observing the results.
Then the information itself will take on an entirely new meaning.  If you want this information to lead to amassing wealth, if you went this be one of your goals for life, then right now should be the tenth time that you have read this write up.
By then it will have become a part of your subconscious and this will have become a part of your life.  You will begin to see opportunities that are not visible to other people.  You will begin to have opportunities arise that do not present for other people.
That alone will put you so much more ahead of the game than most other people.  As you may already know, to learn anything worthwhile usually takes practice.  Whether you are trying to learn a sport, a subject in a class, a new language, or even how to do a new job, practice is essential.
Just as it takes sets of repetition to build muscles, it also takes repetition to build a new mindset.  As I said earlier, if you are not rich right now, it is because you have been practicing techniques that do not lead to wealth.
Remember, empty your cup so you can learn and then take action for success.  See you at the top of success.

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