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Hi, I want to share with you a lesson from one of my mentors on how to reach my destiny.  I know that this lesson will add colour to your life positively as it did to me.  Enjoy yourself.

Hi, I want to share with you a lesson from one of my mentors on how to reach my destiny.  I know that this lesson will add colour to your life positively as it did to me.  Enjoy yourself.

He began by saying to me that while it is true that unforeseen problems are opportunities for finding a better way for getting to where you want to be, it is also the time that tries the soul of men so much that they are forced to do something extremely stupid, something that completely erodes their integrity and wipes off their credibility, covering them in opprobrious shame.
However, tempted you may be, never, never, never give in to the temptation of doing something dishonest to keep a sinking boat afloat.
Why did I say so?  You see, if you are trying to keep a dream afloat, and it looks as if you are heading towards the rock, you will be better off crashing with the dream than to commit a dishonest act that will be exposed later and the shame you were trying to avoid will then scatter all over your body like faeces.
Let me explain further.  If you sink without trace with your dream, there are at least some people who would look at the spot where you disappeared and raise their hats for your guts.  They would say you gave it your honest best and I bet that your wife and children would be proud of a husband and a father like you.
Even where nobody appreciates what you have tried to accomplish, your conscience will be clear that you gave it your best shot without soiling your name.  And, who says you cannot start all over again after taking a little deep breathe?
But imagine your shame when the bubble finally bursts and you are faced with the crime you have committed while living in a make believe world.
Do you still respect people you once thought made their money fair and clean when it transpired that they had used foul means to acquire their wealth?
I repeat, do not use dishonest means to prop up your dream.  The repercussion is an ominous wind that would not do you any good.
When faced with problems, do not be afraid or tired of looking for a just and honest solution.  There is always a way if there is a will to find it.
Another thing that can destroy and individual, if shown a careless life about it, is poor health.  If your health fails, there is no way you can accomplish your dreams.
No one can win 5 million naira business while doctors and nurses are keeping vigil over them in  a hospital.  And if the doctors cannot help them and they go to six feet below, that is the end of their ambitions.
What is the point I am making?  It is this; take care of your health.  Do not neglect your body as you reach your power house and draw more energy to reach your next goal.  Your health is important to your success that I wish there were a device that could be ringing that fact into your ears every hour.
Learn to relax.  Learn to rest.  Learn to exercise.  Work very hard and relax very hard.  When you are relaxing, learn to include your mind in the relaxation exercise.  Sometimes we claim to be relaxing whereas our mind is busy. 
You must get into the habit of deliberately slowing your mind down.  Do not go on and on and on.
When your body sends signal to you that something is wrong, do not postpone your visit to the repair shop till another day.  Most of us do that; we put off a visit to our doctor to the weekend after the next one and never get round to making it there.  This is wrong.
It is someone with a healthy body and a sound mind that can accomplish their loftiest dreams.  Try to remember that always.
Every man needs a woman in his life.  And in the same way every woman needs a man in her life.  We were created that way.  Some men have succeeded in suppressing the urge for women just as some women can do without men.
But, for the rest majority of us, one cannot do without the other.  That is the way God designed it.  When He first created man, He discovered that he was so lonely that he was living a miserable life. 
And so, God created a woman, a help mate, for him.  Like every thing God created, He had a brilliant idea when he made a woman after seeing what loneliness was doing to Adam, the first man.
But it is the nature of man to try to turn the good things God created upside down, aided by his super encourager, Satan.
And so, man will not stop at taking a wife, instead he will go for two, three, four or even more.  He forgets that if it was necessary for man to have two wives or more, God would have shown the example in the garden of Eden by creating two or more women to be around Adam.
Where is all this leading to?  I am drawing your attention to one of the greatest sources of man's problems on planet earth.  The history of the world is filled with the story of men and women who climbed to the greatest heights only to be brought down because of what former American president, Bill Clinton described as inappropriate relationship, with the opposite sex.
There are too many men and women who have fallen from grace to disgrace for me to start mentioning them here.  Everywhere you turn, there is an example of a man, or woman, who lost their way because they got involved with the wrong spouses or they got into a relationship that contravened God's one man, one woman concept.
I have read in Think and Grow Rich that for a man to succeed, he needs to have a woman he loved so much he wanted to impress her with his achievements.  Hill stressed the fact that it had to be a woman, not women.
He also said in the book that a man must know how to control his sexual urge, which earlier showed promise had floundered and died and the epitaph at their graves claimed that the owners were led astray because they diverted their attention to women outside their wedlock.
The lesson for you? Do not lose all those things you sweated for by getting involved in affairs that would destroy all your efforts.
See you at the top of success.

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