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When I wrote to express my disappointment over Awoists following the abysmal performance of the APC- led federal government in view of the rapid collapse of the nation's economy and the mismanagement of insurgencies under their watch, I didn't know that I was speaking the minds of many Nigerians.

When I wrote to express my disappointment over Awoists following the abysmal performance of the APC- led federal government in view of the rapid collapse of the nation's economy and the mismanagement of insurgencies under their watch, I didn't know that I was speaking the minds of many Nigerians.

The reactions which trailed the write-up and the need to reach more readers have therefore necessitated the repeat of that discourse.
Next week, we shall commence our series on UNPATRIOTISM OF PUBLIC SERVANTS. The series will discuss how Nigerians who have had the opportunity of serving the nation later turned around to rob her with reckless abandon and why it is a travesty rewarding them with National Merits Awards.
Where Are The Awoists in Nigeria?
When the military government of General Abdulsalaam Abubakar blew the whistle in 1998 to return Nigeria to a democracy, the followers of Obafemi Awolowo, Awoists, assembled under Alliance for Democracy, AD,  later known as ACN before it merged with CPC and formed the APC. Having won the federal elections in 2015 under APC, it is therefore doubtless that Awoists, known for being development politicians are in charge of this fourth republic. However, the speed at which Nigeria slipped into a recession where multi- national businesses are taking flight while others downsize or close shops; one is tempted to ask whether these are Awoists. Put differently, where are the Awoists in the APC government?
This question arises because the sudden recession in Nigeria of today can be compared with the sudden “drying" of river Euphrates that resulted in the fall of ancient Babylon. The story of Nigeria becoming “suddenly broke" according to President Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari, MOB, falls into the same scenario with the fall of Babylon from her splendour. Babylon was a rich and powerful city state that was surrounded by river Euphrates which made her unassailable to enemy attacks.
However, under the illusion of being impregnable to enemies, the Babylonian King began to pay less attention to security. While basking in that state of comfort, Babylonians did not discover when the Medo-Persian army was constructing a canal near the river. That was how in 539 BC, the Medo-Persian army drained the Euphrates to the canal and paved the way for their soldiers to cross over to Babylon and laid siege to her. So, by the time Babylonians realised what was happening, it was already too late: The draining of Euphrates led to the sudden fall of Babylon.
In the case of Nigeria, the APC-led federal government has continued to bask in the euphoria of defeating the then ruling PDP. Six months after taking over the government, it could not find capable technocrats to manage the ministries and parastatals. Nigeria was therefore subjected to the President's personal rule. When eventually ministers were appointed, it was discovered that a large chunk of the team was picked from the second republic inept politicians who have no idea of the current technology-driven global economy. Instead of facing the task of nation building, the ruling party continued to play to the gallery with every manner of propaganda against its predecessor, PDP. When for example, Professor Wole Soyinka was calling on Buhari to convene an economic conference to proffer solutions to the emerging signs in the economy, the president was rather telling the world that Nigeria was the fastest growing economy in the world. But in a matter of three months, Buhari recanted and said that Nigeria is suddenly broke. The Nigerian foreign exchange rate rose so high that no business can afford to operate under its regime. Multi-national businesses are taking flight from Nigeria. Factories are either down-sizing or closing shops. Workers are being owed salaries both in the public and private sectors. Funds that should have been used to execute capital projects are channeled to the avoidable Operation Crocodile Smile against Niger Delta militants.
This takes us back to the question: Where are the Awoists in this APC federal government? This question is apt in the sense that Chief Obafemi Awolowo was a shrewd politician who believed in the rule of law, accountability and development politics which endeared him to Nigerians beyond Yoruba land. He was a prudent and proficient administrator who managed Nigeria's economy successfully through the civil war period without borrowing.
Unlike Awolowo, his followers inspite of doing well in Yoruba land are displaying failure at the federal level since they took over. In saying this to them, I would like to borrow the exact words which the US Secretary of State, John Kerry used while speaking to northern religious and political leaders at the palace of the Sultan of Sokoto recently. Having captured the presidency, it was expected that Obafemi Awolowo "would be proud that in the country today", the political power he failed to achieve has eventually been realised by his followers. "But he wouldn't be satisfied and you know that". This is because the policies of the APC federal government today is a direct opposite to what the late sage stood for all his life.
Awolowo could not have sold RESTRUCTURING and later refused to buy it. He could not have marketed CHANGE and turned back rejecting CHANGE. You know it more than any other Nigerian group that Pa Awolowo could not have been "aloof" to recession signals.
In every aspect of his political career, Pa Obafemi Awolowo stood up against policies of alienation, marginalization, suppression, injustice and brazen nepotism in both political appointments and recruitment of public servants. There is acute hunger arising from job losses, salary cuts and debts, folding of businesses and withholding of capital projects. Nigerians are becoming homeless with the rains drenching them. Very soon, essential commodities will start disappearing from shelves.
From all indications, it is obvious that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as the current leader of Awoists made a grave political miscalculation and should therefore take full responsibility for the misfortunes befalling Nigeria because he is one of the political leaders who sold the Buhari presidency to Nigerians. Tinubu as an undisputed astute politician should have known the product he was selling if he had paid attention to reports from people who had worked closely with Buhari. Otherwise he would have known that Buhari is always “aloof" to his environment and that he is not a team player, but prefers to work with a clique. He is also known for blaming others for his failures and the tendency for bias in political appointments. For example, instead of serving Nigerians when he became Military Head of State in 1983, he blamed the NPN regime throughout until he was toppled in 1985. Also he was neck deep in making lopsided appointments. His lifestyle has not yet changed which is the reason, to him, PDP remains the problem with Nigeria and eruption of several militants' agitations here and there, with the result that Nigerian military is engaged in not less than ten war fronts internally. Is this the meaning of CHANGE?
In conclusion, if the impressive good governance being sustained in Lagos and other South West states by the APC Awoists is compared with the rapid deterioration of Nigeria's sociopolitical landscape in less than eighteen months of APC at the federal level, it becomes glaring that Awoists have dropped their toga or are missing. For, if  Asiwaju Tinubu and his ACN colleagues are still Awoists and in the APC federal government as Nigerians believe, why then is Nigeria's economy falling rapidly under their watchful eye ? My belief therefore is that this is happening either because they are no longer followers of Obafemi Awolowo or that they are not part of the ruling party. In either case, Awo their political patriarch cannot be happy with them

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