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In the previous article 'resolution' was identified as one of the major strategic processes used to achieve rightness. Rightness in this context encompasses peace, prosperity and power.

In the previous article 'resolution' was identified as one of the major strategic processes used to achieve rightness. Rightness in this context encompasses peace, prosperity and power.

Resolutions are powerful because they are products of creative cognition (creative thinking). Unlike decisions reached out of insightful consciousness or instinctual response, a resolution is born out of a thinking process that weighs all possible alternatives; considers their merits and demerits; evaluates their efficacy and efficiency in achieving the target; and settles for the most affordable, efficient, realistic, acceptable and achievable option. Hence, whether as an individual activity or a national endeavour, resolutions are reached following adequate information knowledge and understanding of the people, events or circumstances in question. Therefore, when a resolution is reached and passed, its achievement requires dedicated commitment of all concerned. Its purpose is usually for the good or betterment of the concerned person or people.
The drive for a resolution usually comes from a sense of inadequacy, dissatisfaction or snafu withthe present, as its the case of Nigeria and Nigerians now. The omnifarious disarray of the present Nigerian situation conveys to all and sundry the importance of a fresh resolution in the country by the citizens and the leaders as well.
The New Orientation
A direct response to the current national situation is this call for a new year resolution, tagged 'The New Orientation'. It is called a new orientation and not a re-orientation because by or through this article, highlights on new ways of perceiving and responding shall be shew forth. This new orientation being put forward here is one to help us as individuals and as a nation become part of the global village where the barriers posed by time and space has been adequately collapsed. To do this we must adopt the two components of this new orientation.
New Ways of Perceiving- The time has come when both leaders and followers inNigeria have to quit perceiving occurrences in Nigeria in isolation or as being unique to us. It is time to recognize that happenings like terrorism, wars, economic recession, corruption, floods, bad leadership or wrong followership, are not limited or peculiar to Nigeria. Many nations of the world have faced (e.g., South Africa) and some (e.g., Isreal) are still battling with these realities. As such, it is important to learn and copy best practices that have worked effectively in other parts of the globe.  Consequently, the world is no longer about national stability or geographical superiority. Instead, all the institutions of the world now aim at global stability. We are no longer conceived just as Nigerians but more as part of the global arena, where trade and commerce, defence, education, health, etc. transverse states and cultures to reach individuals and nations inspite of their willingness or unwillingness as the case may be. The global nature of world affairs is the reason why the human world is almost at a standstill while awaiting the decisions of 'Donald Trump' of United States of America and the impact of such decisions on global affairs. Still, with a good understanding of the place of the United States in this globe, Trump recognizes the importance of 'stamping their feet' amongst global happenings without fear or favour.
New Ways of Responding- By stamping their feet and emphatically practicing 'The America First' style of leadership, the new president has taken to a course of action that will take the Americans as well as the world through unchartered waters and certain uncertainties. This is the new way of responding. So far, and in less than 100 days in the office, be it by the immigration ban, reluctant acceptance of the United States-Australia refugee contract or by likely withdrawal of United States defence commitment to Japan, we see Trump insisting on leading the United States back to her position as the number one among world powers. In the same light, Brexit is aimed at showing forth the superiority of Britain to other European nations.
These nations and their leaders act based on their perception of global happenings and not restriction of ideas based on what is happening in their nations alone. It is time to up our game in Nigeria to match global standards. Individuals, media, political and religious analyses of events in this nation must look to the global relevance of  their suggestions, critiques and suppositions. Otherwise, like the Charles Darwin's Organisms in the theory of evolution, Nigeria and Nigerians unfit to survive in the global arena might go into 'extinction'. Listen and hear how the next Trump decision is going to affect Africa cum Nigeria, are we in any way prepared for it?

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