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It is highly regrettable that in spite of the public outrage, locally and internationally, condemning the useless erection of Jacob Zuma's statue in the state capital, governor Rochas Okorocha in a shameless show of impudence and arrogance has claimed no regrets doing so.

It is highly regrettable that in spite of the public outrage, locally and internationally, condemning the useless erection of Jacob Zuma's statue in the state capital, governor Rochas Okorocha in a shameless show of impudence and arrogance has claimed no regrets doing so.

Many understand this to mean that the man is on a willful journey to destroy the state while pretending to rescue it. In my own thinking Rochas is quite inhuman, visionless, lacking in sound judgment and a bad manager of resources who has more interest in his self than the people he is governing. Given the monumental damage he has done to the state serially, many are still wondering what gives him the liver to continue in this show of shame while the people watch on helplessly.
    What is the reason behind the silence of Imolites even as Okorocha's whips continue to land on their backs unrestrained? A lot of possible reasons have been bandied. In a casual chat with the Publisher of Nigeria Moment newspaper and the state Publicity Secretary of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief (Dr) George Nkwoji, he identified that Imo elites who should lead the challenge to stop Okorocha's misrule are hungry and waiting for the crumbs that would fall from the masters table. As a result they lack courage to speak out so that they would not be denied what they are expecting from the government. He gave an instance of how his paper had carried a news item quoting a comment of one of the chieftains in his local government concerning a community project.
    He was later confronted by the said guy who felt that his comment might embarrass the state government because of the romance he has with it. Chief Nkwoji standing his ground advised him that if he felt strongly about it he should put up a rejoinder but the chief docked at that moment. It is quite clear that Imo elites, Imo elders, and Imo Professionals if they exist that is, are self-serving and loathes confronting the emperor for fear of losing his favour. The grave silence emanating from these groups is disturbing. By their silence connoting acquiesce they have made themselves partners in crime with Okorocha and appear to have joined hand to mortgage the future of their own children and generation yet unborn.
    But in truth could this really be the matter? This question is posed because it is also reported that Owelle Rochas is such a selfish stingy ruler who sits on top of Imo revenue alone and (mis)appropriate it as he likes. Everything it is claimed begins and ends with him. Those who have served him closely as officers of the government are reported to have used their personal resources to serve the state and when they get frustrated they bow out agonizingly. I have not forgotten the lamentations of Uche Onyeagocha. He is not alone in this victimization. A former commissioner that had links at the federal level was also frustrated in like manner.
    There is also the Voodoo theory that the man is strongly connected with a strong Occult group from which he wields a strong influence that puts the people to sleep while he runs riot on them. Those who bandy this opinion make reference to the grievous allegations raised by Femi Fani Kayode (FFK), the former Aviation Minister, in the hot exchange of words between him and the Owelle. The following quotes glimpsed from the diatribe between the duo leaves the mind guessing about Owelle and the depth of his attachment to evil. According to him, ''Rochas is a scum and nothing more than that. When he finishes his tenure as governor he will crawl back into the filthy cesspit and hole from which he came''.
    He went further, ''FFK was never a ritualist, a cultist, a 419er, a sodomite, a traitor or a dirty and unreliable street urchin and scammer. He never ruined the lives of millions, bowed before strange gods and slept in coffins to make his money''. He never sold his soul to the devil or his body to reprobate men who lust for other men in return for money and power. Rochas knows where he has soiled his hands and what the source of his power and wealth is. He has much to answer for and the evil spirits that, by his own admission, have been tormenting him ever since he became the governor will soon take their pound of flesh''. 
    Sometimes it is said that silence means acceptance. Libellous statements of this nature would usually be expected to attract court action of heavy amount. It is disturbing that our own governor would ridiculously be addressed in this manner and he would take no action to redeem his image. It is either the allegations are true or the silence is what has fuelled the suspicion that Imo is under the grip of evil leadership. I have heard it said that a place is as good as the people want it to be or keep it to be. I believe this strongly going by the power the various social groups can wield to change things if they so desire.
    The entire Imo people are to be blamed for the fate that has befallen them. If the elders are weak and the elites are hungry or would have sold out, what about the churches and labour whose members are owed arrears of salaries while resources to meet their needs is wasted. What do we say to the youths whose future is been squandered. Only labour alone can shut down this state until the Oga at the top regains his sanity. You will not be surprised that its leadership would have compromised for a mere pot of porridge while its teeming members are afraid to push its leadership to claims its due for fear of being victimized. Who will bell the cat it seems?
    In another casual discussion on the happenings in the state, an Eckist and a lecturer at the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt, Dr. Priye.E. Amadi, saw it differently as she waxed spiritual. In her words, ''everything is in its rightful place. Imo state is enjoying the leadership it deserves. Nothing happens by chance even we if we are not seeing the events. Every society must be ruled by the specie of its kind''. It left much food for thought. If this is the case it calls to question the role of the churches and other spiritual organization in the state. Other reasons why Rochas would continue to ride rough shod over the people unchallenged includes his careful decimation of all forms of credible opposition.
    Who has the liver to question what he is doing? The legislature is his errand boys who are more interested in struggling for what crumbs that falls from the masters table. The house is a mere rubber stamp that will never see any evil nor query any even if it sees. It is because the house of assembly exists only in name, transformed as a toothless bull dog that cannot bite; Rochas now has a field day to bestride the state like a colossus. The state is in his pocket and that of his family. The manner he is intoxicated by power is akin to someone who never expected to be governor and so does not know what to do with power. Owelle is IMHA and IMHA is Owelle. There is nothing like the doctrine of separation of powers in Imo state.
    The non-existence of the state house of assembly could be glimpsed in the manner Owelle spends the states scarce resources. Would any legislature in its right senses ever have approved in the budget the expenditure of the alleged whooping N520m utilized in moulding the statue of the highly discredited South African leader, Jacob Zuma. You can be sure this was never captured in the state budget, and yet Owelle had the temerity to tell us he has no regrets wasting our funds on irrelevancies while yet owing people their monthly salaries and pensions. Is the house not supposed to put him in check over such frivolous spending? Did we hear anything from them by way of expressing displeasure? The house members are his partners in crime.
    The most painful of the entire docile group is the Council of traditional rulers led by a loyalist. This group are the fathers of the state who allowed their children to be consumed by a wolf. They cannot even for once raise a voice to condemn Owelles illicit actions for fear of being de-stooled or denied the stipend they receive monthly. Where is their patriotism or fatherly role? Some are pained by what they are seeing but lacks courage to voice it out, choosing to die in silence. If they see the truth and would not voice it you can imagine what happens to their subjects. I weep for my Imo state. Aruemeendi Imo (evil has befallen Imo state.) The man who sees where evil abound and has a chance to stop it but turns a blind eye is also a partner in crime.
    The students and youth groups in the state are also quiet because the heads of their institutions are loyalists of the governor who have a mandate to ensure no student raised a voice to condemn the actions of the state. Besides, Imo people having enjoyed so much suffering with an unrivalled inelastic patience have developed the penchant to shrug off all these nonsense believing that nothing is forever. The average Igbo man believes in the philosophy that tomorrow will be better and keep enduring and resign everything to fate. These are the weaknesses Owelle explores to decimate the state unchallenged.
    He cannot remain in power for ever. Time changes everything. There is also life after power. He is on top now but one day he will descend and we will know the difference.

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