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Every day the Imo state television keeps bamboozling us with images of some structures developed by the state every now and then. It paints a picture of the purported 'wonderful performance' of the government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. It is sickening considering the manner the ads are repeated as if the station is lacking in programming.

Every day the Imo state television keeps bamboozling us with images of some structures developed by the state every now and then. It paints a picture of the purported 'wonderful performance' of the government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. It is sickening considering the manner the ads are repeated as if the station is lacking in programming.

Any way I just remembered the statement that he who pays the piper dictates the tune. Besides, that is all the Owelle has to show us for all his six years of maladministration. As far as I am concerned those things are like smokescreen, used to cover our eyes and divert our attention. It is similar to leaving a child with a toy, while he is admiring it and excited with its fantasy the adult would have taken off with the real object.
    Dissecting these projects in relation to value adding, costs, quality, and priority of needs etc it would be clear that Imo people have been seriously short changed and raped. Acting true to their oath of office can the executors of these projects in all sincerity provide for public review the costs of each of these projects, who did what and the manner of awarding the jobs?There is nothing wrong in beautifying the city, if that is really, but there is something terribly wrong in not providing the people potable water supply and you pen off their scarce resources through building street gates that does not even stop commission of crime. Imo people would have been happier with Industries which creates employment and income to the state than all these make belief structures.   
    The government is more interested in showing us what they have done. They should try to strike a balance by also showing us the things they have not done especially the dilapidated roads, collapsed schools, the teeming unemployed youths, the institutions they inherited that have collapsed in their hands etc. A visit to the Songhai Farms at Nekede will make you to wonder as the place has grown up with weeds. This is an agency that is supposed to support agricultural development in the state. It is certain that the media in Imo State is not doing enough, treating the government with kid gloves, abdicating its responsibility towards the people while allowing the government to hoodwink and deceive the citizens with its propaganda.
    If the media in the State is actually responsible to the people where the government propaganda machinery tells one lie it should be able to tell two truths about the event or issue at stake. One of those governments trick to deceive the people played out recently around one community in Mbaitoli LGA but they were not so lucky this time. After series of failed promises following cries from Ogwa people the government eventually commencedthe construction of a 9km road running from Orodo and connecting AmaNwaozuzu. The AmaNwaozuzu end of the road has been constructed by the previous administration up to a point. This time the work commenced at the Orodo end and reaching close to Afor-Otusi market at Ogwa, it got stalled.
    What happened next was the placement of a big bill board with the joint images of the governor and his deputy at the Orodo end, off Orlu road announcing and thanking the rescue team for delivering a 9km road, in the manner of its 'achievement'. Meanwhile, the constructed portion which had no gullies are in a terrible state as the few rain that fell within the period had washed off the surface and in some areas created threatening gullies. In the usual manner of pooling wool over the people's eyes, this did not escape the eagle eyes of the Ogwa Unity Forum, a newly formed socio-cultural group and an elitist development oriented organization championing the emancipation of its clan. They promptly raised a strong protest which secured them an apology from the defaulting group. A rescue team at work indeed.
     Everywhere you go (apologies to MTN) Owelles's bill boards of various sizes dots the land scape announcing the provision of one project or another and eulogising the governor for delivering on his promises to the people. It is the height of absurdity, deceit and self-adulation for the governor to seek self-praise and applause for ordinarily doing the ordinary things he was ordinarily chosen to do. What is there to be praised by using state resources to under develop the state. Naturally, extraordinary performance will definitely attract the showering of praises from the people. Presently, what the Owelle is enjoying are curses and abuse unlimited arising from the anguish and pains the people has been subjected to by his irresponsible and callous government.
    The height of it was the rumoured death of the governor's son, an innocent young man struggling to grow himself like any other youth. The people now want to visit the sin of the man on the son. This is not right but that goes to explain the gravity of the pain in the minds and hearts of people originating this death wish. The soul that sinneth shall die, so did the scripture declare. I do not agree with the scriptures which also declared that the sin of the fathers will be visited upon their children. What confounds the people indicating that Owelle Rochas Okorocha is actually on a destructive mission is his unconcerned attitude about the plight of the people and unbridled arrogance to carry on irrespective of the negative outcomes of his actions. The man is never moved and those close to him describe him as very stubborn and lawless. Of course, these are the things we can see.
    The state is like one huge fraud ran without due process. Any attempt to pry into the state business will attract you death threat as was the case of nosing local media men who thought they owe a duty to the citizens by querying the spending on the Paris Club Refund money. While the governor found favour with moulding Jacob Zuma of South Africa statue other priority projects in the state are suffering. Something took me to the Orlu Road Secretariat and what gripped my attention was series of abandoned, dilapidated structures you can hardly identify if they are living homes or offices. Some of the buildings are housing offices as well as serving as residential homes for others. It was an eye sore you will wonder 'any governor in the house'.
    My first visit was to the State Secretariat at Port Harcourt road. The surrounding spaces are taken up by grasses. The buildings are so dirty and lacking in maintenance. So also are other state institutions signalling the comatose situation the state and its people have been subjected to by 'my people my people'. Sadly the media in the state are not doing enough to expose the government neglect and irresponsibility. It does not matter whether or not the governor has a listening ear.There is every need to document these show of shame of the Owelle so that in the future posterity will reckon that sometime in the history of this state one man called Rochas Ethelbert AnayoOkorocha travelled on this path of infamy as governor to squander our common patrimony.
    When the governor came to office he promised that he was going to outperform late Chief Sam OnunakaMbakwe, unarguably the best governor Imo has ever had. He went on in his usual loquacious manner promising to build five star hotels and Universities in each the three senatorial districts. He put up some theatricals by his street show of identifying with the akara sellers, school children, market women, and his usual slogan of 'my people my people' all in the bid to create the impression of a peoples governor. We embraced him and rooted for him. He was the toast of the moment. The   teachers especially my wife sang his praises to high heaven. Shortly after, he unmasked himself. How wrong we were. Indeed a wolf in sheep clothing.
    Today what is his score card against Mbakwe like. He has never built one industry. Even the ones built by Mbakwehave collapsed in his hands. What we are seeing is all noise, motion without movement. Irritating bill boards dotting the landscape sometimes announcing uncompleted projects. Why indulge in self-glorification? He is doing what he was elected to do so why the self-applause. Sadly too he does the wrong things in the wrong manner and expecting us to shower praises on him. It is only an attention seeking lazy man that would want to be glorified for providing his children food for their survival. Why did he elect to become a parent in the first place? That is ORO.
    I want to believe that Owelle chose to treat Imo people as conquered slaves because of their quiet disposition or silence by resigning everything to fate. But let him not forget that no action of man goes unrequited either here or hereafter. There is always a time for recompense and every man gets paid according to his due. The law of life is inviolable. You may in your ignorance try to be smart but there it is and at the fullness of time exert its justice. Somebody should please tell Rochas to spare some respect for the Imo senior citizens (pensioners) whom he keeps issuing dud cheques each time. It is painful the old men and women would be moving up and down the roads in search of what is due them.
    If while they served they had indulged in the wilful destruction of this state, Rochas would not have seen any Imo to govern. Ordinarily speaking would he in all sincerity ever issue a dud cheque to his father. The manner these senior citizens are treated speaks volumes about the integrity, level of care and concern, and prudence in the management of state resources. Why issue cheques when you have no money. Rochas should stop deceiving himself, not the people.

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