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The doctrine of separation of powers is one of the things that spice up the beauty of democracy. It demands that the three arms of government viz: the executive, legislature and the judiciary function independently but each still acting as a check on the others. This is basically to create stability in the political system and avoid one unit usurping and interfering with the duties of the other.

The doctrine of separation of powers is one of the things that spice up the beauty of democracy. It demands that the three arms of government viz: the executive, legislature and the judiciary function independently but each still acting as a check on the others. This is basically to create stability in the political system and avoid one unit usurping and interfering with the duties of the other.

This doctrine works well in the advanced democracies from where we imported what we call our own democracy. We cannot say exactly same for most African countries including Nigeria but the inadequacies of non-observance appear more pronounced here in Imo State.
According to the doctrine the executives are to implement the laws made by the legislature including certain judicial pronouncements. The judicial arm itself interprets the law made by the legislature in the event of a conflict between the executive and the legislature. As a matter of fact or reality these distinctions do not exist in Imo State. RochasOkorocha is everything rolled into one. No wonder his despotic rule imposed on the state. The judiciary is seen as the last hope of the common man but in Imo state there is no hope for the common man as far as government business is concerned as a result of Owelle's misrule.
The power structure in Imo state by manipulation is negatively skewed and controlled completely by the governor. The state house of assembly, constituted by elected representatives of the people, by design is supposed to act as a check on the governor. Aberrantly, it is the other way. The house is just a mere rubber stamp of the governor, a toothless bull dog that dare never raise a voice against the Oga at the top. Their existence is only in the name and never felt in their activities. Somebody described them as errand boys with no voice of their own. Last week to the amazement of everybody they tried to raise their voice against the governor's ill treatment by trying to get back at him through the budget presentation which they abandoned.
Their grouse which is common in Imo State is that the governor had starved them of the allowances due to them while he has continued to abuse their loyalty as well as failure to account for the Paris Club refunds spending. While many are speculating that the Assembly may have suddenly woken up and poised for a fight with the governor, a newspaper publisher in the state simply dismissed them as not up to anything. He said that if they make further noise Rochas would shut them up by showing them their resignation letter which they signed pledging their loyalty as a condition for getting elected to the house. You can now see the reason Imo State is in bondage. Talking about impeaching the governor is a huge joke. Has the governor not committed many impeachable offences and what is the outcome? If IMHA and its members are worth anything the time to call off Okorocha's bluff is now and deals with him constitutionally. The time to prove that they are not what the people label them is now or forever hide their faces in shame as a bunch of never do wells who sold their birth right to an emperor for a mere pot of porridge.
RochasOkorocha has demonstrated in many ways that he has no respect for the rule of law. He breaches the law with impunity, operating a high degree of dictatorial tendencies and arrogance of absolute superior knowledge. Yet he is lacking in any known professional skill or competence. In 2011, on assumption of office he inherited an elected third tier system of government courtesy of his predecessor, Chief IkediOhakim. He promptly sacked the Council Chairmen and their councillors, abruptly terminating their tenure by replacing them with a Care taker Committee arrangement. The chairmen went to court to challenge his decision and obtained judgement against him. The courts had ruled that the elected council officials be allowed to serve out their tenure or be paid off for the remaining period of their unserved tenure.
Owelle would have none of this. They were in office for only eight months before they were kicked out. Sadly, since then against the constitution RochasOkorocha has never seen anything good in conducting local government elections, preferring to run with his caretaker committee business since the over six years he has held sway. Closely related to the above is the matter with Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, the former chairman of Imo State Council of traditional rulers who was unjustly removed from office and replaced with the governor's loyalist. Since EzeIlomauanya challenged his removal he has been moving in and out of court with the governor and has obtained up to thirteen judgements at different levels against the governor.
Even up to the Supreme Court the ruling that the Eze be reinstated was never respected instead Okorocha de-stooled him with a further threat to banish from his community even against the wishes of his own people. The height of his insensitivity, recklessness and disregard for the rule of law manifested again when he took the fate of Imo state traders to the dogs. Owerri indigenes had obtained a court injunction restraining him from relocating their traditional marketEkeukwuOwerri. Sadly, the court it appears was talking to a deaf man for whom the existence of the court has no meaning.
In destroying the market the governor not only showed class in vindictiveness but also displayed his height of lawlessness and illegality when he engaged a set of outlawsmilitants to participate in the destruction. Perhaps he doesn't trust the combined action of the police, army and his own state security men-the Imo Community Watch. It is quite tragic and a big burden on Imo people that their governor rather than curb militant activities will be promoting it instead. RochasOkorocha is a lawless governor, through and through. The laws governing emoluments and the pension scheme is very clear. But on his own he fraudulently got the pensioners to sign away by forfeiture some years arrears of pensions while accepting to pay a certain percentage of the current pensions.
But for the legal services of the Imo state branch of the Nigerian Bar Association who supported the pensioners to get the court to reverse that obnoxious decision of ORO. Now that is a bone hanging on his throat. He is not done with his lawlessness by continually issuing dud cheques to the pensioners which they carry over five months before they can secure a month's payment. In this case he is not just lawless but disrespectful, deceitful and insensitive. It is disrespectful that Owelle would issue dud cheques to senior citizens in their precarious state. Can he in all sincerity do same to his father no matter how dubious he may want to play?Okorocha should be prosecuted for flagrantly abusing the law on dud cheque issuance. It speaks volume about his credibility as a governor who toys with the fortunes of his subjects. He has stripped the position of governor of any dignity by his serialundignifying conduct.
It is deceitful because aside from not honouring the cheques he will go on air to announce that the pensioners have been paid. He is insensitive because he doesn't care about the plight of the ailing aged men and women. I am still wondering why the labour Unions have not taken him to Court over his unilateral decision to cut the workers' salaries by paying a certain percentage. It is quite arbitrary and lawless for the governor to cut salaries and same time would not tolerate any advice to account for the spendingon the revenues received in the state.
We must not fail to ask: Which law in the state set up the Imo Air which we are no longer hearing anything about. Which law in the state empowered Rochas to become the statue crazy governor he has become by moulding every Tom Dick and Harry and hosting them with state funds? Which of the state laws appropriated some of the state properties to private developers? Which of the state laws created the Owelle dynasty and entrusted the destiny of Imo people to their hands? Which of the state laws allowed him to destroy people's properties without paying compensation to them?Lawlessness is an act of indiscipline. It is very dangerous to have an undisciplined fellow preside over the affairs of men. What breeds lawlessness is arrogance, seeing oneself above all others to the extent one rates his opinion above others.
Good leadership it is always emphasised must show good examples but this has no meaning for people like Rochas who even swore to uphold the constitution. If the chief law enforcer becomes the number one law breaker ridiculing the judiciary, then what is expected of the common man? Would Okorocha have justification to condemn those breaking the law? That is the tragedy of Imo people. 

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