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Whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander goes a saying. In like manner whatever is good for the ordinary Imo citizens is best for the sleazy and dishonourable Imo Assembly men.

Whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander goes a saying. In like manner whatever is good for the ordinary Imo citizens is best for the sleazy and dishonourable Imo Assembly men.

An Igbo adage further indicates that when the goat finishes eating the yam of the man at the extreme it would turn to the man at the centre. We also caution that we should not haul a stone into the market square because we do not know on whose head it would fall. The stone could possibly fall on your mother's head. Another Igbo philosophy also observed that when you see a fowl scattering faeces you should chase it away because nobody knows who will eat the legs. These statements aptly describe the relationship between the Imo state governor Rochas Okorocha and his errand boys in the legislature.
It is sad that even as Igbos these guys allowed greed and personal aggrandizement to close their eyes from appreciating and observing the foregoing statements of facts. These statements contained in Igbo philosophy provide moral guides that can help to shape positively any society. Unfortunately this gang of opportunists and gold diggers chose to live them in breach. It is never my intention to bore you with Igbo moral codes as captured in their everyday day use, but I want to remind us that 'onyeagahalanwanneya' (be your brother's keeper or don't abandon your brother) is one sure way to achieve equity and stability in the distribution of wealth. This never do wells were elected to represent their people but they went there to represent themselves.
They entered into an unholy alliance with a smarter fox and for a mere pot of porridge they sold their birth right surrendering the destiny of their people to a devourer. The devourer that has no conscience after destroying the ordinary folks turned round to short change them because he has no respect for agreements. If he could abandon the peoples mandate by ditching the party that elected him into power to pursue his personal agenda, the legislators should have been smart enough to know that the man is capable of anything. It has been revealed that the reason there is some kind of face-off between the Assembly men and Owelle Rochas Okorocha is the latter's refusal to pay them what is due to them as Constituency project allowance.
As time is fast ticking away without any hope in sight to pay the three years outstanding statutory Constituency project allowance the Assembly men now made the demand. To drum up their seriousness they made good their threat to abandon the budget presentation which is like drawing the battle line. The house it is like is split, 16 members against the governor and 11 for him. Most of the tragedies bedeviling Imo state today is a creation of the assembly men for failing to do their over sight functions. They yielded their own powers to the governor and gave him a free reign. They lacked the moral courage too to rein him in as he kept stepping out of lines to turn himself into a big monster.
If these errand boys would allow Owelle owe workers their terminal benefits for more than three years without asking a question, if they would allow Rochas Okorocha appropriate the state revenues as he deems fit without accountability, what moral justification do they have to query just 45m naira for three years only. What is this money compared to the salary cut the workers have continued to experience for these periods nor the accumulated outstanding pension benefits. When they chose to play ball with Owelle to short change Imo people the governor saw them as cheap guys also he can use and dump and that is what has happened. They realized this so late because it is time to 'park your load' and besides they compromised so much and played into the hands of the smarter fox.
For failing to represent the people but themselves I would say that they deserve whatever Rochas is dishing out to them. They should forever shut up their mouth and lick their wounds. They have gone into history as the worst legislative bunch so far in the history of Imo state and should never be spared to breathe fresh air wherever they come from until they account for their stewardship. A big thumb's down too to Imo electorates who appear too good to tolerate this rubbish. Their shock absorber unrivalled as it were has been seriously abused. Even if Imo people continue in their docility by resigning everything to God, if that is the case any way, Rochas Anayo Ethelbert Okorocha and his band of toothless legislators have their conscience to battle with, that is if they have one.
If they are smart enough to escape the judgment of man we take solace in the rule of natural justice that no action of man goes unrequited. For sure they will one day either here or here after account for their failings. However, what should never be countenanced is any attempt by any of them attempting to seek re-election. In this tenure they have written their score card which shows that they have not been found worthy in character, integrity and representation to smell that seat again. Almost all of them are guilty as charged.I would not be surprised if some of them in their shamelessness throw up themselves for another tenure. They should be resisted by all means no matter how much money they may want to spend to get back power.
     When the errand boys boycotted the budget presentation people thought that they were up to anything. Some heaved a sigh of relief that they have woken up from the deep slumber Owelle's sedative subjected them to.  I had challenged them that if they had balls under their legs they should stand up to Rochas and cut him to size. Like we usually say in the game of draughts that 'itienweghi trust' (very risky trusting a dunce) they did not waste a second to prove they are still in the inner pocket of Owelle. Sunday the media was awash with reports that the Imo house of rubber stamps across party lines have endorsed Rochas son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, as Okorocha's successor. One Henry Ezediaro representing Oguta constituency addressed the Press on that.
Funnily they cited continuation of Okorocha's programme as the motivation for such endorsement. In other words, Imo state people are going to continue in this servitude under the indirect Okorocha's third term rule. A press release made out by the Press Secretary to the Speaker, Marcel Ekwezuo, had denied that endorsing candidates is not their function but law making. Many are not convinced because in the rebuttal the Speakers Press Secretary was even defending Ezediaro saying he was quoted out of context rather than allow Ezediaro to say so if that was the case. Indeed a bunch of unintelligent clowns playing with the destiny of Imo people. So sad everything still points to Okorocha's third term. That would be the greatest tragedy of Imo people as Okorocha appears bent and unstoppable to perpetuate his dynasty.
It was a big shame when I sighted Chief Engr Emmanuel Iwuanywanu, one of the supposed elders of the state at Okorocha's birthday eulogizing him. I thought that was one great moment to use to speak truth to power and scold him seriously over the hardship the young man has inflicted on the people. Obasanjo came here and in his characteristic fashion told him that the worst advice he ever got in power came from Okorocha when he was his adviser. Clearly Okorocha is sitting on everybody's head and no body to redeem the situation. It turns my stomach each times I hear him scream that he has something on his head to turn Nigeria around and boasts about the wonders he has achieved in Imo state.
If a man who has degraded and under developed the state should be shouting the opposite it is either he does not understand what development is or he is clearly suffering from mental incapacity (apologies to Okey Eze-APGA chieftain) as his detractors accuse him of. I challenge Okorocha to a television debate to provide overwhelming evidence of how he has under developed this state and killed a lot of people through his misrule. The charge of mental incapacity plays out clearly in the suffering Rochas have subjected Imolites to recently through the ban on Okada. It does not require any sophistication to know that before you abolish an existing system there must be a working alternative that people may not even experience the impact of the transition.
    On top of the existing stress people are now made to wait for vehicles for hours on end and some do hit the roads with their legs under scorching sun if they get tired waiting or can't stand the pushing and struggle to board a cab. Is that the happiness we should enjoy from the emperor? Governance should be about reducing people's sufferings not increasing it. Rochas and his robotic house of clowns remains the worst thing that ever hit Imo state. I stand to be disproved. The challenge is who will redeem it and how to extricate the state from their stranglehold. Who will bell the cat? Somebody should answer me please.

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