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In the last two weeks, the US government has mounted visible diplomatic missions to Nigeria which should not be over looked.

In the last two weeks, the US government has mounted visible diplomatic missions to Nigeria which should not be over looked.

Reports released by the United Nations, UN and United States of America clearly indicate that the development and social indices in Nigeria are below standards. This means that there must be an urgent remedial application to redesign the country's gloomy economy. The reports, which were read during a consultative meeting on the formulation of the UN Development Assistance Framework IV for the South-East zone, in Awka, Anambra State, observed that Nigeria is in a fix and the country had been deeply divided along ethnic, religious and regional lines.
“Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world. Her population will be approximately 200 million by 2019 and over 400 million by 2050, becoming one of the top five populous countries in the world. “Nigeria is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world, with over 80 million or 64 per cent of her population living below poverty line,” Another report by Tom Marino, a member of the United States Congress, who wrote a letter to John Kerry, US Secretary of State, persuading the US government to withhold security assistance to Nigeria until President Muhammadu Buhari demonstrates a commitment to inclusive government and upholds the tenets of democracy.
The congressman also implored State Department to refrain from selling warplanes and other military equipment to Nigeria until President Buhari establishes a track record of working towards inclusion. Marino added that there were a number of warning signs emerging in Buhari's administration that signal autocratic tendencies. Nigeria Moment notes with passion that the United States is offering Nigeria soft tactical landing in the visible hardship and peculiarities.
A few days ago, the US also advised the Buhari administration to improve the lives of the Niger Delta people. The message was delivered by David Young, the US envoy when he visited Bayelsa government. Among other things the envoy said, “The US government feels very strongly that all stakeholders should be engaged in dialogue as part of the process to arrive at equitable and fair solution for all involved. We believe that a bit of challenge for Nigeria is to transform the region of oil wells (The Niger Delta) into improvement in the life of an average Deltan and that is something we feel very strong about”. We believe that the issues of the Niger Delta are not such that can be resolved by means of confrontation or show of military strength. We believe these are essentially issues of development; they are issues about the development.  
It's obvious that the nation has lost basic tenets of democracy among which is freedom to assemble and freedom of speech and sadly out of tune with reality. According to Human rights groups like Amnesty International, there are widely documented cases of tortures, inhumane treatment and extra-judicial killings of defenseless Nigerians since President Buhari took over office, where the Nigerian military has unlawfully killed at least 350 people and allowed more than 168 people, including babies and children, to die in military detention. So, it is imperative for the current Nigerian leaders and the government of Buhari to speed up the palliative measures to rescue the nation from facing the ugly prediction of the United States and United Nations.
Despite the defense which Nigerian government has put up, it is imperative that the present administration should do the needful by being mindful of the current US diplomacy. We, at Nigeria Moment believe that the US is subtly warning the present administration since it cannot intervene in our internal problems, in view of the non-interference policy in international diplomacy. The APC led federal government should pay special attention to the intelligence information being relayed by the US as they are not being released for nothing. Every well meaning Nigerian should be apprehensive of the reprehensive developments in the country as everyone will join to carry the can of worms if things get out of hands. On its part, APC members should re-examine whether they have done well with the mandate given to them. They should remember that several of them right from NADECO days lost their lives to actualize this democracy which the party seems to be toying with. A word is enough for the wise.  

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