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There have been calls, hues and cries over the destruction of the chatter of equity in Imo State.

There have been calls, hues and cries over the destruction of the chatter of equity in Imo State.

The founding fathers of Imo Politics saw tomorrow and found out that without a laid down understanding on how political power would rotate among the three senatorial zones of Imo State, future generations of Ndi Imo will be embroiled in the quagmire of political turmoil. For the wise elders of Imo to lay a solid political pivot on which Imo politics could conveniently rotate, the chatter of equity was signed after long periods of brain storming sessions.
Without boring the reading public with what they already know, and without going into unnecessary minutest details, let us establish this case from 1999.  It is a well known fact that from 1999-2007, Achike Udenwa from Orlu zone shot the first salvo, thereby completing the turn of Orlu zone. In 2007, Okigwe under Ikedi Ohakim mounted the saddle.
Somehow along the line, the boat capsized on Ohakim with the power rotating back to Orlu in 2011 under Rochas Okorocha denying Okigwe their right to complete the tenure of eight years as demanded by the constitution and the chatter of equity.
Orlu zone from 2011 paddled the political canoe of the state for another eight solid years making sixteen solid years of Orlu zone on the saddle. By the end of May,2019 Orlu senatorial zone shall have ruled Imo state for sixteen years, leaving Okigwe with only four years and Owerri yet to take a slot.
In the opinion of Nigeria MOMENT it would be unjust and inequitable to this time around deny Okigwe zone that slot. We are of the view that since Orlu has been on the saddle for sixteen solid years, Okigwe zone should be given a chance this time to complete that remaining four years making it eight years, in order to forestall the bitterness and rancor going on between Owerri and Okigwe to their detriment.
After the four years of Okigwe, Owerri zone would by then, in 2023 take a smooth cruise of eight uninterrupted years. By 2023, the rotation would have gone round. We are also of the opinion that if Owerri zone do not see reason in this arrangement, the bad blood that will ensue between Owerri and Okigwe would give Orlu zone another opportunity to grab the governorship slot again and rule Imo for another eight years amounting to twenty four uninterrupted years in Imo Douglas House. 

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