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No Nigerians of sound mind, objective perception of developments since the birth of APC will ever accept that APC Nigerians reposed their implicit confidence in would ever abandon the masses that sacrificed their conveniences to elect and bring it to power.

No Nigerians of sound mind, objective perception of developments since the birth of APC will ever accept that APC Nigerians reposed their implicit confidence in would ever abandon the masses that sacrificed their conveniences to elect and bring it to power.

Even when it is evidently clear that APC has failed, its resort to propaganda, falsehood and grand-standing when Nigerians are dying in droves and few of them sadistically celebrating the misfortunes, they inflicted on millions of Nigerians portrays the party as composed of evil-minded individuals. Some Nigerians originally members of APC argue that APC leadership as presently constituted is without those who formed the party and that the original concept of the party is being eroded by power-seeking selfish, ethnic and religious bigots who have hijacked the party machinery. According to these aggrieved members of APC, President Muhammadu Buhari who reserves the powers, who prefers his own people, the military chiefs and this is the reason why he only decided to extend the tenure of the military top brass second time and for abandoning those who formed the party, assisted Buhari in emerging APC is stoking the fire to finally destroy itself.
Little wonder, all media campaigns by the media arm of APC to convince Nigerians that APC means well do not impress Nigerians. President Buhari is not comfortable to work with the Legislature, the Judiciary  democratic institutions but rather at home with the military and the Nigerian Police. To continue to portray the National Assembly and the courts as a cesspool of corruption while exhibiting the Executive as innocent, saint when Nigerians possess first hand information that those inhabiting Aso Rock, in the Federal Executive Councils are all embodiments of corruption this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Mission not accomplished, the President and his APC members had expected the 9th December, National Convention of PDP to elect its National Leadership would hit the rock. Fortunately and against APC's expectations, the convention not only ended peacefully but with the emergence of a formidable force to pilot the affairs of the party especially beginning from 1st January, 2018. Between the 9th December and now, Prince Uche Secondus has healed wounds, restored the confidence of Nigerians that the afflictions by APC have PDP anti-dotes. Dissected, analyzed, the new PDP Executive is adjudged the best and has all it takes to restore PDP to power in 2019. Conscious of the challenges PDP poses to the Ruling party, the alarm raised over by the PDP that APC is arresting its members through the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is an allegation worthy to be investigated for Nigerians to know why such persecution and prosecution. Already APC is guilty of using EFCC to witchunt former President Jonathan and family and David Mark (Senator).
Receiving party faithful in Abuja Tuesday 19th December, 2017 the New Chairman of PDP, Prince Uche Secondus warned APC to desist from using security agencies and the EFCC to harass members of PDP alleging that some of its members have been penciled down for arrest. Prince Secondus continued “APC should stop intimidating our leaders, we will no longer take it; enough is enough'. They do not need to attack us, they should fulfil what they promised us adding “enough of this we are not in a military era. What I am telling them is that God is not sleeping. When the time comes the people will speak through their votes”.
Admonishing APC, Secondus declared”, we handed over freely in 2015 and they should be prepared to handover to us, no amount of intimidation will distract Nigerians”. Well spoken!
Indeed APC, having suddenly realized although belatedly, shortly after the successful National Convention of PDP on the 9th December with INEC supervision of the convention as peaceful, PDP has bounced back to national and international reckoning and relevance. What else is in the kitty of the Ruling party to show that Nigerians are with them?
Certainly the extension of the tenure of the Service Chiefs may well be part of the President's orchestrated strategies to use the military and other security agencies including the crime fighting Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to hound perceived enemies of the President. Why wouldn't President Buhari of all persons be afraid of PDP? After from a single state political party (Nassarawa state CPC), helped and assisted by major opposition parties then (ACN, ANPP) to win the Presidency, abandoned major stakeholders in favour of tendentious agenda (religious and ethnic), Buhari must continue to pursue such clandestine interests using the high military, police hierarchy. Since the rise to power, never in the history of Nigeria have the Fulani herdsmen, private pastoralists be armed and given recognition than now. Sectionally Buhari's presidency can't give the desired one united country where no individual ethnic and religious groups are oppressed to live and pursue their livelihood. President Buhari is afraid, so anti-democratic that he does not want to allow institutions to grow. He knows that an Independent National Assembly, Judiciary are bound to check the excesses, impunity of t he Executive. In desperation, the National Assembly and the Judiciary must be blackmailed. The EFCC, Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Magu must be deployed to hound and arrest individuals on trumped-up charges of corruption. Unfortunately millions of Nigerians feel aggrieved that President Muhammadu Buhari is under siege, deluded and hallucinating, impervious to sorrows and anguish of Nigerians. Look at the issue of petrol scarcity subjecting the entire federation to hardship! The scarcity is not without insiders instigation. This is corruption with executive backing. The scarcity is artificial due to the stoppage of production. The President is the Minister of Petroleum Resources. From crude oil blocks, the entire NNPC, oil production  giant, the North-Buhari's constituency is the major beneficiary of the oil deposits, not in the North- but in the Niger Delta region.
Nothing good is credited to APC. It abandoned the legacies left by PDP, rule of law equitable distribution of appointments and Service Chiefs Nigerian nation carved a niche for itself in Africa and the International Community. Sixteen years of the solid achievements of PDP, less than three years APC has destroyed them. Nigerians are divided, suspicious of one another, threats of Xenophobia on the horizon and the elevation of Islam above Christianity  actions that have raised the consciousness of a section that indeed Buhari is not the President Nigeria needs in 2019 to begin the process of healing the wounds, repairing the destruction APC inflicted on Nigerians. APC is edgy that the combination of the forces of Nigerians and one indivisible main opposition PDP, is what is needed to send APC packing. Analyzing the dangers and waterloo looming from 2018, Buhari's decision to once again extend the tenure of Service Chiefs, discerning minds see the extension as undeserving except for political exigencies and selfish ambition.
Recalled that on assumption of office, President Buhari insisted that the inability of the nation's military to end Boko Haram was the failure of Jonathan's administration to use 2.01 billion dollars, set aside to purchase of arms for soldiers to fight insurgents was the reason insurgents were not defeated. Consequent upon this assertion which Nigerians at that time accepted hook, line and sinker, the then National Security Adviser Mallam Sambo Dasuki was clamped into detention till today.
With the removal of Goodluck Jonathan's Service Chiefs and replaced with the current Army Leadership in 2015, PMB directed the military high command to end the insurgency in December, 2015 President Buhari reinforced his posting by relocating the military headquarters to Borno state in the North East. In my previous Discourse Column editions in which I alluded the fact that if Boko Haram had invaded the South-east, the zone has the capacity to stop the rampage. One can garner from the publications that Boko Haram insurgency in the North-east was politically motivated. Two and half years of Buhari presidency with vast resources spent on arms procurement to fight Boko Haram, with claim that the military has technically defeated Boko Haram and yet the islamist group continues to attack and kill innocent Nigerians proves that either the military knows why the insurgents are still operating free or the military cannot end the sect. That National Economic Council, NEC last Thursday met and the governor's agreed to set aside $1 billion dollars from the balance of $2.306 billion dollar currently in the Excess Crude Account to assist the Federal government in the procurement of equipment and other logistics to fight Boko Haram in the North-East lends credence to the fact that APC is insincere in its fight against Boko Haram.
If not for ulterior motives for failing and disappointing Nigerians in routing Boko Haram after using it as point of contact in electioneering in 2015, President Buhari should have resigned or sacked all the Service Chiefs. Governors of the entire South should join Ayo Fayose in saying No to the one billion dollar to be withdrawn from the Excess Crude Account to fight Boko Haram when the Niger Delta producing the oil is allowed to rot.
Now that Goodluck Jonathan is vindicated former National Security Adviser, Mallam Sambo should be released unconditionally and immediately. Those PDP members standing trial for diverting money set aside for arms procurement should be left.
Corruption is an enemy to the Nigerian nation. No sound mind works against a decent society with in-built mechanism for arresting unethical conducts. In fighting corruption and corrupt practices, there should not be sacred cows. This is why we fault Buhari's anti-corruption war. It is sectional, vindictive and aggressively pursued to discredit PDP members ahead of 2019, Presidential election.
It does not therefore surprise keen observers that a faction of PDP referred as new- PDP opposing the National Executive Council headed by Prince Uche Secondus is operating at the instigation of APC to re-open another crisis so as to polarize PDP ahead of 2019. When the Supreme Court in Abuja settled the issue between two gladiators, Ali Modu Sheriff and Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi, the apex court declared Makarfi as the authentic Acting National Chairman of PDP. The Convention organized by Makarfi which produced the new National Executive Council headed by Prince Uche Secondus ended the protracted leadership tussle in PDP.
It is on the strength of  the above that the National Executive Council should rise to the occasion, compel the Inspector-General of Police, Idris Abubakar to arrest those behind the new PDP afterall the same Inspector-General Police against wise counsel of majority of PDP members backed Modu Sheriff in gaining access to PDP National Wadatta Office when the Appeal Court gave victory to Sheriff. Uche Secondus should continue to meet aggrieved individuals over the 9th December Convention. The South-west has lost nothing. The National Executive Council should not be diverted or be afraid of the antics of APC. The division or implosion APC caused in PDP pre-2015 general elections is dogging it. PDP should wait to reap a bigger implosion ahead of the 2019 general election.
APC is oblivion to the fact that in the state of nature all Nigerians are equal. That it is privileged to wear the cover of the Presidency, governorship or controls instruments of cohesion or death does not make it infallible, indefatigable and indispensable.
Sydney O. Madukwem, guest writer, Dile Emeohe, Mbaoma Emii Owerri North LG. 07069123994.    

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