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It is becoming indisputable that the diverse components of Nigeria are rising to the occasion, no longer apolitical, inertia and non-challant to bad leadership that characterizers all levels of governance in Nigeria. If APC did not perform magic since inauguration, there is nothing miraculous about its existence between now and another election year 2019.

It is becoming indisputable that the diverse components of Nigeria are rising to the occasion, no longer apolitical, inertia and non-challant to bad leadership that characterizers all levels of governance in Nigeria. If APC did not perform magic since inauguration, there is nothing miraculous about its existence between now and another election year 2019.

The Discourse Column editions of February 2, 2018 titled 2019: Booby trap all the way and 6th February, 2018 with the title: Overzealousness of Garba Shehu elicited barrage of reactions from readers. I am as usual encouraged, enthralled and motivated by such bulging readership. The job of the media in the Nigerian situation is increasing on a daily basis as those who feel threatened by the corrective functions of the media are not comfortable.
It is still in the realm of disbelief the prevailing state of Nigeria. The Nigerian of today is worse than post-Nigerian Civil war 1970. Nigerians hold APC responsible for their travail and tribulations.  That President Buhari up till now is incapable of finding solutions to elementary problems of the nation is unfathomable.
The question is, how did Nigeria and Nigerians miscalculate into this quagmire? We have been brainwashed and bamboozled to believe that PDP destroyed Nigeria. Government is a journey and not a destination. Government goes and comes. The exit of PDP should have galvanized President Buhari. The blame game strategy has evaporated.
The truth of APC failure is nothing but ingratitude. For instance, we all know the story of Nasarrawa state and the defunct Congress for Progressive Change, CPC in the formation and registration of APC. Without CPC APC Nasarawa state, President Buhari remains a weak stakeholder in APC. That only last Monday 5th February, 2018 President Buhari visited Nasarawa state to commission projects not by his construction speaks ill of the President.
The palm-tree brooms, the symbol of APC and with which APC swept PDP out of office all came from the South. The strength, ingenuity, political maneuvering and the number of states that placed APC on equal footing to challenge PDP then were enormously contributed by South- South West compared to the minute contribution of the North-West zone of APC. But as soon as Gen Muhammadu Buhari retired was assisted into the Presidency, it turned out like the President rose into power independent of major gladiators from the South.
As predicted and like a monkey, Buhari snatched banana from the people of Nigeria and climbed up the iroko true for about three years, Buhari has been enjoying the banana (spoils of office) with his Northern cronies, allies and co-religionists. With the banana about to finish he needs to replenish.
What the publication is harping on is that APC as constituted is a shadow, a travesty of political party. At its inception, APC was a party to beat because of the contribution of high caliber of Southern politicians. How could one be talking about APC without the mention of or reference to Senator Ahmd Tinubu, Chief Bisi Akande, Chief Ogbonnaya Onu, Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige, Chief Jim Nwobodo whose common antecedent is that they are former governors. They know the sacrifices they made in Nigerian democracy in the past. These and many others who made waves in other departments of democracy but in APC have been reduced to redundancy or irrelevance. We also recognize the contributions of retired military generals, military heads of state of Nigeria who openly supported and campaigned for their own, Gen Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 to succeed. If others supported Buhari covertly, not Theophilus Danjuma. In his own case, he devoted his diatribe on former President Goodluck Jonathan to frustrate his second term ambition.
President Buhari and powerful elements from the North-West zone thought that a political party is a pressure group, a social club with narrow interests and religious agenda. A political party operates with a manifesto, ideology to canvass for votes, win and share power. Except a homogenous entity but in a heterogeneous country as Nigeria, all sections of the country must be carried along equitably, equally or proportionally. President Buhari is conscious of these diversities that guide and influence the distribution of political offices. But he chose to be overtaken by religious preference. President Buhari wants to accomplish what seemed herculean to Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sarduna of Sokoto and what prolonged military rulers found difficult to do. Supporting the rigidity of President Buhari are the Kaduna, Borno, Katsina States governors. Whatever respect other Nigerians hold for these northern leaders dwindles because they have by their actions and utterances shown their despicable appreciation of the corporate existence of the Nigeria federation.
The likes of Mamman Daura, Abba Kyari, and Aso Rock unknown quantities dominated the political space and pace. Expansionist, domineering as these hawks, they were never part of the struggle to put in place a formidable APC, strong enough to upstage PDP.
APC now gasping for breath is in such condition because major stakeholders have been either sidelined or edged out.
Today Nigeria under APC is at cross-road even with Northern domination. The once United one North is in disarray, at daggers drawn when the one they could claim in the past as their own is in charge, in control of all security institutions.
If it were a President of Southern extraction, the North would have been ranting, angry against ordinary citizens of the South in the North. Under the nose of the President, the once peaceful Fulani pastoralists living with their host communities and states, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa and Southern Kaduna or the entire Middle Belt are now on suicide mission to exterminate their brothers and sisters in the name of religious expansionism. Although death is one but the way the Fulains are going about killings is barbaric and disgusting. Heads and stomach are severed and ripped open. That APC governors in the North chose silence, played ostrich without a hoot to assist their embattled colleague governors is morally reprehensible. But the likes of governor Nyesom believe that in politics there is no permanent enemy but permanent interest. Never did the Rivers state governor allow the past media war between him and Samuel Ortom affect them on principle.
With the donation of N200 million naira from Nyesom Wike, the people of Benue State would heave a sigh of relief.
Nigerians, not only Samuel Ortom believe that all the herdsmen killings in the North were preventable if the various heads of security agencies had responded to distress calls urgently.
That only when the President visited Nassarawa state last Monday did he realize the enormity of the destruction of  lives and property and then called for the deployment of security agencies to deal with the armed groups including the Fulani herdsman. Although good and fine the deployment of soldiers in the affected states is more of medicine after death. Lives lost are irredeemable or irreparable. While Nigerians are not in a state of war but are dying without federal government intervention is a powerful signal that APC is unfit to be entrusted with the future of Nigerians beyond 2019.
Despite all pretensions and media hype of APC achievements, the party lacks the capacity to bounce back from its self-imposed quagmire. The reasons are obvious. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has spoken. Babangide has followed suit. Both are Buhari's military colleagues. More powerful and outspoken Nigerians of diverse background are coming out in unison to resist PMB style of leadership. Nigerians are chorusing their findings about Buhari.
Already millions of Nigerians are in pains and in penury. If citizens of the South feel bad about their economic situation, it all means millions of the down-trodden in the North feel worse.
Perhaps faced with these obvious pitfalls, shortcomings, failures and mistrust among APC members and to arrest further dissension or implosion, the Presidency gave approval to set up APC Reconciliatory Committee with Senator Tinubu as the leader.
Discerning Nigerians see this committee as a fire brigade approach, incapable of bringing genuine reconciliation. The damage has been done. Getting to three years, the party leadership has been hijacked, polarized between those for Buhari, John Oyegun and those against. The committee is dead on arrival. The committee is beguiling. It cannot make any headway. No matter how Bisi Akande, Senator Tinubu and others try to pretend, they are all victims of Oligarchic and hegemonic conspiracy and intrigues. The time is too short for a bounce back.
President Buhari and APC as reconfigured to his narrow interests is bereft of programmes to uplift Nigerian to a higher level. Another tenure to APC in 2019 is a death nail on the coffin of Nigerians.
A little digression but necessary, the attention of Imo State government or the state Commissioner of Education, Mrs. Dr. Gertrude Oduka is drawn to the raging complaint emanating from C.G.C Primary School teachers to the affect that their November, December 2017 and January 2018 salaries were not paid completely and that they are still receiving N19, 000 salary whereas they are confirmed teachers. According to the report, the aggrieved teachers claim that their counterparts in the State Secondary Schools were paid their salaries full.
They allege that their co-ordinators may will be pilfering their salaries and not the government. They therefore appeal to relevant authorities to come to their aid and investigate so as to avert possible protest in the state.
Sydney O. Madukwem, guest writer, Dile Emeohe, Mbaoma Emii Owerri LG. 07069123994.  

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