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As Nigerians continue to groan, count their losses under PMB three years in office, Nigerians are tired of the buck passing, dredging up of excuses, blaming PDP for its own self-inflicted failures. Nigerians cannot be swindled that PDP is responsible for APC inadequacies.

As Nigerians continue to groan, count their losses under PMB three years in office, Nigerians are tired of the buck passing, dredging up of excuses, blaming PDP for its own self-inflicted failures. Nigerians cannot be swindled that PDP is responsible for APC inadequacies.

But before going into dissection of the above topic, and a little digression. I advise the President who is touted to embark on a medical vacation abroad, to resolve issues that are likely to generate concern to Nigerians. The devolution of powers should be defined by the President in the letter to the National Assembly about his movement in a language devoid of ambiguity and to avert a repeat of the controversy as to nomenclature. If it is Abba Kyari, Mamman Daura, the Inspector -General of   Police, the Chief of Army Staff or the Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo, Nigerians, the National Assembly deserve, are entitled to know or to be told. There should not be a vacuum, power tussle. The person shall be known and called Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A situation where Osibanjo takes over without commensurate upward mobility, as not be referred as Acting President, not Vice President that threw up unnecessary controversy in the past will portray APC administration as hijacked by power drunk individuals in Aso Rock. If this time around, President Buhari allows such controversy, it is unacceptable to Nigerians. Again the Information unit of the Federal government which is being handled by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu should educate Nigerians about the President's medical treatment to United Kingdom, the duration and when the President will return. Nigerians are entitled to know to stem the tide of wild and unfounded speculations. In addition the diet of killing by the herdsmen should not be allowed to rear its ugly head now that the President is traveling.
Back to the issue of the day, the Owerri Peoples Assembly, OPA, the most vocal voice organized a Unity Convention apt and described as Egbu Declaration at All Saints Cathedral Field Egbu in Owerri North Local Government Area on Monday 2nd and 3rd April, 2018 which attracted and was attended by the high, mighty, the crème le crème of Imo State adjudged evidently indisputable that the convention venue was grossly inadequate thereby eclipsing the import of the summit. Whatever was the reason for not considering the Dan Anyiam Stadium Owerri as first resort is best known to the organizers. That notwithstanding, the message of the convention was infallibly loud and clear. It was not a gathering for a jamboree. The speakers ventilated intelligently, vociferously, pointblank  that the charter of equity favours Owerri zone to occupy the Douglas House in 2019. There is no alternative to it. All the political parties should field Owerri sons or daughters to guarantee the emergence of Owerri son or daughter as a governor. Since the return of democracy in 1999, Orlu zone has had more than a fair share 16 years by the end of Okorocha in 2019, Okigwe zone is distantly 2nd position with former governor Ikedi Ohakim occupying the Douglas House four years. Only Owerri zone, although nine local governments has not occupied the exalted position. Not because the zone lacks gubernatorial materials as bandied by governor Okorocha. Governor Okorocha is rather against Owerri zone so as to install his son-in-law Uche Nwosu. Granted that Okigwe deserves a second term but such ambition should be submerged to break the jinx of injustice which Orlu zone so much benefitted. Now that Orlu zone is strongly in support of Owerri zone to address and redress the marginalization of Owerri zone, Okigwe zone should rally round and support the correction of the disequilibrium, which only governor Okorocha, not even his Orlu zone constituency,  Okigwe, Owerri zones is the only  beneficiary.
Good conscience demands that the battle should be collective with commitment to salvage, rescue and redeem Ndi-Imo from slavery and external occupation. Whatever imbalance, accumulated grievances, all can be corrected in future if we jointly save Imo State from its present mortgage or extinction.
Today the once collective pride, unity among Orlu, Okigwe, Owerri zones have ceased to exist. We now see ourselves enemies. There is dog-eat-dog politics in the state. There is politics of divide and rule to divert attention and siphon the commonwealth of Ndi-Imo. Eight years of unbroken democracy under governor Rochas is unfortunately tales of woes. No industries, factories built. Those inherited do not exist but only hallucinations and mirage common features of the government. In the face of hunger, the problems of Ndi-Imo are on the increase, further aggravated with demolitions of markets and residential property. The achievements the governor  and his few remaining praise-singers brandish are non descript, lack the fundamentals of continuity. In this milieu, governor Okorocha is determined to impose a surrogate as his successor.
The Egbu Declaration is an unequivocal take off point to crash Uche Nwosu imposition.
If not greed, post- tenure fears, why is Okorocha afraid of supporting Owerri zone to replace him?
My piece of advice to aspirants and candidates that will emerge from the gubernatorial primaries is to be humble enough to accept defeat with optimism in the spirit of give and take and candidates should not relegate losers to the background in the quest to return Imo State to the path of sustainable development and growth.
To recover Imo State from hopelessness, this story will benefit all the aspirants in the pursuit of this one position of governor in 2019.
The story is microcosmal of what is bedeviling Imo State, a lesson for those who want sanity, due process, the rule of law restored in governance. Sacrifice and selflessness are pre-requisite for leadership.
There was a community, not a community per se but a kindred where a young man in the legal profession of long years experience, background and with promising family pedigree was elected to rule his people for a period of four years. Less than one year, the chairman threw caution, discipline and decorum to the wind. He resisted and opposed wise counsels from elders. He threw the entire kindred in turmoil. He administered the people with impunity, profligacy recklessness became the order of the day.
Those who challenged him to return the kindred to established pattern of democracy were singled out for a raw deal. Since his capacity for propaganda was legendary, he made lives unbearable for the opposition, blackmailed those opposed to his intransigence before the youths as miscreants and should be made endangered species. To use, the youths to dig in, the chairman armed the youths to the teeth. He trained and manipulated a foolish majority who see opposition, not as constructive and corrective but to upstage the chairman. Undeterred, even in the face of verbal and physical attacks including using police and other security agents to arrest and detained his perceived enemies, the opposition remained unperturbed and unshaken.
The long and short of my story is that good must prevail over bad, light over darkness. There is a difference between cheese and chalk, fact and farce. 
In a keenly contested election with the use of Option A4 the Robert Mugabe chairman who sought a re-election   was not only defeated but humiliated out of office. The question is did any member of the opposition take part in the election? The answer is NO. They sacrificed their resources, time, ingenuity to dethrone despotism, anarchy and division in the kindred. They are selfless, charismatic leaders who intervened to salvage their kindred from slavery and bondage.
The aspirants to their party primaries should therefore not see the battles with a strait jacket mindset that they are the most qualified and indispensable. It will be ridiculous for words, if those who lost their parties primaries turn round to undermine the eventual winners. There are a lot of democratic spaces, position outside the Douglas House.
So far so wonderful, all the zones are closing ranks no longer to their tent Oh Israel. The battle is building up, ground swell by the zones put together to render ineffectual the ambition of Okorocha to impose his son-in law on Ndi-Imo, which is an insult to the sensibilities of all Ndi-Imo.
Today is not 2011, 2015. The media in Imo State is vibrant, multi-dimensional, educating, informing and exposing with facts. I foresee a political tsunami, a revolution already amplified by the demolition of Ekeukwu market Owerri and others, pension and gratuity palaver. No section of Ndi-Imo is spared. Who then will vote for Uche Nwosu? I have asked few remnant supporters of governor Okorocha – Engineer Obinna Nshirim, Chief Damian Ezeji, Chief Jude Ugbaja, where are jumbo supporters of the Rescue Mission from 2011 and now? They have all abandoned governor Okorocha, not without one grouse or the other. Nda Bob Njemanze, Barr. Obinna Duruji, Blyden  Amajirionwu and lately Theodore Ekechi, Barr. Uche Onyeagocha and others too numerous to mention gave credibility, popularity to the Rescue Mission on inception in 2011 and 2015. They have all jilted and abandoned Okorocha.
In the same vein, I stood for Okorocha using my incisive write-ups to rebrand Okorocha when he vowed to do one term and quit. For instance in 2014, I devoted bumper editions to enable him to ensure that the Egyptians we saw yesterday, we shall see no more. Having realized such promise was hoax, I shifted loyalty. The Discourse Column of 27-29 June, 2014 titled: Charter of Equity; Questions the re-election ambition of Governor Okorocha must answer, 28-31 July, 2014. The governor Imolites need on the 29th May, 2015 among others were positively demanding democracy dividends from Okorocha.
In addition and in 2016 with piercing titles Imolites: Time for sober reflection 5-8 August 2016; Death wish or rumour: If I were governor Rochas Okorocha 6-8 September, 2016 and many others in 2017 and now 2018 were revealing.
At this juncture, may I use this opportunity to respond to calls demanding my political party membership. My answer is that I am for all the political parties. As a matter of fact, I am not a card-carrying member of any party to save myself of allegations of political partisanship. No matter how my position is viewed, I am a political animal. My concern or interest is collective, sympathetic to any party determined to arrest politics of stagnation, marginalization, sectionalism and subjugation. I am also against witch-hunt, manhunt of political adversaries. If APC, APGA, PDP and other fringe, unknown quantity political parties are guilty of these afore-mentioned anomalies. I loathe.
Finally I salute the courage, determination of all Ndi-Imo to destroy the entrenched statusquo of backwardness. Owerri Peoples Assembly, OPA should spread its tentacles, laise and work with other like minds organizations to vote into the Douglas House in 2019 an Owerri son or daughter.
Sydney O. Madukwem, Guest writer, Dile Emeohe Mbaoma Emii, Owerri North L/G 07069123994.

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