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The prevailing crisis engulfing the Rescue Mission government and APC in Imo State has long been awaited. It has been delayed because governor Okorocha is Machiavellian. The crisis climaxed since the selfish agenda of imposing Uche Nwosu, son-in-law of the Governor became evident.

The prevailing crisis engulfing the Rescue Mission government and APC in Imo State has long been awaited. It has been delayed because governor Okorocha is Machiavellian. The crisis climaxed since the selfish agenda of imposing Uche Nwosu, son-in-law of the Governor became evident.

A story making round and viral titled: “They have finished my governor' states “Today will mark the official end of Rochas Okorocha's political dynasty in Imo State. After today, any other thing you see from Rochas Okorocha is a shadow. Today, there was massive onslaught against Emperor of Imo State and he couldn't survive it. Today, I can authoritatively say that Uche Nwosu, the son in-law of the governor cannot win APC's governorship ticket in Imo State.
Today I saw high powered politics. The governor who does not obey court order obtained an injunction to stop party's congress in the state. But party faithful went on with the exercise. Today, out of frustration, governor's son in-law invaded the state Police Headquarters and cried for help from the Commissioner of Police. They blocked the road and hindered free flow of traffic as Uche Nwosu moved from one place to the other seeking for help.
Today, the governor is subdued. His son in-law is subdued. Rochas Okorocha can never remain the same again. APC in Imo State has tied a rope around its neck. Only Buhari can save him but Rochas Okorocha called Vice President Osinbajo to complain to him, when he couldn't reach the President. Osinbajo told him pointedly that the presidency doesn't intervene in party politics. My governor is a drowning man and odiro mma. He is finished and I am not happy. How are the mighty fallen! Shout it out, Rochas is defeated”.
This has been the consequence of the 5th May, 2018 ward congress of Imo APC. Having met his waterloo, governor Okorocha relocated to the Presidency to seek redress in an internal party election he lost grip of.   
Always considered as the darling of the President, little wonder Okorocha's destruction of Imo State in his urban renewal programme, demolition of markets including the renowned Eke-Ukwu market, non-payment of pensioners and contractors never received Presidential condemnation. Afraid of the wrath of the people, the military and the Nigerian Police Force were at the beck and call of the governor and not without Presidential approval.
On the other hand, for the past three years, the Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike evidently performing excellently is not finding it easy in terms of support from the Nigerian Police or the military. Rather unfortunately, former governor Rotimi Amechi, a Minister wields enormous powers as to pose a threat to the incumbent governor Wike. Nobody including governor Okorocha is above the law. That he is chairman of APC Governor's Forum does not make him a sacred cow. Look at the ordinary ward congress in Imo State and sensing that he was losing out and the only way to regain power was by approaching President Muhammadu Buhari in his Daura home in Katsina state demanding the cancellation of the congress portrays Governor Okorocha as undemocratic. The local government congress scheduled to hold on Saturday 11th May, 2018 did not hold because the headquarters of APC at Okigwe road, Owerri was gutted by fire. While opposition aggrieved APC members in the state announced the Local Government Congress to hold Monday 13th May through the state party chairman, Mr. Hilary Ekeh. Governor Okorocha insisted that both ward congress and local government congresses would only be fixed by the National Office currently investigating the disputed ward congress  Although the results of the ward congress of Imo State and others have been accepted by the National Office, the press releases churned out by governor Okorocha's supporters are worrisome indicators that Okorocha's days and the foisting of his son-inlaw are numbered.
Political analysts and watchers in the state are not surprised at the turn of events. Those who now opposed government, Okorocha's style of leadership were the same people shouting that Okorocha was the best thing that happened to Ndi-Imo; that the Rescue Mission government out-shone all the administrations in Imo State put together. They looked the other way as governor Okorocha destroyed, demolished means of livelihood of Ndi-Imo. Even the so-called free education programme is destroyed. The same way the businesses of parents in particular on Douglas Road are locked, the governor has locked up the education pursuit of children of the affected parents.
That Imo State celebrated for its vibrancy, normalcy and intelligence is now a shadow of itself, an object of ridicule or caricature is unbecoming. Imo State media houses are inundated with announcements for, against Okorocha leaves much to be desired.
It was not as if governor Okorocha's weakpoints, shortcomings and lack of capacity, ingenuity to follow due process, rule of law were unreported, unknown, critics of the Rescue Mission Government through incisive write-ups and commentaries have drawn attention of the government severally to its anti-masses and unpopular programmes and policies. In return such messages were responded with scorns.
APC members at daggers drawn with Okorocha connived since 2015 to misgovern Imolites. They kept quiet, enjoyed the sadism unleashed on the people waiting for governor Okorocha to adopt or anoint anyone of them to replace him in 2019. It was when Okorocha discovered that anyone of them post-2019 would constitute a threat to him after office.that Okorocha became skeptical about their ambition little wonder, he saw Uche Nwosu as a lesser evil. If from abinitio those who passed a vote No Confidence on Okorocha had challenged Okorocha's impunity, recklessness and callousness on the pensioners, contractors, traders and other groups of Ndi-Imo Governor Okorocha would have been checked.
Imo State House of Assembly made up of greater number of APC members and headed by Speaker Acho Ihim gave governor Okorocha the impetus to go on with style of leadership replete with frustration, marginalization and deprivation. Of course this is without money changing hands.
There is a limit to which rulers go to exploit their people. Peace at gun point by the oppressor against the oppressed has terminal end. Seven years after muzzling the people, the floodgate of opposition is opened widely and consuming.
Previously Ndi-Imo have spoken and written constructively on Okorocha to tarry awhile. Power is transient. But unfortunately, Okorocha who was a populist governor is ending with ignominy and rejection.
Here for the avoidance of doubts, are reference publications among many that appeared in the Discourse Column of the Nigeria Moment Newspaper that demanded good governance with human face from Okorocha but they were all ignored. The Discourse of 19-26 January, 2015. came with a title: Imo and the new wave of politics of intolerance. Imolites in Distress. The Rescue Mission at its culdesac, 5th May, 2017; Misgovernance: Why Governor Okorocha style of leadership does not work, 21-23 March 2017; Conscience thrown overboard: Imo State Example, 11 April, 2017, Unending demolition in Owerri: What manner of governor is Okorocha?, 17th April, 2018; Douglas House 2019: Governor Okorocha on tenterhooks, 9th June, 2017.
In the case of the Imo House of Assembly which has remained an appendage of governor Okorocha, the publication of 10th November, 2017 titled: IMHA, not elected to impeach Okorocha nor elected to be 'Ikuana Nkwo' Assembly among others highlighted the shortcomings of the legislators to confront and salvage Ndi-Imo from the draconian rule of Okorocha.
What is happening in APC, ongoing implosion since the past two weeks speaks volume the desperation of our governor to stifle dissenting voices of his contemporaries in APC. Okorocha is clutching to the straw, making his last ditch effort to avert impending tsunami that will render him incapacitated. Recall that Okorocha boasted of over-powering all principalities, deities in Imo State. An invincible, indefatigable and a master strategist, is now running from pillar to post, ranting and accusing the National Chairman of APC, Chief John Oyegun of being responsible for his tribulation, of muddling the Imo ward congress with his mortal enemies. Because of desperation, the Imo APC office went on flame perhaps to undermine the 11th May Local government congress in Imo State and for the ward congress result to be cancelled.
Before now Okorocha swaggered how he alone brought APC Imo State to limelight at a time those presently challenging him called him names, such as Aboki in Douglas House, Okorohausa. He also berated those he developed politically but turned round to traduce him.
Today, except the Judiciary in Imo State especially the Nigerian Bar Association Owerri Chapter under the leadership of Barr. Lawrence Nwaekiti that remains resolute in its condemnation of constitutional breaches, both the Executive and the Legislature have fallen cheap to governor Okorocha's impunity and antics. Nothing good comes out of aberration. The Imo House of Assembly at the end of last year started manifesting cracks with its relationship with governor Okorocha. Presently the storm is gathering because of evil conspiracy to impeach the Deputy governor Eze Madumere. The battle line is drawn between millions of Ndi-Imo and Okorocha and minute loyalists. Imolites are spoiling for a show down or passive resistance.
The dog-eat-dog affairs in APC, although internal crisis, is the beginning of a larger booby trap for the collapse of APC, an end game of Okorocha;s future dynasty.
Whether Okorocha, Uche Nwosu, those who passed a vote of No confidence on Okorocha are at daggers drawn, Ndi-Imo see them in the same light for ripping off the people for the past 7 years. To allow APC to continue beyond 2019 will have ended Imo State. No amount of subterfuge of calling out soldiers as a subtle intimidation will save APC.
What it portends now is for the opposition parties to explore and exploit this golden and Godly implosion disintegrating APC by embarking on serious enlightenment and to educate Ndi-Imo to begin the process of giving governor Okorocha a red card.
To start with, the opposition parties should open a register and invite aggrieved Imolites, victims of various demolitions, so as to compose and compile demolished property, lands illegally acquired and appropriated, those who were sacked unjustly, pensioners and their accumulated entitlements unpaid deserved to be known and published. All crimes, visited on the people should be identified and caused to be published before the end of this administration, These are also campaign stunts.
The wrangling, wangling and ranting are self-inflicted, diversionary and karmic.
But can governor Okorocha redeem his battered image? While this question may be seen as uncalled for and belated, the remaining one year can be used to assuage the people. First, governor Okorocha should seek the face of God for forgiveness, apologize and begin the process of healing the afflictions foisted on Ndi-Imo, pay compensations to victims to his various unwarranted demolitions. If these are impossible, difficult, governor Okorocha can as well resign honourably to avert possible eruption.
Sydney .O. Madukwem, Guest Writer, Dile Emeohe Mbaoma Emii, Owerri North L/G, 07069123994.

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