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It is not a crime or unusual to maintain or sustain one's economic interests. It is not out of place too to pursue ambition. But if such ambition or political interest runs contrary to the overall interests of the people as in the case of Engineer Obinna Nshirim, it is dangerous.

It is not a crime or unusual to maintain or sustain one's economic interests. It is not out of place too to pursue ambition. But if such ambition or political interest runs contrary to the overall interests of the people as in the case of Engineer Obinna Nshirim, it is dangerous.

Yes Nshirim is one aide of the governor that does not hide his support for Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha whose tenure is less than one year and who is desperately angling to replace himself with his son in-law Chief Uche Nwosu.
Wednesday, 6th June, 2018, Engineer Obinna Nshirim appeared on the Hot F.M 99.5 Radio Station Owerri to continue his rabid support for Governor Okorocha. He spoke against those he sees as interlopers in APC, who were nothing but political liability. According to him, what matters most to those who did not join Okorocha in conceptualizing APC with other parties CPC, ACN, ANPP now defunct, who resorted to campaign of calumny, calling Okorocha all sorts of epithets and when Okorocha succeeded, with APC becoming the Ruling party, they returned in drove but now threatening to claim the party that they were joiners.
Engineer Nshirim claimed to be mindful of the suit at the Federal High Court Owerri challenging the congresses of the state but that the governor is waiting for the outcome of the suit which Nshirim believed would go in favour of hard fighting governor Okorocha. On the allegation that governor Okorocha does not obey court injunctions, Obinna Nshirim says it is not true.
Engineer Obinna Nshirim described these APC stakeholders opposed to Okorocha as Abuja li-livered politicians lacking political root at home. Engineer Nshirim did not see the rationale of such politicians who snatched congress materials as they manifested signs of cowardice. He boasted that governor Okorocha would not abandon the party he labored so much to build in Imo State.
On rumoured plan to defect to APGA, Engineer Nshirim responded that such impression was the figment of the imagination of detractors. Okorocha moved into APGA in 2011 with his resources, connections, gave a life-line to the party seen as a regional party. As a political strategist, and having seen APGA as a regional party, Okorocha decamped to APC to enable Ndi-Igbo be involved in national politics.
According to Nshirim, governor Okorocha's urban renewal is painful but in the long and in future, Imolites will celebrate Okorocha's foresight.
Likening politics to a draft until the last lap, it is too early to determine the ultimate winner. Likewise the grand-standing of the APC stakeholders would not stop governor Okorocha in the long run coming out victorious. These and other issues, Engineer Obinna Nshirim ventilated on Hot F.M 99.5. When the line opened for listeners to respond, only two unrepentant callers - Chief Jude Ugbaja and One Chief Damian Ezeji out of the numerous callers defended the governor, his policies and the step by Okorocha to adopt his son-in-law. One Chief Nkwo Dede from Ikenazizi Obowo pilloried the governor for destroying Imo State. He took sides with the APC stakeholders for taking over the structures from Okorocha. Granted that Engineer Obinna Nshirim once a local government chairman – either elected or appointed, once a Commissioner for Information and now an aide to Okorocha, these positions do not make Nshirim more formidable than the likes of Osita Okechukwu, T.O. Ekechi, Benjamin Uwajumogu, Osita Izunaso, Hope Uzodinma, Deputy Governor Prince Madumere. Although I have my grouse for the Imo APC stakeholder politicians but to remain aloof as Nshirim and others in the minority and watch Okorocha destroy Imo State and go scot-free is the greatest disservice and treachery.
This is not the first time or second to call Engineer Nshirim to order. At this time Okorocha camp is seriously nose-diving and caving in, what Imolites expect is either Engineer Nshirim remains quiet, cautious or disowns Okorocha in its entirety Nshirim is not more politically knowledgeable than Nda Bob Njemanze, Barr. Ifeanyi Olumba, Chief Vitalis Ajumbe and many others whose body language is an indication that they are no longer protagonists of Okorocha.
One of my Discourse issues December 3-15, 2016 edition titled: “Plight of Imo Pensioners: How Commissioner Obinna Nshirim goofed” berated Engineer Obinna Nshirim for defending the Rescue Mission government cruelty and aggression on pensioners, among others. I am not against Nshirim per se, he is entitled to accept political appointment. It is also his right to justify his appointment. What we are saying is that one can deceive a blind man that there is no oil added to a soup but one cannot tell the blind that there is no salt in the soup according to an Igbo saying. Except Obinna Nshirim, Chief Jude Ugbaja, Damian Ezeji and sycophants and hirelings, millions of Imolites have come to the irrevocable conclusion that the damage and destruction of Imo and Imolites cannot be assuaged in the next decade. We join in affirmation, the steps the stakeholders in Imo APC are doing to dismantle Okorocha's effigy, structures and imprinting.
I have been writing based on solid facts that what Ndi-Imo voted for in 2011 and 2015 was to use Okorocha to surpass previous administrations. Imolites reposed absolute confidence in Okorocha to move Imo State to higher attitude in all ramifications. Okorocha promised to lead Imo State out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Seven years plus Imo state is still in Egypt worst than its status before 2011. I have been reminding my governor, appealing to him on the pages of the Discourse Column not end up disgraced. The last of the Discourse Column of 5th May, 2018 titled: “Wrangling & wangling in Imo APC: Nemesis and a warning signal”, captured the actions of governor Okorocha as precursor to the implosion in APC.
At this point, the question is what is really behind the skirmishes in APC?  Why are friends, political associates in APC now enemies and abandoning Okorocha to suffer alone? For the avoidance of doubt, governor Okorocha and Chief Benjamin Uwajumogu were allies in 2011. I think Uwajomgu stroke a deal with Okorocha. The horse trading between APGA and PDP gave Okorocha's party the majority in the Imo House of Assembly Uwajumogu benefitted enormously, rising to become the Speaker. Abinitio Okorocha began the process of influence over the Imo House of Assembly leadership. A political strategist always ahead of his contemporaries, Okorocha  started scheming to whittle down the influence of the Agbasos. It worked bomb and as a result the Deputy governor Jude Agbaso was removed on trumped-up charges of corruption. The 2nd term emergence of Okorocha was a golden opportunity to render almost the House membership completely APC. With the Imo House of Assembly impounded and impoverished, governor Okorocha had no opposition from the legislators. The Judiciary became the lone and lonely voice. If Okorocha had been having his way since 2011 unchallenged except the media organizations in the state, privately owned that objectively are analyzing and criticizing the misgovernance, but from the Deputy Governor Prince Eze Madumere, Chief Araraume, T.O Ekechi, Senator Uwajumogu, Chief Osita Izunaso, and numerous others were in league and rabid supporters of the Rescue Mission governor. Either they were benefitting from Okorocha's patronage financially and materially or promised to take over from Okorocha in 2019. Recall that Okorocha and Engineer Obinna Nshirim worked assiduously to decapitate the one-arm Senator Athan Achonu from Okigwe zone to enable Uwajumogu to take the job of Senator Athan Achonu. We also know that the relationship between Okorocha and Araraume was so robust that Okorocha compensated Araraume's son with commissionership.
To cut the matter short, the APC stakeholders were all apologists of Okorocha. What then belatedly triggered off such implosion and insubordination at the twilight of Okorocha? The answer is simple-conspiracy, intrigues, treachery, bad faith are the root of the pathetic state of Imo APC. Ideally, if Okorocha believes in teamwork, he will complete his tenure, consider the interests of other APC politicians and other zones. That Okorocha belonging to the ruling party at the Federal and state levels is in the best position to hand over to his Deputy Madumere and not his son in-law. If not, the Madumere, Araraume, Uwajumogu were all positioning to take over from Okorocha. Little wonder, Okorocha's despotism was cherished.  They all kept quiet and non-challant. Now that Okorocha is afraid of handing over to them to avoid reprisal or subjecting his past administration into inquisition, we however, commend them for internally taking the bull by the horns to rescue Imo State from the strangle-hold of Okorocha dynasty. A salvaged Imo State will save and serve Ndi-Imo  collectively including Senator Ben Uwajumogu, Senator Hope Uzodima, Osita Izunaaso T.O. Ekechi and other major gladiators. They should subsume, surrender their individual political ambition under the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA evidently in a vantage position to return Imo State to normalcy and salvage it from power usurpers such as Okorocha. APC of President Muhammadu has nothing to show as dividends to Okorocha. Till date, Imo State as the only APC state deserves a father figure attention of Buhari but to no avail. To worsen the matter, Buhari is ending his tenure without, a one-day visit at least to Imo State. Upon this unmitigated negligence of Imo State, the recent statement of Buhari over the civil war is the final eye-opener to Ndi-Igbo. If not brazen show of intimidation, why would 48 years after the Nigerian civil war – a war that consumed millions of Ndi-Igbo, with the Military Head of State Gen. Yakubu Gowon accused of genocide, Buhari is now playing to the gallery and distorting the facts of history that the Nigerian Army, at the instruction of Gowon played 'soft' on Biafrans. The pictures of Buhari in many of his battles he led depicted a soldier whose only consolation would be the total annihilation of the Igbo race from the surface of Nigeria. Do we remember and talk of the vengeance mission Usman Katsina the then Military Governor of the Northern region Buhari's Daura Kinsman, who post civil war demanded the liquidation of every male of Igbo extraction to further depopulate and check the increase in the male population of Ndi-Igbo?
No evil thrives perpetually. Evil, no matter how crafted is bound to elapse. People who intervene to check injustice, excesses of desperate leaders are on the positive side of history. One of such people is the National Chairman of APC, Chief John Oyegun who disregarded Okorocha's rantings to align with the down-trodden Ndi-Imo. Yes not aligning with President Buhari who remains adamants, unperturbed, as governor Okorocha, his foremost ally in the South-east zone destroys the Heart-land of the Igbo nation. If Oyegun passed a vote of No Confidence on Okorocha, who then is Adams Oshiomole to revert such verdict?
Showering encomium on the National Chairman of APC, Chief John Oyegun for his steadfast in aligning with the down-trodden people, grassroots who bear crushing and crunching feet of Okorocha is the first step to dismantle Okorocha's dynasty. The Chairman's ingenuity places him superlatively high over Okorocha's threat. This intervention had been demanded by well-meaning Imolites since the past three years but Okorocha being Buhari's favourite ally was allowed for a hidden agenda
In my objectivity, I sympathize with Okorocha for Ndi-Imo now, in future will not continue to watch Okorocha starve them of food and their necessities. With Ndi-Imo already provoked into a point of no return, the insurrection and implosion in APC will continue unabated.
Sanity may not prevail because Okorocha will try to destabilize the newly sworn state Executive so as to render it prostrate and ineffective. The situation is of course dicey. There can't be ruled out a passive resistance from Imolites of diverse backgrounds to finally crumble the state.
Finally the likes of Engineer Obinna Nshirim should either keep quiet, join the band wagon of truth to save and salvage Imo State of our collective dream.
Sydney .O. Madukwem, Guest Writer, Dile Emeohe Mbaoma Emii, Owerri North L/G, 07069123994.

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