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On the 18th November, 2017, the people of Anambra state went to the polls to elect their governor  who would run the affairs of the state in the next four years. We analyzed, predicted and true to our analysis and prediction, the All Progressives Grand Alliance candidate, Chief Willie Obiano was re-elected by popular votes, defeating the candidates of APC, PDP and UPP.

On the 18th November, 2017, the people of Anambra state went to the polls to elect their governor  who would run the affairs of the state in the next four years. We analyzed, predicted and true to our analysis and prediction, the All Progressives Grand Alliance candidate, Chief Willie Obiano was re-elected by popular votes, defeating the candidates of APC, PDP and UPP.

We the same year analyzed the Edo and Ondo States gubernatorial elections. The outcomes of the elections were not a reflection of the choice of the masses of the affected states. The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and the deployment of astronomical number of security agencies which gave the impression of intimidation or do or die situation contributed to the loss of PDP candidates.
This year 2018 and on the 14th July this week ,the people of Ekiti State will file out on Saturday to vote for the candidates of their choice to replace the incumbent governor, Ayodele Fayose of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. There are 35 political parties taking part in the Saturday election but the truth of the matter is that the battle is between PDP and the opposition party, APC.
Governor Fayose in his wisdom resolved to groom his Deputy Prof. Olusola Eleka to succeed him. It is therefore a battle between Eleka  and Dr. Kyodele Fayemi.
This election is historical goes beyond Ekiti state. It is a clincher, battle to a finish for APC to determine the direction of APC in the South-West zone in 2019. PDP insists that by the achievements and reckonings of governor Ayodele Fayose, the battle is as good as won.
Yes, Fayose trounced in 2014 the then incumbent ACN governor, Dr. Kayode Feyemi. Before then, Ayodele Fayose had served one term filled with tribulation when Obasanjo was the President, Ayodele Fayose is one governor positively controversial. His tenure since 2014 has been eventful, accomplishing and worthy of emulation. Fayose is like a bulldozer not intimidated by obstacles. He sees political obstacle like a moving train. You do not destroy the train by attacking its coaches. Fayose attacks the engine and the coaches come derailing and crashing. Governor Fayose won the gubernatorial election of Ekiti State in 2014  on a campaign of stomach infrastructure. Democracy is people-oriented. The reverse is the case where a leader abandons the welfare of his people in preference to infrastructure which is often diversionary to exploit. Fayose provided the needs of Ekiti people, paid pensioners, civil servants, contractors, provided food on the table of Ekiti people and then added infrastructure to cap it.
Fayose is not a weather cock politician. He doesn't speak with both sides of the mouth. He is fearless, calls a spade a spade. Fayose is a committed and formidable party man. Recall the role Fayose played shortly after the outcome of the 2015 Presidential election in which Gen. Muahammadu Buhari defeated President Goodluck Jonathan, the PDP candidate. Recall the travail of Goodluck Jonathan when after his defeat, the then National Chairman of PDP, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and other Northerners including PDP governors having sabotaged the re-election of the PDP candidate began re-alignment with APC. Governors particularly outspoken Nyesom Wike, Ayodele Fayose the then PDP National Vice Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, Chief Oliseh Metuh, the then Publicity Secretary of PDP remained resolute, unshaken and unwavered in doing the job of an opposition party.
Ayodele Fayose condemned the winner takes all mentality of President Muhammadu Buhari especially his decision to deprive or short-change the South-east zone of Service –Chiefs. While Igbo sons in APC celebrated the action of Buhari because Igbos did not vote for him but rather Jonathan, the Ekiti State governor took serious exception to the sectional agenda of the President.
Fayose set a standard in governance which must not be truncated or sabotaged. He took the bull by the horns when he condemned in strong terms open grazing by the nomadic Fulani herdsmen restricting movement of cattle anyhow in Ekiti state.
He equipped hunters to contain the activities of the rampaging herdsmen. When the Federal government was threatening to deal with the IPOB, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it was Fayose, not the South-east governors that told President Buhari to interface with IPOB as a non-violent organization. When  the organization was proscribed, Fayose rose to the occasion that what should have been declared a terrorist organization is the Fulani herdsmen. Fayose in our description is a home and abroad governor. For often criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari the Ekiti State governor has been a victim of EFCC, haunted and hated by the powers that be in APC. Little wonder, there are clandestine plans – unorthodox to deal with Fayose summarily. If not for sinister motive why the deployment of 30,000 police officers? Not viewed as enough, the inclusion sniffer dogs, 2 helicopters, 5Armoured Personnel Carriers, 10 Armoured Vehicles, 250 Patrol Vehicles, 1 Deputy Inspector General of Police, 4 Commissioners of Police, 18 Deputy Commissioners of Police, 18 Assistant Commissioners of Police are all for Ekiti State election. It is like killing a fly with a sledge hammer.     
Today what Ekiti State governor noted and cried against is what the peace-loving Nigerians are afflicted with. Fayose warned Nigerians not to vote Buhari in 2015 to avert the reversing of solid achievements of PDP especially the administration of Jonathan. The Nation's democracy is on the precipice, militarized in all facets. The Nigerian nation is in tatters. Fayose a lone voice in the wilderness, a prophet whose prophecy has come to fulfillment.
Governor Ayodele Fayose is not claiming and can't claim faultlessness. He is a human and can't be immune to failures. But this is a cause of preference. Ekiti people are faced with alternatives between good and evil, continuity and discontinuity, between facts and farce. The people have already settled for continuity in the person of the Deputy Governor of Ekiti, PDP governorship candidate Prof. Olusola Eleka. It is not for APC because those who left their various states including the Vice President to campaign for the APC governorship candidate are morally incapacitated. For instance, many Ministers serving in the APC Federal Executive Council were once governors in seeking for those who would fill their positions as outgoing governors, never did they take into consideration continuity by fielding their Deputies. They rather preferred their Commissioners especially those holding Finance Ministry so as to cover their dirty past.
Even now the preparations for the 2019 elections are ongoing, how many of the governors including the governors of APC states whose tenure is ending in 2019 are carrying their deputies along as having the capacity to inherit their positions? They won't but governor Ayodele Fayose is interested in consolidating democracy in Ekiti State and nationwide by approving and supporting his deputy to take over from him.
The people of Ekiti are no morons and should be allowed to vote according to their consciences and convictions.
However, it is not an exaggeration or false alarm that APC wants to use Ekiti gubernatorial election to determine the direction of the South-West zone in 2019. In pursuing such mission, APC should do so within the ambits of the law, decency, decorum so as to save or consolidate the nation's democracy. But unfortunately and most embarrassingly, the INEC Chairman, Professor Yakubu Mahmoud is playing funny and the security agencies ready putty in the hands of the Presidency. Ekiti people have raised alarm the overdose presence of security agencies warning the Presidency against the deployment of soldiers.
Outgoing governor Ayodele Fayose has his weaknesses and faltered one way or the other but democracy is like a relay race jointly embarked upon. His deputy is the most formidable to inherit the position. Dr. Kayode Fegemi is a good candidate too. But the platform is his undoing. He is seen as an alternative manifestation of Buhari in Ekiti state, feared  by the people that he maybe a ready tool to reverse already yielding dividend of peace between farmers and the nomadic Fulani herdsmen in the state occasioned by ban on open grazing in Ekiti State. Although the APC candidate has denied such allegation but the people do not take him at his words. They see Feyemi as a path way to conquer Ekiti state so as to destroy Fayose's legacies. The recent interception of truck loads of people suspected to be used in rigging the Governorship election of Ekiti State is indeed a national embarrassment. 
The people of Ekiti state should take a cue from the 18th November, 2017 governorship election of Anambra state where the federal government threw caution to the wind, sent overload of security agencies. We also recall the bizarre action of the Inspector-General of Police who withdrew security details of Chief Willie Obiano, notwithstanding, the fact that Obiano was covered by immunity.. It was the alarm and intervention of the National Assembly that prompted the President to restore Obiano's personal security.
The APC is scheming to skew, swing the pendulum in favour of Dr. Kayode Feyemi. The people should emulate the Anambra people who despite loads of cash brandished by opposition parties voted the cock representing Chief Willie Obiano.
Governor Ayodele Fayose and PDP nationwide should not go to sleep. Does it surprise Nigerians that Ayodele Fayose may be caged and put out of circulation before 14th July to enable APC have its way?  Determination and doggedness shall put to shame detractors and anti-democratic forces desperately pursuing selfish and religious agenda. Nigerians including us warn INEC, security agencies to maintain neutrality so that Ekiti State will not be pushed into a conflagration. 
Nigerians and the International Community are watching the Ekiti scenario.
Sydney O. Madukwem, guest writer, Dile Emeohe Mbaoma, Emii, Owerri North L/C, 07069123994.

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