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The last Discourse Column titled: Post-Oyegun NWC: Adams Oshimhole’s gaffe appeared on the newsstands with a bang. True to the analysis and prediction, the Ruling All Progressives Congress, APC whose Chairman Mr. Adams Oshimhole took over from Chief John Oyegun continues having a caustic tongue.


The last Discourse Column titled: Post-Oyegun NWC: Adams Oshimhole’s gaffe appeared on the newsstands with a bang. True to the analysis and prediction, the Ruling All Progressives Congress, APC whose Chairman Mr. Adams Oshimhole took over from Chief John Oyegun continues having a caustic tongue.

Between the date of the publication and now, the gale of defection from APC to PDP, ADC, SDP increased to include the Senate President Olusola Saraki, governors of Kwara, Sokoto and their legislators. Also news worthy is the defection of APC Publicity Secretary. Despite this monumental reduction in the size, apex influence of the ruling party, rather than see the defections a bad omen, disadvantage and a disaster, the drowning Oshiomhole is giving the impression that APC would not lose sleep and the defections would not affect the victory of APC and the President in 2019. While others in the APC are grand-standing that the defection is arrested, there is no existing tangible attempt to stop it. Of course, there is no crying over spilt milk. The defection has started, will continue until the ruling party is depopulated and decapitated to expose the cabal responsible for the marginalization and stagnation of the people and Nigeria. The unfortunate situation plunged into by APC is self-inflicted. There is also element of divine prompting. The then ruling party laid the foundation of good governance and out of sabotage, conspiracy and evil machinations, the PDP and its President, Goodluck Jonathan were sent packing. The party did not resist, challenge or go to the court to seek redress. Millions of Nigerians commended the decision, perhaps to see how alternative APC would go.


 To the chagrin of Nigerians, the magnanimity of the party was taken as a sign of weakness or cowardice. Jonathan and his wife, family were objects of scorn and disdain. The PDP was a talk of Nigerians at the instance of APC as a cesspool of corruption. Apart from heaping blames on the party as made up of criminals, the anti-corruption agencies were/are unleashed on the members.


Consequent upon these attacks and humiliations and what they portended, we raised alarm in the Discourse Column, 28-30 June, 2016 titled: Democracy on the precipice: The Soldier ant in PMB. We stated among others, “Before the final results of the 2015 Presidential election  were released, President Jonathan had accepted the results so far released accepted defeat, sent congratulation to the winner, General Muhammadu Buhari retired. Jonathan did not latch on the obvious irregularities, imperfections and distortion to challenge, stir up bloodbath. President Buhari was thought by Nigerians to have imbibed the humility, patriotism and nationalism exemplified by Jonathan – virtues lacking in today’s leaders.


That President Muhammadu Buhari travelled abroad recently for medical treatment pre-supposes that he is mortal, destructible and fallible. Although he seems to be playing god, if not, why does he resist or oppose to the freedom of Sambo Dasuki, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, when courts of competent jurisdiction have granted them bails? Does it not amount soldier ant- (ic)’ mentality, unconquerably, above the law, with life and death over Sambo Dasuki, Nnamdi in Buhari to continue their detentions?


The President did not heed the wise counsels of Nigerians in a democracy. The police, military and the DSS were not helping matters. APC became self-conceited and arrogant that it declared war of attrition on the Judiciary. Court verdicts that were against the ruling party but in favour of the main opposition party, PDP were not taken in good faith.”


Uncomfortable and to call the President and APC to order, the Discourse Column 12-15 February, 2016 titled: Let the opposition party be, talked on the need to allow the opposition PDP to exist side by side with APC so as to serve as a check book and a watchdog over the ruling party. We state in addition, “While every Nigerians is entitled to his/her fundamental right of expression, one wonders why such right should be abused. It is unfortunate and unacceptable the statement credited to a man of Chief John Oyegun status to make a disparaging comment on the judgments of the Supreme Court, because the verdicts of the court went against his party. We recall also the statement by Oyegun when he boasted that APC must win Akwa Ibom election if the Supreme Court upheld the verdict of the Appeal Court that nullified the election of the Akwa Ibom State governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel. Receiving a delegation from Rivers state led by Peterside Dakuku, Chief Oyegun questioned the verdict of the Supreme Court arguing, something is fundamentally wrong in the Judiciary”.


What did Chief Oyegun expect from the Judiciary to satiate APC curiosity? The Discourse Column of the referred edition continued, “From Oyegun’s position, it all means that the National Chairman is craving for a one-party state. Is he not satisfied with APC edging out or supplanting PDP in many states of the North? Must APC win election in the South. South zone of Nigeria? Is it until all Supreme Court judgements favour APC will Chief Oyegun accept the Supreme Court as dispensing justice without fear or favour?”


The war against PDP did not dwindle. It was broadened and escalated when the National leadership of PDP was in the wrong hand. Being the Chairman of PDP in the interim then, Alhaji Modu Sheriff became a mole doing the bidding of APC, not ready to reconcile aggrieved party members. Peace descended on the party when the Supreme Court resolved the protracted leadership tussle in favour of former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi as the authentic Chairman of PDP. The National Convention held last year brought a new NWC of PDP. With Prince Uche Secondus as the new Chairman of PDP, the once directionless leadership got a life-line, began the process of repositioning, reconciling aggrieved party members, opened the door for those wishing to return to the PDP fold. Secondus and the other members NWC are always conscious of the fact that what makes a political party is number and this is what PDP needs to bounce back to political relevance and reckoning. They know too that it is not a period of buck-passing , dog-eat-dog affair and noise-making. This strategy paid off and the NWC is reaping its political maturity, sagacity and fore-sight.


We commend PDP members who remained steadfast. Persecuted, prosecuted and vilified governors Nyesom Wike, Ayodele Fayose’ the National Publicity Secretary of PDP before and after 2015 general elections, Chief Oliseh Metuh, Prince Uche Secondus who took over Alhaji Muazu when it mattered most for PDP and others who worked behind the scene to assume opposition without them, there would not have been a repositioned opposition party rising and enviable crescendo to take over from the sinking APC.


Also deserving commendation is former President Goodluck Jonathan who remains unruffled over insults, bashing and barbs from the attack dogs of the government who blindly do not want to give credit, honor to whom honour is due.


Now that the chips are down, now that APC is battling to survive implosion, what is expected of Adams Oshiomole is not the dismissing of the defectors with a wave of the hand, plotting to whittle down their influences in their zones nor instigating aggression to frustrate and oppose their defections.


Adams Oshiomole is pleaded to tarry awhile in his utterances to salvage the sagging image of the party.


The battle facing APC is enormous, widening each passing day. There are members of the ruling party averse to the avoidable development, dissenting and discordant voices. The battle line is drawn not by the Chairmen demanding the resignation of Saraki.


Again all the image launderers of the President Femi  Adesina, Garuba Shehu and Lai Mohammed have done more harm, done little to salvage the crumbling image of the President. That of the Minister of Information is at its worst by alienating Buhari from his well wishers. 


Gradually Nigerians will be feasted with news and what the defected, defecting APC members underwent. Our fears, predications and projections are legitimate.


According to the Senate President, President Buhari’s government is hijacked by a cabal.


Little wonder, the administration is under a spell, motionless and unproductive to serve and save Nigerians. Also the governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Amina Tambuwal declared that Nigerians are now so divided that he could not continue to remain in APC. They are returning, defecting to PDP to reconcile Nigerians. What PDP lost in 2015, it is regaining with defections with the best and worst of APC already known to Nigerians.


If Saraki, Abudulfatah, Ortom, Tambuwal and others with their followers are inconsequential, the question is what is the campaign mantra of APC to woo the votes of Nigerians? Fulani herdsmen killings started with APC, expensive petroleum products, hate speech, hate actions and discrimination are credited to APC. The campaigns may well be vote for APC so that the military well continue to grow the nation’s democracy in place of the National Assembly and the Judiciary. Vote APC for the multiplicity of Police and Military formations. Vote for APC so that the herdsmen business expands and militarized, failure to vote for APC will be matched with the force of arms. Nigerians by their experience and exposure, there is no under alternative to the PDP in 2019 .Nigerian democracy under PDP saw the security agencies professionalized to subordinate themselves to civil authority.


The Judiciary at this juncture is waking up to resist executive subjugation, recklessness and impunity. We defend and commend the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Walter Onnoghen who while commissioning and official opening of an ultra-modern Court of Appeal Complex in Calabar on Tuesday July 24th charged Judicial officers to remain steadfast in the build-up to the 2019 general elections. It was like a wake-up call because since the inception of this administration, the Judiciary has been inertia in discharging its duties. There has been covert and overt intimidation criminalization and arrest of judges at the instigation of the Executive. The Judiciary has been labelled corrupt, judges arrested in a Gestapo-like manner.


The Legislature and the Judiciary are the bastion of democracy. We commend them for resisting intimidation and coercion of the Presidency.  


Sydney .O. Madukwem, Guest Writer, Dile Emeohe Mbaoma Emii, Owerri North L/G, 07069123994.


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