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Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Egbu, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Okorafor has expressed worry at the flagrant disrespect of court orders in the country.

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Egbu, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Okorafor has expressed worry at the flagrant disrespect of court orders in the country.

He was also alarmed at the utterances of some politicians and cautioned them to avoid heating up the already charged polity, especially in an already fragile and volatile political environment in the country. Bishop Okorafor who made the remarks during a Eucharistic service of confirmation, admission and induction for Ntu Parish at St. Peter's Anglican Church Umuocham Ntu in Ngor Okpala LGA, Imo State, noted that court orders being honoured in the bleach and the inflammatory statements by the political class were capable of not only truncating the nation's democracy but likely to plunge the country into another civil war. He said God would not look kindly on anyone or group through whose actions and utterances the nation was plunged into a civil war, stressing that Nigeria is pregnant and nobody knows what it deliver.
The Bishop who was particularly irked at the scenario playing out in Imo State where inspite of orders by court of competent jurisdiction for the suspension of the removal proceedings of the Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, he was eventually removed from office, only to accept respecting the same court ruling, directing a halt to the swearing-in of a new deputy governor of the state. He advised governments at both federal and State levels to be cautious of the separation of powers between the three ties government as enshrined in the nation's constitution and ensure that court orders were obeyed.
Bishop Okorafor marveled at roles played by people of Owerri zone in the impeachment saga, making particular reference to the House member who moved the motion for the impeachment, the lawmaker who seconded the motion, the Imo State Chief Judge who constituted the impeachment panel, chairman impeachment panel and the deputy governor designate who also is from Owerri zone, describing the entire saga as most unpleasant.
The Bishop who wondered what the impeachment saga portends to politics in Owerri zone recalled that it was in the same manner that the former Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso was impeached in 2013. He felt dismayed that the lack of unity of purpose amongst politicians of Owerri zone was again playing out in the number of governorship aspirants from the zone and advised the building of consensus before their party primaries in order to position the zone for electoral victory in the 2019 gubernatorial election.
He commended the Vicar, Rev. Edwin Uwakwe, priests, Church workers and their wives for having fished out candidates into the five units of the Church; though the number he observed was not encouraging, considering that the exercise holds every two years. He appealed for an improvement in the number by 2020 when next the exercise comes up as he wondered if the Church was deteriorating in their faith compared to what it was in seventies and urged for a reexamination of their commitment to the Church.
The Bishop's Chaplain, Rev Canon Ifeanyi Eneremadu PhD earlier in his sermon, titled "the family Church" urged Christian faithful to be perseverant and steadfast in their worship of God.  He charged the Church to aspire to be identified as real Christians, stressing that one of essential quality of a true Christian was being born again. Canon Eneremadu admonished them to ensure that they consciously gave up their live to Christ, noting that whatever position they occupy in the Church without being Christ- like was in futility.
He pointed out that like the early Church they should be devoted not only in the teachings of the words of God but also being prayerful ,in order to feel the presence and awesomeness of the most high God in their midst. The Cleric noted with regret that the Church has derailed and lost focus in many arrears, having lost out in the teachings of the undiluted word of God. Canon Eneremadu challenged the congregation to aspire to see their Church as one family devoid of falsehood and imbibing the qualities of the early Church. While expressing regrets that the people of the area were yet to know the true God, he attributed idolatry as the bane of the Church in the area. He also noted that division in the Church was taking its toll on the Church unlike in the early Church where they worked in one accord with loving for one another. He cautioned against divisions occasioned mainly by extending village disputes to Church as he maintained that once there were such divisions development and progress become elusive in the Church.

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