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I believe Youths can reduce their plans to writing. The moment we complete this, we will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desires. It continues to be strange in a country where about 60% of the population are youths, yet with the least engagement of youths in the governance of the nation.

I believe Youths can reduce their plans to writing. The moment we complete this, we will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desires. It continues to be strange in a country where about 60% of the population are youths, yet with the least engagement of youths in the governance of the nation.

It is often said “he who collects data holds the truth”. Several commentators have wondered how political structures in Nigeria were premised to undercut the Youths. Although, the founding fathers of our great nation started their political journey as youths – but upon attaining the almost desired goals, they clinically designed structures, which slaughter the dreams of youths even before they dared.
Why can't we have youth established offices and Anti Corruption Units (ACU) in all the ministries? The ACU shall audit the activities of these ministries on regular intervals and as such mitigate the level of illicit activities within the ministries – there have to be good ones among those who shall be engaged.
How about making sure we have National ID cards and everything about us is tied to it? Whilst many in leadership positions may know the methods of making sure corruption is reduced in our nation, they are less committed to making it happen, as doing so may not serve their greed.
Transparency is the greatest tools towards fighting corruption and the youths have a lot of role to play in the demand for transparency and accountability. The negative energy channeled on social media to engage each other in a fight in futility can be converted into something more meaningful and worthy. Several youths have become keyboard warriors on negativity – compare that with the same youths from Botswana or Mozambique and the difference can be identified without aided sight. It is the responsibilities of youths to develop our nation by calling out sincerely any corrupt leader(s) – it should not pale if your sympathy lies with the corrupt person(s). We must think of the development of this great nation – in the end, our nation's glory maybe returned. It should be a continue effort. In campaigning to elect leaders, we should do well to elect the right people and demand accountability from them - when they get to these offices, we should demand that they remain accountable. To celebrate corrupt minds is more pernicious to our growth and development than many may think. What future do they build after extracting your strength to remain in the office – Sadly, all their intentions are mostly self-serving.
It is sad that many people consider us to be against them or those they celebrate as messiahs because we asked questions - when we ask questions, it does not mean nothing has been done but simply that more can be done. How this is difficult to understand is beyond some of us who make demands for accountability and transparency. We are not the enemy for asking – the real enemies maybe found in the silent majority.
We need to strengthen our whistleblowing laws and in addition sign into law a valid witness protection laws. These two are great recipes towards frustrating the kleptomaniacs within the leadership of public and private spaces. Although, corruption is mostly synonymous with public spaces, the private sector is also burdened with huge corruption – mostly undocumented and undisclosed. In addition, the corruption within our religious institutions cannot be ignored – the activities of most of the religious institutions operate as artificial persons yet treated as charity in law. They blissfully evade tax like Amazon and Apple corporations – Why have the youths not beamed their lights on these institutions. I bet you may be crucified if you dare to mention their names because a great number of the youths may have been brain washed beyond measures by citing wrongly the provisions of the holy book. I believe the real enemy is corruption and not the government - it becomes the government when they are the instruments of corruption. Leaders should remember that one day, they shall leave their respective offices and operate within the social structures they created (if any). In most cases, their security details downgraded and they actually spend hours at the airports waiting for delayed local flights.
Youths of our great nation need to attempt to create their own space for change - the change we crave for lies within our minds. The idea of allowing the corrupt leaders to use youths as vehicles to remain in power should be frustrated with every ink of intelligence - knowing that their desires are all self-serving.
If those who are in leadership positions today started younger than us, then why would it be difficult for us to hold them accountable instead of implicitly encouraging their continued hold on power even when it is against the best interest of the nation. Is it not time we started getting our priorities right in this nation? Why do we shy away from seeking best practices from nations like Botswana? We are meant to be teaching these nations who are getting it right but we should be humble enough to learn from them.
Out of the over 93 million Africans who are out of school, has anyone bothered to know what our nation contributed to that number and what have we done to mitigate this sadness. Why do we have children hawking for survival during school hours and our leaders turn blind eyes on them whilst driving in their SUV vehicles? Isn't it demonic to ignore these things and yet attend church on Sundays? We need a changed mindset.
In Nigeria, it is possible for us to wear our think-tank caps and demand unequivocally, accountability from our leaders. If we manage to do this, then we may attain zero tolerance to corruption. How much longer are we prepared to continue with corrupt minded leaders? We should make no mistakes as youths because we are the custodians of our development - the development we desire lies inside of us.
In some states in Nigeria, individuals control the resources of the state - yet we find people who adore them and play selective ignorance to the level of corruption perpetrated by them. Nigeria must open systems to allow citizens and young people to examine their dealings - this is transparency and it is our right. I will not complete this piece without mentioning Administrative Corruption and Pre & Post election Corruption. Perhaps, we need to have a set of expectations from a service provider and where this falls short; we should activate processes of redress. Administrative Corruption is very injurious and usually designed for ill practices to flourish. We should demand better through legitimate means. If you had gone to request for your transcripts from the institution you studied, if you had gone to check if your payment is ready at the ministry, have you subscribed with communication companies, have you taken your child for registration at school, have you requested for information for research purposes, et al? Then you should agree that administrative corruption is real and on the increase in our nation.
Pre/Post election Corruption should be one of the most known corruption in our country and indeed many other African states. Is it not time for campaign funds to be transparent and accounted for? What is the role of INEC in making sure that stolen funds are not used to influence the political process? The role of INEC should go beyond always making requests for ridiculous sums for the purpose of election. Some of us are still shocked at the request of 6billion naira to feed the police men during forthcoming 2019 elections – your guess may be as good as mine. In many climes, sources of campaign funds are disclosed and to hide any is a criminal offence. Why is it different in our nation? Where is the role of investigative journalism? Our media spaces should do more with investigative and valid information gathering. We must frustrate public funds being infused into individual elections or to support those who they favour. Our dream of INEC or public prosecutors holding people accountable on how campaign funds are used faded away since 1999 until date.
If we continue to run Nigeria as it is currently, a time shall come when we would be treated with huge disrespect within the West African states and perhaps, we shall need visas to visit these countries. We may get to the point where South Sudan and Somalia may be GARNISHED BEEF for what we shall experience. My prayer shall continue to be – God Forbid…

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