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We sincerely recognize and appreciate torrents of commendations emanating from Ndi-Imo of diverse backgrounds who enjoy the diets of issues x-rayed in the Discourse column of the Nigeria Moment Weekly.

We sincerely recognize and appreciate torrents of commendations emanating from Ndi-Imo of diverse backgrounds who enjoy the diets of issues x-rayed in the Discourse column of the Nigeria Moment Weekly.

That alone encourages us to go on with our predictions and projections in the polity in Imo State and Nigeria with accuracy and precision. We promise without fair or favour to examine issues dispassionately no matter whose ox is gored.
In 2011 and before the emergence of Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha, I used my ingenuity to pursue and succeed in convincing Ndi-Imo in pitching camp with Chief Rochas Anayo Okorocha who in the same year 2011 emerged as the governor of Imo State under the platform of APGA.
Two years thereafter and like a chameleon, he changed, jilted the unique platform that gave him political relevance and prominence with arrogance and impunity. Betraying the confidence reposed in him by millions of Ndi-Imo from the South-east APGA family, I embarked on informing the governor of the implications and consequences of frittering the goodwill and trust of Ndi-Imo.
Between 2015 and 2018, here are representatives of captions of the Discourse to raise the consciousness of our governor to retrace his punitive actions on the people who gave him rare opportunity to lead and set example of exceptional leadership qualities. Among the editions in 2015: Is Imo at war? 11-12 February 2015);. Governance in Imo State: There is more to it than meets the eye: 9-11 October 2015);. Letter to Governor Okorocha on his 53rd Birthday Anniversary 28th September, 2015: Okorocha 53rd Birthday celebration in Kano: Matters Arising, 16-18 October, 2015.
In 2016 editions include: The right to hire or fire belongs to governor Okorocha, 8-11 April 2016. Those of 2017 are: The need for governance with human face 17 -19 January, 2016.
When leadership under governor Okorocha is not getting it right, 31 October, 2017; 18 months to go: The Downsides of the Rescue Mission achievements, 24th Nov. 2017.
Those of 2018 include, Unending demolition in Owerri: What manner of governor is Okorocha? 17th April, 2018' Is there any difference between Okorocha and Ndi-Imo? 13th February, 2018; Aggression on Archbishop Obinna premeditated, 9th March, 2018.
Because Okorocha decided out of greed, selfishness and turning a willing tool in the hands of external forces to abandon the Peoples Party, APGA, the gods of Imo state jinxed him. Like Senator Victor Umeh, the former National Chairman of APGA pilloried Okorocha as somebody abandoned by his friends, political associates. True to type, Okorocha has destroyed many notable politicians of Imo extraction by hiring and firing them with ignominy. Those who were ably enough to read and interpret the body language of Governor Okorocha are belatedly pulling the rug off the feet of the governor. For instance in 2015, when many of us were writing, reminding that Governor Okorocha deviated from the agreement to hand over power to Owerri zone, the likes of Senator Araraume, T.O.E. Ekechi, Senator Izunaso and many others praised, joined camp with Okorocha, either out of mischief, settlement to truncate the restructuring of the zoning arrangement that short-changed Owerri zone. I am elated even though belated reading the back page of September 11, 2018 of the Nigeria Moment captioned : Imo restoration coalition: Rochas remains Imo's biggest regret signed by: For & on behalf of Imo Restoration Coalition Hon. TOE Ekechi (High Chief) Convener, it states inter-alia, “Since Okorocha has continued to shun the path of honour and statesmanship, since he has remained recalcitrant against the wishes and traditions of Ndi-Imo, we hereby announce the commencement of our second phased of engagements with the good people of Imo State, nay the entire Igboland home and in the Diaspora to stop the spread of the cancerous Okorocha tumour which was regrettably created and nurtured by Ndi-Imo themselves – before it spreads, as it seems, across the South-east. Okorocha remains Imo's biggest regret! Imo people have had enough of Okorocha's antics. They cannot be tolerated further.” Governor Okorocha is reaping from ingratitude he displayed. The allied forces within his APC and including the likes of Senators Hope Uzodinma, Ifeanyi Araraume are at dagger's drawn, vacating APC in droves. While governor Okorocha, a master strategist is trying to save further implosion, those now dismissed from the Rescue Mission camp including Chief George Eche, Obieraeri and other powerful apologists, for no other reason than expressing and pursuing varying political offices in 2019 have suddenly and belatedly discovered that they have been used and dumped will not accept defeat like that. They must strategize to fight back.
Now that majority of the decampees are seeking political sanctum in APGA, not PDP, it is indeed a plus to the party but with a caveat to APGA leadership at Federal and State levels. Like a doctor, the history of a patient's disease must be diagnosed and anti-dote prescribed accordingly,  APGA has been known now to possess the anti-dote to Okorocha. The era of using APGA as a toilet tissue is gone for good. APGA leadership must behave like a dove but wily to read in between lines the sincerity of those using APGA platform for Governorship, Senatorial and House of Representative later to abscond when the chips are down. If the likes of Araraume, Ekechi, Uzodinma are joining APGA to collectively join forces to end governor Okorocha's tenure, hegemony so that an APGA candidate will take over the Douglas House in 2019 instead of governor's son-in law or any plan B choice, we owe them gratitude unquantifiable. After all, we have been canvassing for an APGA candidate devoid of Okorocha's baggage either by dining or connected in appointments. Imolites in their millions are strategizing to consign the present Rescue Mission government to history. Little wonder, we have been deploying our God-given clairvoyance to direct and warn APGA against the impending disaster to befall it, if the wrong candidate is foisted on the party. I have consistently on the pages of the Discourse column boasted that APGA has what it takes to move into the Douglas House in 2019 in a groundswell  To do so is a matter of political exigencies, not propriety. Anybody among the aspirants that emerges with the common alliance with Owerri and Okigwe zones and such candidate is to one term and vacates definitely will win the governorship election come 2019 with the support base of Orlu zone. This, Governor Okorocha sees as his nemesis. It is therefore on the basis of this calculation that the sudden entry of Araraume in particular to seek governorship ticket of APGA is not in the overall and best interest of APGA. Their romance or association with governor Okorocha would not have crashed, if Okorocha had complied with certain conditions they reached with him. Yes, it was rosy and juicy and little wonder they could not intervene and stop governor Okorocha from destroying key edifices Imo state was celebrated and noted for.
Some of them consulted to response to the destruction and degeneration of Imo State eulogized governor Okorocha for being the best that has happened to Ndi-Imo. If APGA was an ethnic or regional party and that should be dealt with long spoon, disbanded, there would not have been APGA to seek refuge. Gradually but surely, APGA underwent transformation and became a platform to beat, is not an exaggeration. On the strength of the analysis, the State Chapter of APGA must approach its Guber Primary with circumspection, not sympathy. Afterall, the whole essence of any political party is to win elections. Ararume joining APGA when he is at crossroads now is beautiful but must be handled with maturity judging from his antecedents.
Recall in my publication outlining why PDP is bouncing back to win Aso Rock back in 2019 having zoned the Presidency to the North. Although the likes of Senators Rabiu Kwankwaso, Olusola Saraki, governor Aminu Tambuwal and others who defected to APC are returning to the party PDP they originally belonged, they should pursue their presidential ambitions with caution, decorum and not desperately. If the PDP they abandoned to die or go down a minority, there would be no PDP to return to. They should be acknowledged coming back to join forces to terminate Buhari's Presidency they helped to impose on Nigerians in 2015. Since that publication, they have subsumed their ambition under the NWC led by Prince Uche Secondus. PDP can further consolidate the party cohesion and solidarity by resorting to a consensus Presidential candidate now that  APC Presidential aspirant and candidate in 2019 is one person and the President, Muhammadu Buhari. PDP Presidential aspirants are all from the North and they have seen the wisdom, exigency, cost- effectiveness imperativeness to settle for one among them. Although they are all Presidential materials, but they should be conscious of the fact the Presidency, EFCC are on a watch-out to throw spanner in the works of the wrong candidate chosen by PDP. By the time PDP recovers from the embarrassment, APC may bounce back to assuage the damage it inflicted on Nigerians.
In the same vein, this is not the right time to entrust APGA gubernatorial candidacy to a wrong person in the garb of governor Okorocha. APGA governorship position should not be the be all and end all. In APGA, quite unlike Okorocha's the winner takes all APC, the democratic space is spacious to accommodate lost out guber aspirants. The spirit of give and take should permeate between the old APGANS and new entrants with the sole objective to sack Okorocha empire. APGA, not PDP is the governor's albatross. To do otherwise is playing into the hands and antics of Governor Okorocha. Once beaten twice shy.
Sydney O. Madukwem, guest writer, Dile Emeohe, Mbaoma Emii Owerri LG. 07069123994.   

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