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We shall continue to do our best, voice out, use this platform to pursue the ideal democracy accommodating our diversities and individual and collective well being of all Nigerians both in the ruling and opposition parties.

We shall continue to do our best, voice out, use this platform to pursue the ideal democracy accommodating our diversities and individual and collective well being of all Nigerians both in the ruling and opposition parties.

There is no doubt that the Discourse Column of the Nigeria Moment has carved a niche for itself as a formidable platform to educate, enlighten but at same time opposes issues and individuals and political parties viciously resisting the building and consolidation of the nation's democracy in favour of military jackboot. In one of my publications, I did predict that it is not yet Uhuru for APC even with Ekiti and Osun States gubernatorial elections won by it until all the primaries of the ruling party are concluded. True to my projections or predictions, the fall-outs so far are national embarrassment, shame and make a mincemeat of the so-called change mantra. Not that other political parties are not bogged down by under-cuttings, intrigues and conspiracies, the wrangling, hitting below the belt situation are incomparable, infinitesimal to the friction and affliction in APC. We recall that APC boasted of its hitch-free primary that heralded the emergence of Gen Muhammadu Buhari as the President of Nigeria in 2015. If APC primaries in 2015 were adjudged as exemplary, why the same primaries now turned Gestapo-like manner less than 4 years?
Is it not a contradiction, morally reprehensible and unacceptable the way APC is going about its primaries prelude to the 2019 general elections? If the outcome of any election is determined by the electorate, why is this madness to impose unpopular candidates by mere reason that there are owners, power brokers and cabals who assume Alpha and Omega status? So far and with what is already on ground, the primaries held, suspended or declared deadlocked carry with them horror, condemnation and resistance. APC should be seen as a reflection of what it vocalized that gave it victory in 2015. Unfortunately and that is the price of double-speak, the primaries are hollow, sham and unheard of in the history of the return of democracy in 1999. There are no conformity, criteria and standard in choosing flag bearers. Out of tune, there are sacred cows 'anointed' candidates, chosen, protected and supported by those in charge because such candidates enjoy robust relationship within the confines of Aso Rock. If they are the choices of the electorate, good, fine and defensible. Their selling points remain that they are subservient, amenable and instrumental.
A case in point distinctly is the Lagos State APC primary, in which the Governor Akinwumi Ambode was expected in all criteria to emerge victorious but was schemed out. Ambode has not disappointed his people; he has proven an achiever of national and international rating. Lagos is what Lagos is today, not by any previous governors. Lagos is the largest revenue earner because of Ambode's ingenuity, capacity and efficiency. Today and despite the superlative performances of the governor in all indices of development and assessment among Lagosians and within the Governors' Forum, he is a victim of aggression and antagonism from Alhaji, Senator Ahmed Tinubu. If former governors of Lagos state including the all-powerful Senator Tinubu enjoyed a second term with their glaring inadequacies of feathering their nests, why should somebody truncate the popular Ambode from exercising his right as enshrined in the 1999 constitution as amended?
Yes Ambode has resigned to fate, because of obvious reasons, not far from persecution if he jumps the ship. It is not our business. Our concern is the flagrant abuse of the nation's constitution by those looked upon as heroes, mentors and the protectors and defenders of democracy and shining examples. Like already asserted, different strokes for different people, many Nigerians tend to view it. Since last week, what is happening in APC guber primary in Imo State is not only an aberration, conspiracy but an insult, assault to the sensibilities of Ndi-Imo. That the National Chairman of APC, Mr. Adams Oshimhole is behind it is not the matter. Truth  be told, there is reciprocity in life and politics' . Governor Okorocha who is behind the selection of the National Chairman under the aegis of APC Governor's Forum needs the cooperation of Adams Oshimhole in determining who takes over from him. If Ambode is short-changed, deprived and denied of a second term, Governor Okorocha loses nothing if the people of Imo State are opposed to his son in law inheriting the Government House Owerri. But the case of Imo State before Oshiomhole and governor Rochas Okorocha is rather unfortunate and undemocratic. Why must Oshiomhole cancel results obviously in tandem with the political temperature in Imo State? Good enough, the former National Chairman of APC, Chief John Odiegun wrote off the way Okorocha is operating Imo State as draconian and democratic dividends in short supply when allocations to Imo state come to them intact.  Despite attacks on Oyegun, the people of Imo State doffed their hats for Oyegun. Whether Oshimhole or Okorocha likes it or not, except governor Okorocha drops the ambition of ramming Uche Nwosu into the throats of Ndi-Imo, not only the allied forces, the entire Ndi-Imo will resist such imposition and interference by security organizations accused of looking the other way while Okorocha humiliates and subjugates his people. The issue is not Uche Nwosu per se. The immediate past Chief of Staff is qualified to contest both governorship election and senate. For being the anointed, son of governor Okorocha is viewed with suspicious and trepidation as an indirect 3rd term for governor Okorocha. The fear of Imolites is legitimate. If successful, the government house will infrastructurally relocate to Nkwerre while the executive power and its appurtenances will literally move to Ogboko Ideato the home town of outgoing Okorocha. Governor Okorocha's 'Uche Nwosu must replace me mantra' is not therefore altruistic. If Governor Okorocha is not worried or bothered about his sojourn outside the Douglas House in 2019, he would have been consoled and elated, if his performances were superlatively entrenched in the hearts of Ndi-Imo. Governor Okorocha is disturbed, uncomfortable by the increasing number of his woes and foes seen as self-inflicted. Why? Governor Okorocha cooked for Imo people and Imo people finished his delicacy according to Igbo saying. Governor Okorocha whether under APGA then and now with APC held Imo state and the people hostage. He used massive propaganda of the Imo state –owned print and electronic media houses effectively and dangerously. He shut the doors of the media houses against opposition parties. The journalists in the organizations are loyal to him even without regular incentives and their emoluments. They work under excruciating circumstances without appreciation of being rewarded.
While Okorocha is ending his tenure without impeachment, he destroyed the careers, reputation and clouts of his political associates. Often, they were accused of one financial malfeasance to discredit and disgrace them. Of all the departments or ministries, the Information Ministry suffered most in governor Okorocha's penchant to hire and fire. Take inventory of all departments, ministries and parastatals, many of Governor Okorocha political appointees were casualties of dismissals in their places of assignment ingloriously. Governor Okorocha does not believe in team work and no democracy thrives, consolidates when political appointees are not given freedom to exercise and make their individual inputs in governance. This is the fall-out of a governor who does not subordinate to the rule of law, due process, collective interests of Ndi-Imo but prefer to seek relevance and eminence outside Imo State and preferably in the North. Is this assessment alarmist? The answer is No. Governor Rochas Okorocha is one of the governors in the South-east zone. Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Abia states share affinity and characteristics in human capacity development and environment. The berth of Okorocha was seen as coming to revolutionize Imo State to be the envy of others. The reverse is now the case. If Okorocha destroyed peoples means of livelihood, bought up choice landed property, embarked upon urban renewal and road projects, punished civil servants and pensioners with many sick and dead without compassion and a tinge of conscience at variance with the other South-east zone governors, there is, therefore something different from Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha's style of leadership.
Again when his brother governors are harping on the imperative of restructuring as panacea to myriads of the nation's problem, governor Okorocha aligned with hard-liner Northerners that those calling for restructuring are enemies of democracy. When it is obvious that those who are mauling down innocent Nigerians in the guise of animal husbandry are Fulani herdsmen, Governor Okorocha will water down what is obvious as criminals similar to armed robbers.
Being the only governor of the South-east zone of APC extraction, Ndi-Imo thought that Okorocha would make a difference by attracting federal projects from President Buhari. These did not happen and will not happen. But rather than exit, and hand over the baton to any other of his political associates for soft-landing obviously irreversible, he chooses to impose his son-in law - an action considered as greedy and avaricious of unprecedented dimension in the annals of democracy in Imo State.
Now that Ndi-Imo want to host governor Okorocha, return evil for evil, the Chairman of APC Mr. Adams Oshimole should/must allow the collective wishes of Ndi-Imo to prevail. The APC primary that the Senator Hope Uzodinma won remained the choice of APC in Imo. To drag a repeat is akin Osun rerun election.
At a time, 7 months to the end of Okorocha's tenure, when he should be lavished with accolades, celebrated for 8 years good works, the people are rather chronicling the disasters, destructions that can't be repaired before his exit. What Ndi-Imo expect Okorocha is apology. But Okorocha, in the face of these abysmal failures, is scheming desperately to foist his son in law. Unfortunately, despite overt and covert intrigues, his apologists now his sworn enemies are resisting and crashing the ambition.
It is not as if governor Okorocha was not warned against his selfish, self-centred adventure in Imo state. The Discourse Column wrote over 200 publications with admonitions to handle Imo state with caution, decency and decorum. Intelligent as they are, they are patient , watchful and will not allow themselves to be rubbished. Once they uncover any element of treachery and bad faith, they can go to any length to seek vengeance. History indicts, exonerates and vindicates with time. Okorocha's albatross today includes not heeding the wise counsels, not to demolish the Eke-Ukwu market. He proved the superman in him without conscience of assuaging the aggrieved with minimum compensation. The chasm refused to heel. The industrial matters that gulped reasonable chunk of Imo resources and that took governor Okorocha and 27 local government legislators to Turkey severally ended a ruse. The shame and manipulation of the Imo Assembly in an unwholesome agenda of impeaching Deputy Governor Eze Madumere turned out fiasco and left the image of the outgoing governor and State Assembly in tatters and irredeemable.
However, Governor Okorocha's exit from APGA into APC is a blessing in disguise. It is an eye-opener to other individual politicians to stop once and for all impunity, recklessness and profligacy and allow democracy to take root in Nigeria. The primaries of APC have exposed certain anti-democratic tendencies such as exhibited by Ahmed Tinubu God is indeed at work to use APC to restore sanity and wisdom for a successful restructuring and unbundling the nation's federation by all sections of Nigeria outside APC. Power is transient better utilized judiciously and in the greater interests of the majority rather than selfishly and beneficial to only the few.
Sydney .O. Madukwem, Guest Writer, Dile Emeohe Mbaoma Emii, Owerri North L/G, 07069123994.

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