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Politics means different things to different people. Some are in it to line their pockets while others see it as opportunity to serve. Many see it as a calling, a vocation and stick it with it no matter the outcome at any point in time. It is shocking to many that Nkwoji who has played it big as the Imo State Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) as well as playing other roles will throw in the towel at a time they thought he will join hands to rebuild the party after its election loss.

Politics means different things to different people. Some are in it to line their pockets while others see it as opportunity to serve. Many see it as a calling, a vocation and stick it with it no matter the outcome at any point in time. It is shocking to many that Nkwoji who has played it big as the Imo State Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) as well as playing other roles will throw in the towel at a time they thought he will join hands to rebuild the party after its election loss.

In this interview with Afam Echi, he explains the reason behind the decision, the disappointment of APGA to Imo people, and the repackaging of the Moment newspaper as well as calling for the total revocation of Okorocha's actions. Enjoy the chat
We know that you are the Imo mouth piece of APGA up to the elections and suddenly we are hearing that you have quit partisan politics. What happened Sir?   
I decided to quit partisan politics immediately after the conclusion of the election. My earlier plan was to quit sometime in June based on the anticipation that APGA will win the election. I had already made up my mind that once we win that election I will not go for any appointment. But in the light of recent development and the loss of the party at the polls I have to leave three months before the time. I felt that there is no need waiting.   
What do you refer to as recent developments which have stampeded you to fast forward your decision? 
The party has lost the guber election and there is nothing again.
While you held forth as the APGA mouth piece, what was the experience like?
My experience I would say is like a mixed grill in the sense that while we were building up for the 2019 elections, everything was going well and the party became the toast of the moment for the Imo people but mid-way because of the mishandling or interference by the national leadership at Abuja they made us to lose deposits. Imolites looked at us as if we deceived them. The Imo public held APGA to a very high esteem and they said that we are the last hope for Imo but by that singular act of imposition that was what affected our fortunes. If the national leadership had allowed us to conduct a free and fair primaries and Araraume won I can tell you that the party would not have this tale of woes. What I mean is that even if the party had fielded Arch. Obinna as our guber candidate, for the mere fact that they rigged and imposed a candidate there is no way that the party would have won. What the public expected us to do was to subject ourselves to a free and fair primary. That was the hurdle between the Imo APGA and government house. 
How did the party itself respond to the failed primary and the challenges it created?
The party was not ready to embark on any genuine effort to reconcile the aggrieved members. If they had done so by inviting the aggrieved members and aspirants and reconciled genuinely the stakeholders the party would at least save itself of the trouble rather than dismiss people with a wave of the hand after the people have suffered for years labouring themselves. I think that is injustice and not fair.
Are you saying in effect that APGA disappointed Nde Imo?
There are no two ways about that.
You have always stated that you support Igbo cause by your membership of APGA which you also supported with your paper. Now that things have fallen apart what alternative effort can be made to continue to project Igbo cause at the level of politics?
I will continue to participate to project the Igbo cause especially using my paper to project whatever is the Igbo agenda in good light. I will continue to do that party or no party. I had wanted Nde Igbo to see APGA as their own but for that disappointment.
As you can see that there is a change of guard in Imo following the outcome of the governorship election. Are you excited about it all?

Let me tell you as an Imolite I know what we went through. I believe that majority of Imolites like what has happened. The important thing is that Rochas with all the evils associated with him have been driven away. The prospect of Rochas continuing to subject us to his whims and caprices are no longer there. It is a good development.
We also gathered that you want to shut down the Nigerian Moment newspaper. What could be the issue?
It is not actually shutting down. We want to reposition, the newspaper, we want to repackage it. We want to rebrand it. We want to reorganize it. We want to do something different so that the paper can stand on its own so it can be self-sustaining. We are not closing shop. This paper have made a lot of in roads and impacted the people. It is not going to be long. It could be a matter of few weeks and by the time we come back with a new management, new policies, a new newspaper everybody will be happy about.
Can you let us into the picture of what to expect in the new paper? Can you just whet our appetite a little?
Let me tell you in the past the majority of the stakeholders in the Imo polity were looking at me as a politician of the APGA family and you know what happens in Imo. People will hardly patronize you when they see that you are on the other side of the divide. Now that I am out of partisan politics I want my paper to be seen as apolitical, a paper that serves every person's interest. I want it to be seen that way so that no one will be seeing the MOMENT as the mouth piece of APGA or of any particular political party.
As a Publisher how would you rate the performance of local tabloids? 
In terms of rating I know that the local tabloids have not been doing well in terms news and editorial contents. The fact that you are producing adverts for so so and so person that is not newspapering. A newspaper must always come out standing for something. You must make your position known on certain issues. But when a newspaper has no position on any issue simply because it is thriving on adverts from any angle, which does not make it a newspaper. When something happens in the society a paper should come and make its stand on the issue known but some will choose to keep silent in order not to lose advertorials. This is the reason Nigerian Moment wants to practice and adopt the brand of journalism in the South West. They use mass communication as a tool to sell their people, defend their people. But here you cannot see any newspaper that is defending nde Imo or nde Igbo. To that extent we have actually not done what we are supposed to do.
What are the challenges that confront you as a publisher?  
The major challenge is when you are not getting patronage you are sure to run at a loss. Patronage is lacking in advertorials, commercial news. As a result it has not been profitable to do business here.
If you are giving a chance what kind of agenda would you like to set for the new governor?
There are no two ways about it that we have passed through hell while suffering in Rochas hands. The incoming government under Ihedioha should do a U-turn and reverse what Rochas has done. All those illicit acquisition of people's property should be reversed. In using the words of Dr. Sam Amadi he should ''revoke'' Rochas. And if he should not revoke Rochas he should not expect Imolites to support him. What we need is total revocation of Rochas and everything he stood for. These includes, the ALGON members that were sacked, the in-coming governments must sort them out, pensioners owed and workers paid half salary, people whose lands were acquired by government should be revoked and the lands revert to their original owners, reinstate all structures of governance like the local governments, the judiciary etc, so that someone can walk into a ministry and transact business without having to see the governor. Let the incoming government operate what is called democracy. They should not treat people on the basis of their political affiliations. They should treat people as citizens of Nigeria and sons of Imo State.
The publishers association in Imo, the INPA, is factionalized. Don't you see this as a major challenge affecting your operations especially in the area of price regulation of products?
For instance Imo government and people will pay for adverts in the national press for N500k and 30k for same advert in Imo tabloid
Well this is one of the issues we have been trying to sort out. This incumbent administration of Okorocha is anti-press, not in the sense of oppressing the Press, but was not patronizing the Press. Instead of the 150k they were charging for adverts they were struggling to pay 30 or 40k. In fact, this is one of the factors that brought division in INPA. This is because he selected some group of people and gave them 41k, you can imagine what a Publisher will do with this in relation to his total production cost. He created divide and rule among the Publishers. I hope that the in-coming administration will look into this and make amends.
How would you adjudge the last conduct of the elections and its outcome?
 In Imo state, I think it was successful to the extent that Imolites spoke with one voice to stop Okorocha and his evil plan of indirectly succeeding himself. But at the national level whatever happened that we call election were no elections at all. It was like a war, the type seen in Iran/Iraq, even Syria that is at war. How do you go to polling booth and people are shooting. Why do you have to militarize an electoral process and the government did not do anything. It is because of that the people became more emboldened to go acquiring more ammunition and opening fire on the people. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Federal government should look into it and review the exercise.
Thanks for your time

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