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Certainly, it has been reported the world ever, that among happy nations, Nigeria is one of them. Many of us have questioned the rationale for that conclusion.

Certainly, it has been reported the world ever, that among happy nations, Nigeria is one of them. Many of us have questioned the rationale for that conclusion.

However, those who carried out the global survey to arrive at that conclusion must have basis for arriving at that conclusion. But for me and perhaps among some other analysts, that conclusion must remain verifiable.
To me as an Analyst, what appears not to be in dispute is that Nigerians are the most tolerant people in the world. They are easily assimilate and  adapt to any changing condition. Is it dramatic change in fuel price, they are willing to remain in the fuel queue for countless number of hours waiting for their turn to collect petrol at a filling station.
Is it overwhelming drastic government's policy which compels them to accept half their salaries, they would tolerate it with the excuse that, “half bread is better than none.” Indeed, a statement of a weak mind.
Is it the sudden blockade of a federal road by irate and demonstrating groups, motorists and pedestrians and other road users would tolerate it waiting for hours.
At airports, Plane are delayed for hours and most of the times, flights cancelled with no course to any justification. Yet, Nigerians would tolerate such without the slightest iota of complaint or protect.
In fact, one could say without by contradiction that “Nigerians likes to suffer in silence. Even when they complain, it is neither loud and sometime artificial.
That is why some state governors have become masters in the art of undemocratic governance, nationwide.
A typical manifestation of people's suffering and tolerating capacity was the just past Christmas and New year holidays. A careful reflexion over it would certainly reveal that it was not indeed a good season for many Nigerians. Those who are old enough with good memories could still remember that when compared previous Christmas season were too better off than the immediate past Christmas and New year celebrations. Money was scarce because of non-payment of salaries, yet things were at their highest peak in price escalation. Pensioners in some States have become forgotten bunch. Even serving public servants who are by and large the source of meltdown economy were mostly not paid. Where they were paid, it was either half the salaries or with dub cheques. A causal checks indicated that less number of returnees was observable. But those who came received an ephemeral pleasure because one dollar fetched just above two hundred and seventy naira.
But once they changed one thousand dollars to receive two hundred and seventy thousand naira, they soon found out that it fizzled out into the thin air because the value of naira was abysmally low. Although few returnees were generous in making cash donations or gifts to Churches and downtrodden, the value was indeed poor and regrettably so.
Many girls who have expected a high influx of returnee suitors were disappointed because those who came back mostly married ones and few bachelors among them equally were suffering global economic crunch which did not give them enough green back in the their hands to begin a serious marriage plan.
Many families who were lucky to have returnees amongst them did not get what they expected because a donation of one hundred dollars would give two hundred and seventy naira which invariably would fetch nothing reasonable or substantial for such donation to have meaning to the receiver.
Returnees, of course carried away immediately after the New Year.
Generally, the just past Christmas and the New year celebrations could be said to be without style. Although there were several occasions, marriage ceremonies and traditional wedding marriage, Lunch of various development projects in towns and villages, Cultural and fairs, people were not happy at all because two thousand and fifteen was indeed very bad year. There were too many deaths making mortuary services the most successful business. Both workers and unemployed persons almost suffered the same fate. Yet people celebrated the dawn of the New Year simply because, at least they are alive.
After all, there is nothing like Life and according to the Bible, “Life is greater than that it takes to keep it.”
Everybody, ironically who entered two thousand and sixteen is with hope and full of greater expectation. Yet in fact the last celebration was and could be described as Christmas with fanfair without substance . because, there was nothing to celebrate . Indeed, our country is not what it uses to be. And this poses tremendous challenge to our politicians. it is indeed a clarion call on them. Because the people are generally suffering and therefore are not happy.

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