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It is an incontestable fact that our federal system is flawed in so many ways.  This is so because when we adopted the system in 1979, preparatory to returning the country to a civilian rule, the people were in a hurry to jettison the military.

It is an incontestable fact that our federal system is flawed in so many ways.  This is so because when we adopted the system in 1979, preparatory to returning the country to a civilian rule, the people were in a hurry to jettison the military.

Unfortunately, our leaders at that time were overly attracted to American Presidential System. Part of the problem was that at that time, many Nigerians have been exposed to American Presidential System through education and travels.
However, the attraction to the Federal system was primarily based on the fact that Nigerian nation is a nation of states just like America. Unfortunately, when we adopted Presidential system, we should have adopted its nuances such as the spirit of Presidential System, its flexibility, its electoral system more than that, its Democratic ethos.
As we have observed, lack of Presidential spirit among Nigerians is the principal reason why we have continued to fumble. For example, the Igbo Ethnic Nationality has a proverb which says” Anybody who wants to eat toad must eat a fat toad. If he is called a toad eater, he will answer with pride.” Painfully enough, we adopted an American Presidential System without adopting its operating model. Without question, the principal reason why our electoral system is flawed with myriads of problems is because political parties in Nigeria have failed to adopt primary system of American Presidential Electoral process. Another major flaw in our presidential system is our inability to carry every ethnic nationality along. For example, after American civil war in 1865 in which the south was defeated, the first American President was from the south which lost to the civil war. Immediately, the south was comprehensively integrated into the entire nation. Since then, many Presidents have emerged from the south which fought the bitter war against other parts of American nation.
On our part, because of our sordid nepotic and tribal propensity, we use our tongue to count our teeth once political contest begins. We would begin to speculate whether the next President should come from the North or South. We don't even consider the quality or character of such a person. The only consideration which overtakes both our psychic and consideration is the ethnic nationality.
We are so politically and socially primitive and myopic in apportioning political seats to people in this country. For example, since the civil war which ended in 1970, no Igbo man has become or even considered to be the President of this nation. We forget to listen to a great thinker Fisher who has reasoned, “Leadership is very rare. Others acquire the traits but few neither acquire it nor even born with it.” Unfortunately, those in this country who have deliberately thwarted the thought of an Igbo man becoming the President of this country are doing so at the peril of the nation.
If we reflect, it was Shehu Shagari who boldly selected Alex Ekwueme to be his running mate in 1979 and both won. Although there were a lot of allegations of incompetence and gross management heaped on Shagari and Ekwueme by those who had their eyes on the political skewing chess board, as it became clear that after Shehu Shagari, Ekwueme would succeed him. But some Northern elites in collaboration with top military class in the army plotted the overthrew of Shehu Shagari. Shagari, the President was removed to a comfortable house restriction while Ekwueme, his vice was sent to a prison detention. By the sheer grace of God, he was found to be innocent and was released. Since then, both the Civilian and Military cabals have been at work plotting to keep an Igbo man from becoming the President of this country. They don't know what injustice they are doing this country. If indeed they are true Christians or muslims who believe in the order and destiny of the Greater Maker, whether they like it or not, as long as this country remains intact, one day in the longest or shortest run, an Igbo man will be the President of Nigeria.
That is why Orji Uzor Kalu, a former Governor of Abia State and Owelle Rocha Okorocha have been harping the need for an Igbo Presidency. They are not saying it for saying sake. They mean it. They are not basing their assertion or prescription on a mere sentimental reason. They know that by every measure of calculation, an average Igbo man has those essential qualities for good Leadership in our political environment. For example, an Igbo man is easily found in all part of this country. That means that he believes that every part of this country is his home. Igbo man is enterprising, accommodating, less tribalistic and is more tolerant. An Igbo man is ready to give or do favour to a person from another tribe than his own fellow Igbo man. Not out of stupidity but due to the fact that he believes that is better that he is criticized from not doing it for his fellow Igbo man than denying another person such favour.
Therefore it is time for Nigerians to have a rethink of Igbo man becoming the President next time around. Things will change.

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