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It is evident that no matter how much one may think that Nigerians have short memories, one must have a rethink. However, it is not when we must remember what has been the utterances of Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka before and during the current dispensation.

It is evident that no matter how much one may think that Nigerians have short memories, one must have a rethink. However, it is not when we must remember what has been the utterances of Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka before and during the current dispensation.

One need not to recall some of those highly controversial statements credited to Fr. Mbaka and the numerous fallouts from those controversial comments.
Since Father Mbaka has been transferred to another parish in Emene, his wings have been somehow clipped. He no longer dishes out those diatribe and other nerve breaking comments which Nigerians often see as one trying to heat the political environment in this country. Since such a transfer, which he himself dabbed, “victimization policy.” By and large, Rev. Father Mbaka has remained relatively quiet.
However, as a very loquacious person who likes to be quoted on headlines, recently he woke up to remember that he has been largely quiet.
Not quite long ago he was reported to have lashed out, “President Mohamadu Buhari is not responsible for the current economic situation I the country.” This statement has been very much attacked by many writers particularly “the grassroots” in the social media who have largely been condemnable of Fr. Mbaka.
For one thing, what does he want to achieve by making such a statement? Except that Fr. Mbaka is one whose tongue is always scratching to say something, relevant or not, we may ask, of what purpose does he want this statement to serve? What authority does he have to say whether or not President Buhari is responsible or not for today's economic condition?
Secondly, what other empirical or normative evidence does he have to determine the sources of our current economic predicament. For one thing, Roman Catholic priests are highly educated in various aspects of human activities and disciplines. I am sure that the study of Development Economic is not part of their studies. Certainly, they may be vast and deep in other human disciplinary studies, Fr. Mbaka and cannot speak for the Minister of Economic Development or Minister of Finance.
The issue of National Economy is a very serious matter and not one Fr. Mbaka should jump into. Unless Fr. Mbaka is guilty of what he is being accused of, “serving as an unpaid agency of the Presidency,” he should stay clear of the Presidency. In fact, he is unwanted surrogate advocate for nobody because, the presidency has more than enough spokesmen.
Thirdly, Fr. Mbaka has a lot of things to comment on or even to talk of. These included the condition of the down trodden members of his parish, the agonizing and impoverishment of his parishioners etc. yes; we all agree that the economy is very bad. But according to Mbaka the Presidency is not responsible. This shows that he does not have even the microscopic idea of what is known as “where the power lies in the Government.” It is evident that whether things are going well or not, the buck stops on the president's table.”
Nigerians are aware that the President is working very hard and assiduously too, trying to get the country out of recession. He does not need to be told that he is not responsible for the bad situation. Yes, according to Fr. Mbaka the President is not responsible, is it Fr. Mbaka that is responsible? May be since he claims to be “a soothsayer,” he can prophesy the way out of the present predicament which the country is facing.
According to his gullible followers, he is “a man of God with vision.” If he can see a vision as to the way out, and the President follows it. Then, Mbaka's prediction would be popular and he would be respected nationwide.
It is highly reprehensible for Fr. Mbaka to be raising issues outside his calling. Dabbling into politics has caused him a lot of public disaffection. During the political campaign which brought PMB to power, Mbaka was noted to be making controversial statements which alienated many people in this country and generated a lot of bad press image for him.
If I were him, all he needs to do now is to peacefully go into his religious environment, face his real spiritual activities by finding a way “to be saving souls and not hurting them,” by his spasmodic outbursts.
Unfortunately, he is not likely to take this advice because many diminutives personalities have the tendency always to be noticed, heard of, discussed and “devalued.”
Father Mbaka a Catholic priest should learn to be humble, caring, charitable not with his hands but with his tongue. He should not use the pulpit to preach divisive words but unifying words which can help the present Administration at all levels. That is the type of advice the Presidency needs now.
In conclusion, Fr. Mbaka should know that the country is not required to be in restive mood as it is currently. The president and the presidency should be allowed to concentrate in herculean task of administering the country. Fr. Mbaka should also concentrate on his Ecclesiastical and spiritual mission.

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