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Today, it is an incontestable fact that what is paramount in the mind of every Nigerian is the economy. That is why Nigerians are often alert at any given information about the situation in the Nigerian economy.

Today, it is an incontestable fact that what is paramount in the mind of every Nigerian is the economy. That is why Nigerians are often alert at any given information about the situation in the Nigerian economy.

Within the last few days, a mere mentioning at of federal Bureau of statistic (FDS) that the economy has attracted expected public discourse.
Unfortunately, any issue or discussion in the area of the economy attracts public attention because politics lubricates the society but it is the economy that drives it. Therefore, in this article, I want to discuss the recent statement by national bond of statistics to the effect that there is a window of opportunity for our economy to recover from recession. As a public opinion analyst and as a [professional public relations consultant, I always support a government in power in the best interest of the people of the society. But during election, I still maintain two complexes “a public opinion analyst complex and a voter complex.” Once I cast my vote and the result is announced, it becomes my bounding duty to support the government.
Frankly speaking, those who know my line of political thinking and in different aspect of our economic activities as a public opinion Analyst can objectively testify that as a public relations practitioner, I strive a balance between my political view and my functional behaviour as a professional.
Having maintained these complex professional character and personal positions, my behaviour changed immediately after every election.
I must accept the legitimate views announced by the election empire. Because, according to Aaron silv, “election divides the people while election result reunites the enlightened “citizenry.” Unfortunately, more and more ignorant citizens do not appear to have enjoyed their partisan perception to always becloud their judgments. Because, this makes it difficult for them to appreciate the trend of discussion in our happenings today.
Must be made point clear that those who have eyes to read and ears to hear should know. The economic statistics that would make Nigerian happy is one that reflects in the purchasing power of the pockets of market women, house wives and ordinary citizens.Now to the thrust of this discussion.
Recently, the national Bureau of statistics, NBS, said that the nation's economy returned positive growth with gross domestic product GDP growing by 0.65 percent in the second quarter. This was the first time the NBS said that the economy has recorded a growth since the first quarter of 2016.
Since this announcement, various bodies, individuals and groups including some political parties have begun to take a hard look at the statement. Unfortunately, such a statement which ordinarily should have been taken with a pinch of salt or cautious optimism seems to have been over blown out of proportion by those who are anxiously waiting to give the buhari  Administration  a marginal pass. Even where none exists have been celebrating the NBS statement.
But realistically, is this hazy statement worthy of celebrating/ because no matter how microscopic in thinking we could be, very often, mere statistical figures sometimes tend to tell the whole truth of any research, information or observation. For example, in class aof en students with only one female who is pregnant, statistics would conclude that simply say in that class, one hundred percent of female students are pregnant. Is it not statistically correct?
Furthermore, the APC has expressed delight in the statement by the NBS sounding a positive note of the recovery of the nation's economy. On the other hand, the opposition party has come out very hard to pour cold water on the statement .saying that it is an imaginary wishful thinking of a kind.
Irrespective of what the political parties have said of the NBS statement, the truth remains and remains very valid that “a swallow does not indicate a summer”
For recovery of the economy does not need only one microscopic statistical data to enable us believe that the economy has begun to recover? According to David Easton, “one aspect of a system that malfunctions could make the entire system not operationally effective. It has to be normal for the entire system to function well.”
It is a well known economic theory that for an economy of any Nation to drift into recession, a lot of indices must be involved. Although the rate of the growth of the GDP is an important indicator, other economic indices must be supportive or non supportive of an emerging economic environment.
 In conclusion, it is our hope and expectation that the economy should begin to show sign of recovery. After all, theoretical frame works do not often reflect practical results.
The APC as a party should not celebrate yet through La Muhammad, the minister of information who has lost a lot of public credibility as an o minister of information .in fact, one of the greatest mistakes of the party was to appoint an election campaign propagandist as a minister of information. The party should have known that a Leopard may change its gait but will never change its colors. In fact, most of the achievements of the APC as a party are often water down once Lai Muhammad puts his mouth in them because of his low credibility rating. For once, he should learn that propaganda cannot as waged economic reality.

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