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According to the memoires of Colonel Lambert O. Ihenacho as encapsulated in a recently published book entitled; "A guided life - An Autobiography of Colonel Lambert Ogbonna Ihenacho-"The last Biafran Field Commander", Owerri fell in the evening of 8th January, 1970, But, the recent development tends to prove that indeed Owerri has fallen practically to what easily goes for its spiritual adversary - His Excellency, the Governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha (OON).

According to the memoires of Colonel Lambert O. Ihenacho as encapsulated in a recently published book entitled; "A guided life - An Autobiography of Colonel Lambert Ogbonna Ihenacho-"The last Biafran Field Commander", Owerri fell in the evening of 8th January, 1970, But, the recent development tends to prove that indeed Owerri has fallen practically to what easily goes for its spiritual adversary - His Excellency, the Governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha (OON).

The die is cast. Reminiscing further from Col. Lambert Ihenacho's treatise, during the Biafran - Nigerian civil war of 1967 to 1970, the author said; "Owerri fell in the evening of January 8th 1970. The Div-Commander Brig- Ogbugo Kalu sent for me for an urgent briefing. We met at Irete while he was preparing to relocate. Troops were milling around everywhere in utter confusion and distress. He informed me that the situation was really bad and that the head of state, Gen. Ojukwu, was on his way out of Biafra for negotiations. In his absence, Gen. Philip Effiong was authorized to announce the surrender of Biafra. He told me that he was leaving soon to meet with Gen. Effiong to prepare the surrender documents. He then told me that if Gen. Effiong was not given the chance to make the broadcast to the people of Biafra and the world, the war could end in unnecessary bloodbath that would spell havoc on Biafran men, women and children"...I do not have the expressive capacity to vividly convey the depth of dismay and helplessness conjoured by our circumstances at that time. Imagine about one third of Biafran Army in disarray among on unfathomable throng of civilians drifting across Njaba Bridge toward Orlu and I had a responsibility to organize troops from this mammoth crowd to defend Orlu until Gen. Effiong made his tide-changing broadcast. People just moved like locusts in the direction of Orlu. ...The victorious Federal troops however threw caution over board and stretched out on the road with two armoured cars riding joyously in front. They only asserted their victorious status by firing intermittently over the heads of the surging crowd. For them, it was victory being rubbed into folks, that were defeated and spent". The excerpts became pertinent to describe a similar scenario of what happened in Owerri on the fateful day of Saturday August 26th, 2017. Except that the Owerri incidence - the forceful demolition of Eke Ukwu market took place in a no - war situation. Under a pretentious democratic dispensation, the people of Owerri and their co-travellers sustain the struggle to resist the severally failed attempts -by the governments of Imo State (Past, previous and present of both military and civilian regimes) to relocate or remove the traditional market of the great Owerri Nchi Ise Market. The account of the war angle of the Owerri capitulation was in no small measure quit akin to the recent or better put current predicament of Owerri People. Today, Owerri is in the throes, in the paroxysms of bitterness.
During the Biafran-Nigerian war time, shortly after the sad news that Aba had fallen into the enemy hands, 12 Div. of Biafran Army collapsed and completely disintegrated. This overrun took everybody in the Biafran Camp unawares. It left no room for precautionary measures to be taken. There was panic in all sectors of the war. The enemy chased them on, crossed the Owerri nta bridge and caught up with Okpala Junction on the January 3rd, 1970 and advanced with rage towards Owerri, Mbaise and Alulu where the Biafran troops were facing Port Harcourt. Tlr. sudden collapse of 12 Div. marked the end of Biafran resistance. This was a historical reality. And the fate of the Owerri People today could be historically linked with the chronicle of events that unfold after the Imo State government tactfully balkanized the great Owerri kingdom under the prestigious stool of the late Eze HRH Emmanuel Emenyonu Njerrunze (Ozuruigbo iv) to produce four Autonomous Communities and Eze's as follows: (1) HRH Eze Roland Clinton Uboegbulam for Umuororonjo Autonomous Community; (2) HRH Eze Linus Arthur Ihebom for Umuihugba Autonomous Community; (3) HRH Eze Theophillus I. D. Uba for Umuoyima Autonomous Community; and (4) HRH Eze Possible Austine Uche for Umuonyeche Autonomous Community. Perhaps, the shock of the unpredicted spitting of his Kingdom fast tracked the untimely demise of Eze Njemanze more than anything else deluding the burning of the HRH Palace tragedy which devastated the kingdom. Unfortunately, the tragedy of fire-gutted palace befall the Owerri People only to be worsened by the /division of the Owerri Autonomous Community to produce four new autonomous communities. This is the harbinger of the fall of Owerri. The Imo State government under the able leadership of His Excellency, the Governor Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha (OON) dealt a great blow on the peace loving people of Owerri by dividing them as a first strategy to destabilize them. It wonted the expected magic. Paradoxically, about 70% of Owerri people especially the beneficiaries of the new autonomous communities were in support 01 the governor's action. The records will show that the quest to relocate the Eke Ukwu Market and the virulent resistance against it by the Imo State Government and Owerri people respectively is an age-long lingering issue. Even the time of the military, particularly under the late Navy Commander Amadi Ikwecheghi the state government sought earnestly to relocate the Eke Ukwu Market and also sanitize the Douglas Road in vain. Also, traced from the civilian era of Chief Achike Udenwa through that of Chief Ikedi Ohakim up to this time of Owelle Rochas Okorocha fruitless efforts were made to relocate this market and sanitize that road. Eventually, and at last it was a reality, His Excellence the Governor Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha (OON) has taken the bulls by the horn. It was not an easy task to accomplish this feat. As usual, many are crying, wailing and agonized whereas some people are victoriously joyous. The market traders were thrown into turmoil incurring losses of goods and commodities worth several billions of Naira. These losses do not matter to the Imo State government.
However, the end of the battle notwithstanding tongues will continue wagging and the scar cannot heal over-might. Indeed a great injury has been inflicted not only on the Owerri people alone but all the victims of the heart breaking circumstances of the victory and losses. Besides, the confirmed dead young lad, it was rumoured that many lives were lost, with the tendency for more to be lost as time goes on. The incidence wore the full picture of a war-time situation, whereas no trumpets of war sounded at least for now in the near-moribund Nigeria. It is bound to excercebate the untold hardship already taking its tolls on the nearly asphyxiated and bewildered masses in Imo State. The victorious camp of the Imo State government led by Owelle Rochas is triumphantly disposed like never before, thrown caution to the winds, while firing bullets intermittently over the heads of crowds of civilians in disarray. A victory has once again been rubbed into the folks that were defeated and spent. The peoples governor is the great commander of the victorious and triumphant Army that is now gallivanting while the masses (victims, especially the Owerri people) are tiredly sauntering and milling along the streets with hands raised up in utter surrender. There is no war going on, at least for now in this God nearly-forgotten Nation, but my people! My people!! My people!!! Are now, being paraded like common criminals persecuted without trial. The erstwhile serene city of Owerri, the great heartland state capital reputed for hitherto being spick and span is now filth up with rubbles and clinkers of demolished structures (legal or illegal). The streets are equally said to be littered with corpses of the victims of military, para-military, thuggery and gorilla gunmen. Owerri has indeed fallen like the great Babylon. And the Imo State government on the Rescue Mission ltd by Owelle Rochas is now at liberty to exhaustively execute their agenda as desired. It can proceed with any other re-skewing or reformation of the state system without a whimper. Already, the political elite that still count among the remnant of a few crops of opposition are nearly suffocated with the intimidating utility of Power demonstrated so far by the incumbent governor. In fact, the previous and proximate past governors of the Imo State may be by now sulking with regrets and the lessons learnt from the unfathomable display of political will power by the present government of the Imo State on a Rescue Mission led by His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha. The Imo State governor Rochas is now gloating over self avowed enemies - the PDP and cohorts.
Precedence (wrong or right one) is now set for subsequent governments and leaders to take clues about how best to use political power with no recourse to the sensibilities of the masses. It is now certain that the executive power arrogated by the flawed federal constitution that is filliped with an arrogantly obnoxious land use decree 1979 has the capacity to relocate anything including the state capital and the state itself. There are hardly any no-go areas for the governor. The arrogance of powers to the executive under the extant 1999 constitution as amended vis-a-vis the Land Use Act is a little minus from totalitarianism. They are at liberty to toy with or tinker with the traditional institutions without caring any too hoots. And with the trend of things under this dispensation of the military-democracy, it is feared that the private lives of the individual ordinary citizen of Nigeria remain under a serious threat having already tampered so much with our fundamental human rights. At the moment, executive fiat is omnipotent. Yakpotuwa!!!

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