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I have often heard that if you want to know the true colours of a man, you should give him some measure of power. This statement has proved especially true of the current irritating show of sycophancy going on in Imo State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

I have often heard that if you want to know the true colours of a man, you should give him some measure of power. This statement has proved especially true of the current irritating show of sycophancy going on in Imo State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

For some months now some delinquents in Imo APC led by one “native” doctor from Osemoto in Oguta LGA (is he really one?) have continually assaulted the sensibilities of all Imo people across board with their most daft group: “Show Us The Man And Go To Sleep.” I have spent ample time interrogating what that déjà vu is, but the more I try the more imperative it becomes to interrogate the charlatans behind the group instead.
But what actually is the “Show Us The Man And Go To Sleep”? It is a group of delinquents who are pushing for Governor Okorocha's successor in 2019. These delinquents, led by their sycophantic leader, believe that Governor Okorocha, in their warped estimation, has done tremendously well and deserves to anoint a successor.
This group of overzealous delinquents gives the Governor the false assurance that they have the capacity to deliver alive and whole anyone he chooses to anoint for Governor in 2019. They mean that the Governor is not stoppable in his choosing his successor. They want the Governor not to worry about anything. But only a naive politician would believe what comes out from power drunk and self-over-rated youth who now parades himself as a political leader in Oguta LGA, even though he cannot boast of a handful of youths in his little Osemoto Community.
It is needless to say that the over bloated youth is behaving true to the aphorism: like father like son, but let me say that only a politician without the benefit of history would think of believing his shenanigan displays.
Why won't this sycophant believe that Governor Okorocha has performed very well and needs to anoint a successor? When people who should have been hunting rodents or cutting palm fruits in their communities automatically become rich politicians overnight, why would they not become grateful to their benevolent god? Out of nowhere he became the MD of the Imo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (ISOPADEC). But the Governor should have judged his capacity by the way ISOPADEC was messed up under him. The greatest achievement under him as ISOPADEC MD was that he moved freely about with long retinue of boys. Outside this, ISOPADEC was run aground, and instead of bowing his head in shame he has indulged in yet another skulduggery.
If the emergence of this native doctor on the political turf of Oguta LGA was not a direct affront on the sensibilities of Oguta people, what then is? If Governor Okorocha did not recruit and empower him to divide and insult Oguta people, then we must begin to wonder what else is going on.
But if jumping around the Governor and posing for photoshoots and doing nothing really would guarantee some plots of land and other luxuries, many wouldn't hesitate to grab it with both hands. And now, for practically doing nothing a delinquent has been made the Chairman of Imo State Housing Corporation. This must be cool business for him, isn't it?
Positioning people with debased character and low education as leader in Oguta LGA where countless men of dwarfing education and integrity abound is nothing short of insulting the entire Oguta people, who cannot feature the youthful exuberant and cheerleader in their 30th eleven.
If the native doctor truly believes in the “Show Us The Man And Go TO Sleep”, then he must be a living illustration of the butterfly thinking itself is a bird. But if he has any shred of wisdom he would know that Prof AG Anwuka has cut him and his group to size. During a meeting in his country home in Egbuoma in Oguta LGA recently, Prof Anwuka was pushed to offer his thought on the shenanigan called “Show Us The Man And Go To Sleep”.
Anwuka said: "A credible gubernatorial candidate for Imo State APC chapter come 2019 must emerge through a free and fairly contested party primaries and not by show us the man and go to sleep.
"Such candidate must have a good track record that will attract Imo votes in the general elections".
Anwuka, armed with history and political experience knows that the delinquents were only acting true to type with the “Show Us The Man” decrepit movement.
Where was the leader of this noise making group when Governor Okorocha went shopping for people that would help him win election in 2015? If he had the capacity to deliver anybody, where were they when the Governor went shopping for Dr Orikeze Ajunbe, Chief Charles Amadi, Chief Jerry Chukwueke, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, etal?
There are eleven political wards in Oguta LGA, and all politicians in the area know that sycophants are not reckoned with as leaders, and for the Governor to bank on people like that in Oguta is a clear indication that the effort to force Uche Nwosu down our throats has failed before it kicked off.
The “Show Us The Man And Go To Sleep” team is a self-serving venture. Recall that their leader had floated an organization for the Governor before the 2015 general elections. And now that the Governor's tenure is winding down, it is only strategic for his self-survival instinct to now organize another charade to bargain a good position for himself. This idea of creating some fake importance for himself is to appeal to the emotions and psyche of Uche Nwosu and the Governor further, so that if by any stretch of a miracle he wins, his survival is guaranteed.
But this is only amateurish. The recent APC delegates elections in the state is enough illustration to show that the Governor is helpless with charlatans as leaders. While plans were on for the delegates elections in the 27 local government areas of the state, the Governor knowing that he has lost total hold on the party structure waited for the national officials of the party who were sent from Abuja for the purpose of the delegates elections.
Informed sources said that upon landing in Owerri the national officers were ambushed and cornered for a meeting with the Governor. They were said to have been well taken care of by the Governor who did not waste anytime in telling the officials what he wanted. The palatial meeting ended but the deed was had been done. Little did the Governor know that before he spelt his name the mat had been swept off his feet by the Abuja politicians. Now, not knowing how to counter the Abuja masters he is scampering all possible offices in Abuja with bated breath. Of what use would delinquents be to him now, seeing that the Governor is losing out on the delegates elections?
As it has been with the delegates elections in Imo so would choosing the governorship candidate of the APC not be about sloganeering. It will have nothing practically to do with any shenanigans and any team of sycophants.
It will happen to then like a thief in the night and before they realised that something had happened, they would be condoling with Uche Nwosu and mobilizing boys from one court to the other in solidarity.
That is what they know how to do best.

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