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In 2010, the political climate of Imo State was tensed up, the universal language known and accepted then by the environment was positive change as the then Governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim (Ochinanwata) of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was caught on the web with so many propaganda and blackmail and the people's hatred for him seems like endemic.

In 2010, the political climate of Imo State was tensed up, the universal language known and accepted then by the environment was positive change as the then Governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim (Ochinanwata) of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was caught on the web with so many propaganda and blackmail and the people's hatred for him seems like endemic.

It was under this scenario, that Owelle Rochas Okorocha who was scheming to contest for the Senate seat of Orlu senatorial zone, saw and made a u-turn to contest for the state plum-job, under the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) even when ordinarily, the State Charter of Equity did not favour his gubernatorial candidature.
Owelle Okorocha entered Imo State Governorship boxing ring with the toga of philanthropist, a man with oratory prowess, compassion and a political messiah. The odds favoured Owelle Okorocha because the people were clamoring for change and above all, so many people in PDP were disenchanted because of the impunity carried out during the party's primaries which accusing fingers pointed at the incumbent PDP Governor then, Chief Ikedi Ohakim. The grievances and animosity against PDP government just as what is happening today against APC government was enormous. The blunt refusal of some of the state leaders of PDP to adhere to democratic ethos and principles made some people to hate the party with passion. This is not been boastful nor exaggerations as even the Almighty God and gods of the lands then and just like now were against Governor Ohakim. The atmospheric aura then was passionate hatred of PDP government and the determination to disgrace them at the 2011 polls.
Okorocha being a master strategist and a total grassroots person read the mindsets of Imo people understood their wants, needs and aspirations and he flew the kite in tandem. He nicknamed his campaign structure and governance as Rescue Mission likened to the Isreal's historical ninety minutes at Entebbe Uganda Airport and the political environment triggered like whirlwind. To add steam to the already charged political environment, Senator Chris Anyanwu (MFR) with her political good will and sagacity following the same high handedness and impunity experienced during her senatorial primaries with PDP. This warranted her to dump PDP to APGA so as to ensure her actualization of her second term bid in the Senate, considering her overwhelming popularity and acceptance then among her people.
It is pertinent to also recall that, Senator Anyanwu carpet crossing to APGA was as a result of conspiracy and gang up against her second term bid and the architect of the political injustice she suffered then was said to be Governor Ikedi Ohakim. It is on historical record that the unjust denial of Senator Chris Anyanwu Owerri senatorial zone second term bid caused Governor Ohakim his re-election and shattered the State PDP. The lesson is, never have you undermined the power of a woman especially when one is a spiritual amazon and a global player. As an insider, the power play and intrigues Senator Anyanwu employed to ensure Governor Ohakim's exit will certainly be a historical revelation for another day.
This diversion is to prove a point, of never in life act as if you are God and to put history in its proper perceptive. Thus, the campaign team of Owelle Okorocha and Senator Anyanwu became unprecedented mass movement ever seen or recorded in the history of Imo State political campaign. They were unstoppable like a moving train with patriotic passion, Owelle Okorocha then with his finesse of oratory power, intelligence and political sagacity, caught the heart of Imo people that he is truly on a mission to savage them from poverty. His life story was pitiable, as he sings melodious Christian songs to arouse their hope of greater tomorrow and to demonstrate his trust and commitment to God.
Throughout the campaign, Owelle Okorocha was wining and dining with the poor, severally he bought akara, agidi, Moi-moi, roasted corn and pears in rural markets and was eating along the streets and roads just to tell the poor masses, I am one of you. The hailing was tremendous as the masses wanted to die for him. They showed him unconditional love and he gave them hope of brighter future. Owelle Okorocha during most of the campaigns was also driving keke Napep, his actions and inactions instigated the poor masses to rise against the bourgeoisies in the society. Honestly, most of the big men ran out of the state for fear of possible attack and molestation from the poor masses who then sees them as the architects of their woes. Okorocha installed himself “Senior Advocate of Masses (SAM)” and the people further saw him as their Daniel who has come to deliver them from the exploitations and injustices of the dubious politicians. He promised to make most of them multi-millionaires within a short period by lecturing them on Rochamanics, Economic theories solely founded and propounded by him. They believed him hook line and sinker. He was the people's idol and role model. He told them, he is on a mission to retire all the political God fathers in the state who he said were aged and corrupt and make them the new political lords on the road block. They hailed him and even contributed money for his election, truly, Okorocha did not spend a dime of his personal money during the election rather he enriched himself from peoples out of love contributions. His fans and political pillars became the poor masses, majority of them were youths and women. Their love for Owelle Okorocha then was unconditional and fanatical. He promised to regularly open the Government House gate for them and out of genuine love, they protected his election and votes. Owelle Okorocha so brain washed them that they saw in him, their messiah and an apostle of justice who has come to the throne of mercy.
Eventually, Owelle Okorocha won and was sworn-in and for an interim, he maintained his relationship with the masses, the gate of Douglas House which he has now re-named Peoples House remained open and in flocks of the idle masses on daily basis, later became worrisome and a security risk. Governor Okorocha ordered for them to be shut-out, thus, if you have no business in Government House, you have no reason coming near the gate. He beefed up security men at the gate and gave them strict order. Governor Okorocha renovated the Government House, built high rising fence and created only one entrance with a big strong gate. To avoid dwindling the relationship, Governor Okorocha order that 10 liters of fuel should on daily basis been given free to the keke drivers. He was regularly meeting with Keke raiders, market people, rural people and artisans at Government House. During the meetings, he will hail then with the shout of my people! My people!! And they will thunderously respond My Governor! My Governor!! He will hail them with his sweet talks, show them documentary of his paradise on earth legacy projects and order for them to drink tea with biscuits. They feel happy and belonged. Infact, it gets to a point in Imo State that it seems a misnomer for one to identify himself or herself as a big man or big woman. The poor masses were so brain washed in seeing big men and PDP members as the architects of their woes and should be insulted and crucified.
The Governor further won the heart of the masses through his unprecedented infrastructural transformation agenda, monumental buildings, massive road constructions and rehabilitations. While inspecting projects, the masses surrenders him and he feels delighted over their hailing. He likes given them handshake with fake smile. All this romantic romance with the masses seemed ended with his first tenure as the Governor unveiled his “Emperoristic” style of governance. In this, his second tenure, Governor Rochas Okorocha seems to have forgotten his root. He launched operation urban renewal, the operators with full consent of the Governor started demolition exercises. They first, started removing shanties and illegal structures belonging to the same masses, in major streets and roads within the metropolis of the three senatorial zones, Thus, created unemployment and poverty among the masses who are beneficiaries of the destruction. Despite stiff oppositions, he propounded fourth tier government perceived to be in the overall interest of the masses under the auspices of Community Government Council (CGC). Inadvertently, through CGC he restored government powers and authorities to the rural masses at the detriments of existing village lords and opinion leaders. These have created friction, rivalry and bickering among the same poor masses in so many autonomous communities in the state. As a mark of political will and courage, Governor Okorocha ordered for the demolition of Eke-Ukwu-Owerre Central Market and thereby rendering over 20,000 traders out of businesses. Their re-location to Egbeada/Ubom  Miri Communities in Mbaitoli council area of the state was vehemently resisted because the stores, shops and other enabling infrastructural needs were yet to be put in place.
Despite the demolition of Eke-Ukwu-Owerre central market, Nekede and Orji Mechanic Villages were not spared nor major streets and roads in Owerri metropolis like MCC, Whethral, Bank Road, Tetlow, Royce, Amakohia/Akwakuma, World Bank etc avoided. Similarly, rural markets like Amaraku, Afor Umuaka and Nwaorieubi earned the Governor's bulldozer wraths. The mostly effected in all these devastations were the poor traders and masses. The scenes of the demolition were highly sympathetic, as the victims, their relations and dependent cries out their souls and place curses on the state government and its agencies. Governor Okorocha who seems unperturbed, likened the actualization of his urban renewal initiative agenda of the state to making an Omelet, in which some must be broken. It is in same spirit, he has tactically banned operation of Keke to certain routes in Owerri capital territory and replaced those routes like Wetheral, Douglas and Amakohia/Akwakuma with taxi-Imo. Temporarily, the masses are suffering as the taxi-Imo is not enough for the commuters. Here again, the masses are subjected into undue hardship of trekking. It is equally pathetic that the state government is involved in massive destruction of some good projects built by their predecessors, just to discredit and erase their achievements. Imolites are bitter that the state government should tailor their efforts in maintaining these projects rather than wasting scarce public funds in its destruction and rebuilding programmes. These they noted as misplaced priorities anchored towards creation of more poverty despite the global recession.
Following the massive demolition exercise and the restriction of keke raiders, statistical indices have shown that Imo State is on the top most radar of poverty. The people are aggrieved, thus Governor Okorocha's popularity rating has nosedived. People no longer hail him like before majority of the people's discussion in taxis, beer palours, market squares, vendor's tables, buses and keke's are negative against the state government and its agents. The people now perceived Rescue Mission government of unleashing hardship and poverty to them. Thus why, despite Governor Okorocha's unprecedented infrastructural transformation of the state and his revolution in comprehensive free education, the people are seriously complaining of hunger and poverty and they are passionate in asking the state led APC government, is this Rescue or Suicide Mission?. Honestly, if the state government continues being elusive in addressing the people's stomach infrastructural needs, the chances of APC grabbing power in 2019 will certainly be an illusion.

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