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Honestly, our politics in this country is mostly and largely very ridiculous and laughable. Because as a political scientist, I am often amazed at how many politicians do certain things in the name of politicking Incredible.

Honestly, our politics in this country is mostly and largely very ridiculous and laughable. Because as a political scientist, I am often amazed at how many politicians do certain things in the name of politicking Incredible.

Properly put, political scientist is one who studies and understands the political behaviours of the citizenry. Unfortunately, many people believe that every social science is a behavioural science. No, absolutely no. for example, sociologist is a social scientist, but he is not a behavioural scientist because it studies the social behaviour of a citizenry. That is how an ordinary citizen behaves best dying in a socially related activity of a citizenry.
Thus, by the same token, a political scientist studies the behaviour of a citizen informs and activities of interrelated causes and sequences of politics which is how to acquire power, organize people for political actions collectively or individually joining political party on the basis of ideology. But in Nigeria, on the basis of temporary interests.
Furthermore, a political scientist studies the political impulse of a citizen, his participatory actions in relationship with others in a political party etc. therefore, in doing all these and more, what a political scientist does is to study the behaviour of citizens in political actions. In a book entitled “The Changing American Votes” Duke Cambridge has reasoned “average rational voter changes his behaviour in accordance with issues which affect him or her.” In Nigeria, it is in accordance with what affect his welfare etc. “his stomach”
Unfortunately, here in Nigeria almost all our political leaders most of the time lead their followers to a zigzag path. They do things which in the eyes of the scholars in developed politics would make them laugh at us to scorn.
Let me take what I have observed in the arena of politics in Nigeria. While receiving the head of state of Ebonyi State, the Governor Dav Umahi appeared in the same Igbo attire “Ishiagu” material with his Excellency, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, and full blooded Fulani whose culture and social circumstances welcome the wearing of “Babariga Regalia”. But when Umahi, the Governor of Ebonyi State allowed him to appear in Igbo regalia, one begins to wonder what he intended to achieve. Perhaps, foolishly to make Buhari believe that indeed is among his “people, the Igbo”. What a rustic thinking and thought!
Appearing in Igbo regalia makes a mockery of our respected president. Even his handlers should have known better that such behaviour in the part of Ebonyi Governor should not have been welcome. By extension of such a ridiculous behaviour, when the President appeared in a political rally at Awka to convince voters of Tony Nwoye, APC Leaders in Anambra fell in the same ridiculous trap of sewing for him Igbo regalia with a hat to match. Only God knows and people who saw him could assess him in such strange apparel, this is Politics indeed. It is just making mockery of politics. May last 2 years during the presidential campaign of 2015 when Jonathan Good luck was campaigning in the whole north, did they provide him with the Babariga or could it be that he was changing regalia as he went round the North?
Honestly, our people the Igbo, there is a way we play politics that makes us appear less intelligent in the eyes and estimation of other nationalities.
Although, the President was well coated in Igbo regalia, did he throughout his speech mention the name Tony Nwoye? This is a big question. Most of the speakers at that rally were hailing Buhari in such a way to make other Igbo onlookers to ask when did Buhari became a fan or darling of average Igbo man on the Neel of all mounting evidence of marginalization. some being perorated under his own government particularly denial of Federal road maintenance and appointments including many others and the administration in secret.
In fact, I don't care how others may feel or think about it. If Buhari did not come to Anambra to campaign for Tony Nwoye, I bate. Tony Nwoye would have in all probabilities, done better than he did.
To make the matter worse, APC leadership brought some of the APC governors who owe their workers salary arrears and pension gratuities to come and campaign for the removal of Governors that is regular in payment of salaries and allowances and pensions to his people. That is bad politics indeed.
Our politicians, that is, Igbo politicians should know how to appreciate their pride for a cheap sale in the name of politics.
Definitely, for our President to appear in Igbo regalia at APC rally in Awka did not win over one vote for Tony Nwoye. In fact, it alienated some voters who could read between lines. It was a bad market for APC because, in all sincerity, I privately told a very senior APC leader one month ago that there was no way APC could win Anambra election. In fact, but for the conflict in PDP, the PDP candidate, Obaze would have given Obiano a rerun for his money, not the APC candidate. Other candidates were poor bench warmers including Chidioka whose campaign tactics were largely elitist and too alien to Anambra citizen. I hope that APC can learn something from that election including learning that the hood does not make a monk.