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Imo state politics can be described from two angles, from the side of sadness and that of joy. From the side of joy a lot of interesting things take place.

Imo state politics can be described from two angles, from the side of sadness and that of joy. From the side of joy a lot of interesting things take place.

The common man hear certain things which ordinarily they would not have bothered thinking about them. Certain ugly events flip through by the hour, the man in the street looks the other way until when it is campaign period, then the bubble will burst.
A lot of schools of thought spring up in every nook and cranny. Archbishop AJV Obinna would by then organize a gubernatorial debate where those aspiring for governorship positions would come face to face with the friendly and hostile public. That is as far as that. From the sad angle, Imo State, after Governor Sam Mbakwe has never been blessed with good and patriotic politicians, hence I once told a gathering that the difference between Yoruba politics and that of Igbo is that, whereas in Yoruba land, elite class and the academia are the ones that play pure politics, Igboland is a different ball game.
The elite and academia in Yoruba land are the opinion moulders. They hold the aces of Yoruba politics and by extension that of the nation. They Yoruba elite are the money bags. The Yoruba elite own the economic and industrial sector. They determine and make economic policies, and the economic indices. 
Their traditional institution is well respected. Their monarchs come from the elite class and from the intelligentsia and the academia. The Obas are selected according to tradition and not handpicked like in Igboland. Doubtful characters are never considered because the elite group would see it as an affront on them and the gods.
In the case of Imo State or Igboland, the opposite is the case. In Igboland, the intelligentsia is poor, the elite class is also comparatively poor because they do not have the resources to finance political adventures. They are usually found in the classrooms, organizing one lecture or the other. The greatest height most of them may get to is to be this or that adviser or commissioner or judicial officers.
Sadly enough, the questionable characters and to say the least criminals who are stupendously rich are the political gurus in Igboland. These dubious characters call the shots. They occupy juicy political positions in Igboland and determine who gets what and who gets paid or not.
That unfortunate situation is the reason behind the 'big and small thief' brouhaha in Imo State. Sometime in 2011 during the usual political electioneering campaign, Governor Ikedi Ohakim was the incumbent governor of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP seeking re-election for other fours, while Rochas Okorocha was running to unseat him under the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.
In fact, before this period Ikedi Ohakim came into governance on the platform of the Peoples Progressives Alliance, PPA, Orji Uzor Kalu's brain child. The people of Imo State saw Ohakim as the man who would redraw the political map of Imo State by washing away all the vestiges of the PDp and the share the money syndrome of the party. Imo people liked Ohakim and certain policies he introduced. At the initial stage he back loaded all those bigwigs who were only good at sharing Imo State money. His clean and green initiative was welcome in the state and people saw in his character clean and green.
Ohakim incurred the wrath of the people when he defected to the PDP. Imo people became very disappointed. By then everything Ohakim did was misconstrued. Whatever decision his government took, the people took the opposite position. Willie Amadi, his executioner, worsened the whole situation when he introduced the Environmental Transformation Company, ENTRACO that really descended on the people. Then the battle line was drawn between Ohakim and Imo people.
Unfortunately for Ohakim, it was alleged that he beat up a Catholic Priest. Armageddon let lose in Imo. The Catholic world declared real war against Ohakim. At that stage Imo people started searching for an alternative when suddenly Rochas showed up and Imo people embraced him. The political climate became so tensed up and hostile that Ikedi Ohakim invited ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo to Imo to salvage him through damage control and fence mending. What Obasanjo saw baffled him? At that point he told Imo people,' I give you small thief, una say na big thief una want'. Perhaps the small thief he was referring to was Ohakim and the big thief Rochas Okorocha considering who Imo people preferred against the other. However the motive behind this write-up is not to assess the big or small thief. This write-up does not know the small thief neither does it know the big thief. Imo people know better. We have entered another round of electioneering and the quest of who to occupy the Douglas House is in top gear. It is possible the small thief may want to come back to complete his tenure. It is also a well known fact that the big thief may be shunting from pillar to post to replace him and the beat can go on. Big thief or small thief Imo people do not want again. We have tasted both big and small thief and we can tell better. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Imo people are saying no to anybody who has once been labeled a thief, small or big. Enough is enough. Imo people must this time to go for a fresh political party and look for a fresh blood. We want political sanity and good governance in our state. If we make another mistake of electing a small thief in 2019, what is the guarantee that he will not graduate to a big thief since he is a thief atal.  A thief is a thief small or big. Ndi Imo be warned.

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