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Today in All Progressives Grand Alliance you have gubernatorial aspirants in excess of twenty who have made their intentions known to run for the governorship of Imo State on the party platform.

Today in All Progressives Grand Alliance you have gubernatorial aspirants in excess of twenty who have made their intentions known to run for the governorship of Imo State on the party platform.

Looking at how the state has been governed in the last seven years, it's obvious that Imolites are yearning for a governor who is cool headed that understands the dynamics of leadership and governing a state like Imo at this critical time.
No doubt, that will require an individual who understands the people of Imo State; Local Government Area by Local Government Area, Zone by Zone, their challenges and what it takes to position the state as a model state in Nigeria. This will require a man with vision and among other things who understands resource management and revenue generation in the public sector.
Today, the internally generated revenue of Imo State is one of the lowest in the nation despite all of its endowments. There is infrastructural decay in the state, low morale of the state work force, unemployment, insecurity, unbearable hunger, etc. So who can salvage Imo State from all this decadence?
It can be taken for granted that All Progressive Grand Alliance parades some of the best aspirants who are running for the office of governor in the state. I am talking about men of vision who are educated, exposed, resourceful, focused and have pedigree. Unfortunately for All Progressives Grand Alliance only one of these men will be chosen. Whether APGA leadership understands it or not, in my considered opinion, choosing that one person will be an obvious herculean task because there are obvious considerations if they must get it right.
In All Progressives Grand Alliance today, we have gubernatorial aspirants from the three zone of the state; Okigwe, Orlu and Owerri. For those from Okigwe, their argument might be; they did not finish serving out the constitutional requirements of two terms when Dr. Ikedi Ohakim's second term bid was aborted in 2011. For the aspirants from Orlu, their argument might be; it does not matter the zone that produces the governor if he is from Imo State and can give good governance. Then the aspirants from Owerri Zone will say; zoning or no zoning, it's our turn.
So how can All Progressives Grand Alliance manage this situation and produce someone who has capacity, who is visionary and acceptable to Imolites who they will embrace as their governor in 2019.
In Imo State of today if All Progressives Grand Alliance wants to get it right in choosing their gubernatorial candidate, zoning or no zoning, they must seek out an individual with pedigree who is visionary and has capacity. A man whose networth and acceptability is verifiable. If political parties give these considerations before electing their candidates, political parties in Nigeria will not produce some of the charlatans they have produced in the states and at the national.
Why must they properly evaluate their aspirants to choose the best in its entire ramification? Leadership is an onerous responsibility. For a man to be chosen as a governor of a state, it is for him to manage our collective resources for four years or eight years which will run into trillions of naira. Whether we understand it or not, it's an enormous responsibility. That responsibility cannot be given to a neophyte who does not understand the dynamics of governance, the demand of managing people and resources.
It's imperative for All Progressives Grand Alliance to understand that if the proper consideration is given in choosing their gubernatorial aspirant for 2019, Imo State will be one state in Nigeria the party will win without too much effort.
I am concerned for Imo State and I don't want All Progressives Grand Alliance to unwittingly give us again someone Imolites will regret coming through their platform again. If it's Charles Onyeagbako, Nick Opara-Ndudu, Okoro Chidi, Okey Eze, Frank Nneji, Stanley Amuchie, Humphrey Anumudu, Ike Ibe, Ikedi Ohakim, Uche Onyeaguocha, Bright Nwanne, Sam Amadi, etc., they appear qualified, but is there anyone in the party now or outside the party whom if given the ticket, the party could use to win the 2019 gubernatorial election in the state, his zone notwithstanding?
 How many of this people can the party guarantee are running for office genuinely? Some of them are running to be in the record books as former gubernatorial aspirants on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance. Some are moles planted by other political parties as agents of destabilization, some are running for relevance in the current day All Progressives Grand Alliance in the State and some are running as a tool for negotiation for other political offices.
Therefore if All Progressives Grand Alliance want to win the 2019 gubernatorial election in the state, they need to sieve these gubernatorial aspirants properly and prone it down to manageable number and this will show Imolites that the party leadership at the national and the state are serious about winning the gubernatorial election in the state.
More so, the party should sort out individuals with pedigree, high networth, reach and capacity to run for offices on their platform. In Orlu Zone for instance, the party should reach out to people like Eze Odimegwu and Tony Ezenna (Orange Drugs) to run for Senate on its platform. If any one of them accepts, it will definitely strengthen the party in that zone.
In 2014/2015 the current National Secretary of All Progressives Grand Alliance Labaran Maku was not originally a member of the party but when he lost out in the Nasarawa State PDP primary election, the leadership of All Progressives Grand Alliance at the time appreciating his pedigree and acceptability in Nasarawa State reached out to him and gave him the APGA ticket even when he was not originally in the race on APGA platform. He contested that election on APGA platform and arguably, he won it
Today in Imo State, the party leadership at the national and the state can do the same and reach out to Leo Stan Eke from Owerri Zone to run on its platform as their gubernatorial candidate. But the challenge with these business moguls will be his business interest with INEC with regards to Zinox computers which may make it difficult for him to accept the offer. Or Mazi Clement Owunna from Okigwe Zone, a man with pedigree, reach and capacity whose business interests cuts across manufacturing, real estate, banking and other sundry businesses and the record shows he has been consistent in the party and have contributed immensely to the building of the party in his Zone and the State at large.
No doubt with any of these men flying the party flag in the state, in all probability, All Progressives Grand Alliance will win the 2019 governorship election in the state.
To be a governor of a state is an enormous responsibility that involves the management of resources in the Trillion Naira range for a four to eight year period. Therefore, it is not something a serious political party will give to a political adventurer, neophyte or gambler. 2019 in Imo State should be a serious election year for any party that understands strategic timing and want to be relevant in 2023 because in 2023 whosoever that win the gubernatorial election in 2019 will an incumbent.
If All Progressives Grand Alliance will not be shredded into insignificance and oblivion after 2019 in Imo State and Nigeria, they must put their best feet forward in all the elective positions in Imo State and all other states in Nigeria. What that means is that in all of the elective positions in Imo State and all other state in Nigeria, they must go to that political battle with their “first eleven” which I believe will help guarantee success for the party.
Imolites are eagerly waiting for APGA to come in and turn things around positively in the state. So, the party leadership must be wise in choosing whom they will give their tickets, if not, after the 2019 they will lick their wounds and that might be the end of the party, God forbid. I believe that if the party decides to put sentiments and selfish interests aside in choosing their candidates, 2019 will be the best year for the party in its fifteen or sixteen years of existence.

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