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On Saturday, August 8, 2010 the Ikedi Ohakim administration conducted local government election. That was about 3 years into the Ohakim's government. 48 hours to the election I returned from Lagos State to monitor the election. The turnout was unprecedented because Imo people believed and followed their Governor.

On Saturday, August 8, 2010 the Ikedi Ohakim administration conducted local government election. That was about 3 years into the Ohakim's government. 48 hours to the election I returned from Lagos State to monitor the election. The turnout was unprecedented because Imo people believed and followed their Governor.

The outcome of that peaceful and credible election did not last long as Governor Rochas Okorocha on the 6th day of June 2011 via his maiden radio broadcast sacked the elected 27 local government chairmen and 305 councilors. This illegal sack, in addition to the illegal sack of the 10,000 jobs beneficiaries and others, set the pace for the discord and ruination that the Okorocha administration has wrought on the state.
Okorocha had promised he would conduct local government election three months into his administration. But when he assumed office as Governor he showed that his words were mere breeze oozed from the mouth, and nothing more. Three months became four years. Four years became seven years, and counting. Many people had lost count of the number of times the Governor promised to conduct local government election and failed. Nine months to his handover to the new government, Governor Okorocha decided to select a group of people from the local governments and communities, 672 in all, to help him prosecute his third term agenda in the guise of his son in-law. This he did in the guise of local government election on Saturday, August 25, 2018. The outcome of the shenanigan is as expected, a near 100% victory for the Governor's APC.
One remarkable thing from the local government poll is the deafening apathy that greeted the election. I understand that the APC in the state does not want to hear the word “apathy” in connection to the charade they called local government election. They accept that the turnout was abysmally shocking but they do not want to accept it was apathy. They want to lie about it as usual. According to the party's spokesperson, Onwuasoana FCC Jones, “While we did not expect the turnout in an LGA election to be as massive as that of general elections, reports from our party's agents and monitors indicate that the turnout was mostly encouraging, especially, considering the fact that Imolites had long taken a decision that the APC is the only political party worth their attention in the State. Imolites were aware that the other lousy and rejected political Parties had already accepted their fate of rejection by chickening out of the contest”.
He accused the opposition political parties of spreading “pictures of empty church halls taken days before the LGA election to confuse few gullible minds into believing that the election was greeted by apathy”.
The APC should know that we do not live in the sky.
We live here. We belong here. The charade of last Saturday was not the first time local government election was conducted in the state, but never in the history of the state did we see apathy in LGA election. It is known fact that the local government system is the closest government to the people. It is a grassroots government and the people show more interest in the elections of the people that are very close to them. But in the case of the APC under Okorocha, the people, including members of his political party, chose not only to stay away from the election but to go about their normal businesses against the order restricting movement of people from 8am to 5pm.
For those who know, the apathy and disregard to the movement restriction order was a loud message to the Governor that Imo people have left him, including members of his party. It is a clarion on the Governor to wake up to the reality that he has no followership in the state, that the people do not believe in his government, that he has failed the people and they have decided to take their future in their own hands. They have resolved that it makes no sense following a governor that has only ruined their future and put their present in jeopardy.
The APC is like spilt milk, and we must learn that God has rejected the Governor and regrets making him Governor over his people of Imo State. God can no longer put up with what the Governor has done to the people, causing pains and ruination everywhere he goes. Today, God is saying the same thing He said about King Saul in 1 Samuel 15: 11, saying: “I regret that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions.”  This also sounds like the story of Ichabod, the glory of God has departed, as told in the Bible book of 1 Samuel 4:15-22: “And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel; because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father-in-law and her husband. And she said, The glory is departed from Israel; for the ark of God is taken.”
Governor Okorocha has for more than one year locked down Douglas Road, but the people have not left. He banned street trading but the traders have not left despite the use of uniformed thugs. Whatever the Governor does, the people ignore him and move on with their life because he has lost touch. He tells the people he wants to make his son in-law his successor, the people oppose it. Everything he does, he is now on his own. Apart from the people leaving the Governor, another lesson we learn from the apathy witnessed in the charade of August 25 is that the claim that the APC is on ground in Imo State is a ruse. If the APC was on ground as they claimed, why was it that even the members of the party did not turn up in their hundreds and thousands for the election, but in twos and tens? Even in the polling booths of the Governor and his anointed son in-law, what we saw was pathetic as not more than 10 persons were on the queue. In other places the polling booths were virtually empty.
More pathetic is that the polling booth of the state chairman of the party was virtually the only person at the polling booth. In many polling units in Mbaise, the experience could make the dead cry. The local government election has brought to the fore the fact that the crowd you saw at APC rallies were hired crowd. If they were truly members of the party, where did they go to on Saturday? Why did they not come out en mass to show that truly Imo State is APC complaint? Where were the women that run circles during APC rallies? Why did we not see them at the polling units? The point really is that those crowds were not members of the party.
However, we do not have to worry ourselves because of the APC. It is a dead party. Those who should have given the party life in the state have chosen to instead choke the life out of it. And it is dead. All have seen it, that it is a dead party. While the APC dies its natural death, Imo people now witness the rising of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) from the ashes, supposedly. From a shattered party, APGA has come up very strong. From a deserted party, APGA has become the darling of the best politicians in the state, the hope of the people. APGA's rise to glory got more impetus with the emergence of His Excellency Dr. Ikedi Ohakim as a contender for the governorship of the state in 2019. From the time Ohakim declared for the governorship of the state on the APGA platform, the party has witnessed a deluge of members. The reason is that the people connect to their own person. You don't force people to yourself. They follow their leader. That is why Ohakim's presence in APGA has become the dragnet, bringing all the good people on board the party. APGA is on the march to victory. With Ikedi Ohakim, APGA will sail through to power and once again prove that it has been the people's party. That is why Imo people have one request to make of the leadership of APGA and those who will eventually become the delegates to elect the party's gubernatorial flag bearer, to do all they can and hand their governorship ticket to Ikedi Ohakim, for one term only.

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