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Whether we like it or not, public opinion survey is an essential barometer with which the results of pending or scheduled election results could be predicted.

Whether we like it or not, public opinion survey is an essential barometer with which the results of pending or scheduled election results could be predicted.

Provided such a survey meets with all the intellectual and professional parameters which could pass the result of such a survey as credible and acceptable by the majority of enlightened members of the public including those who have the knowledge capacity to understand such a survey.
But unfortunately, due to the mixkogbuo nature of our political process which admits even the most mediocre into the race to vie for high offices, it is often very difficult to operate what is accepted elsewhere in other politics as norms of decent political processes.
Why, one may ask? Because our political system has virtually moved away from the accepted norms of functional politics to what one may refer to as “Jungle Political Activities.” Today, there is nothing like decency in our politics. A situation in which individuals move from one political party to another in search of a favourable climate to pick ticket does not in fact augur well for our political development. More unfortunately, political parties whose primary function is to recruit and admit members into their folds have turned entry into their parties to mere “buying and selling activities such as Stock Exchange.”
In such a situation, how do we expect people in our midst to appreciate the importance of public opinion survey which they don't have even the most microscopic knowledge of what it is or what they stand to gain from it?
For example, two months ago, after a painstaking and detailed process of public opinion survey which we organized as part of our professional and cooperate mission, at a well attended press conference where the results of such survey were released, it was followed by all manner of name-calling and castigation. Some aspirants who are in politics to maximize their financial accumulation hired jobbers to take us to the cleaners in order to water down our professional efforts. Did we care?
Writer jobbers under the influence of those aspirants who thought we should have given them undeserved returns were most hurt and jolted. They did not understand. To do that was to give credence to their claims that, “I merely stayed in my room to allocate scores mostly to those who paid us to do that.” In fact, ignorance is a major incurable disease which has infested some of our so called aspirants, making it hard for them to see reasons. Because what they want is to win and win at all cost. To them that is the true essence of politics, the Machiavellian norm of “the end justifies the means.” No. Not me or we at this Opinion House which has established a lot of credibility over the years in the field of public surveys and analyses.
Yes, while some did not approve of our survey results because it did not favour them or their pay masters, there were those more in number who praised the impartiality of our survey results then.
So, we took solace in many commentators who read our survey results and gave them thumb up.
One such a person was Ike C Ibeh who took time to analyze the survey results as published. He did that because he possesses the intellectual knowledge and the indebt knowledge of the dynamics of opinion surveys. In fact, he was so accurate that he was able to decipher how he was favoured by the survey. He was right. In addition, there were many writers including those of some journalists who attended the press conference for the release of the results. These included one Aririguzo, Salvator Amadi, Everest Ezihe, the Editors of Trumpeter, Announcer and in fact, many who were able to sift the hidden intricacies of that survey result.
Besides, we did not care hence, now we went ahead to carry out a more comprehensive survey of those APGA Governorship aspirants numbering about 22.
The result is indeed revealing and it is likely to spill the beans once we released it. Perhaps, it is likely to jolt some of those who perhaps have wrong opinion of what is the correct measurement of their electability prospects.
Although there is the pressure to release this, we are just studying the trend of opinion among the people because since it is our own project not sponsored by any APGA Aspirant or the APGA party, we are likely to release the result when it will best serve the most public good and not to enhance the underserved credit of those who are likely to misread or misinterpret the results for their own goal.
One of the constraints we have is that out of about 22 APGA Aspirants we surveyed 18, leaving just few who were not yet APGA Governorship aspirants when we carried out the survey including just few “Jonny just came to the party.”
We are sure that when the result is finally released, it will be an eye opener to those who think that, “mere entering APGA has won them the race for the Governorship. Of course, they don't have any understanding of what V.O Kay said in his book,  The Public Opinion in America that, “public opinion is very dynamic because it changes as people's political behaviours change in response to the changing political trends which shape the people's opinion on minute to minute basis.”
We must honestly appreciate an APGA top official in the state who spurred us to undertake this project. Perhaps, he means well for the party and when the survey result is published, many will see that indeed, what crab says, “There is a difference between the water in a river and the water in a woman's soup pot, yet both are waters.” 
Therefore, even those who were favoured in our first celebrated public opinion survey have not relaxed their efforts in trying to stay ahead of others in the race. Our previous survey result was instructive to them giving them the opportunity to know where they required more mobilization in order to guarantee a place in the Douglas House. They did not just sit down and rest on their oars that they have already won the governorship. Rather, they and their handlers sat down and analyzed objectively the lows and highs in their performances. In fact, this is what Public Opinion Survey should do in every decent polity. And we believe that those aspirants in APGA party today must know that once they have an insight of what is their electability prospect in the latest result, they would begin to do more works because painfully enough, many APGA aspirants erroneously believe that membership of APGA is a guarantee to Douglas House.
Perhaps, this will serve as their water loom or Red Sea because, they have over estimated their political potency. That is not our fault rather it is theirs. In fact without mincing words, there are three or four aspirants from APGA that have done well in the survey. These are those to be watched and in all probability, if money does not distort their way, one of them is likely to carry the day in APGA Governorship primaries.

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