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Two quick victories in two days appear to be collapsing the world of Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.

Two quick victories in two days appear to be collapsing the world of Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.

How is the mighty falling, did I hear you ask? An Abuja High Court had Tuesday ruled that election involving five disenfranchised states be conducted to complete the election into the office of the National Organizing Secretary of the All Progressives Congress which threw up Okorocha's Emma Ibediro.  OsitaIzunaso, the then incumbent, had challenged the election alleging irregularities because according to him the party's hierarchy had favoured Okorocha by manipulating the process. Yesterday, the deputy governor of Imo State had floored his Master and Mentor in the court following his concocted impeachment which he challenged in the court. The court had also ruled in his favour quashing the purported impeachment
A jubilant APC member of 'Ndi Agburuanyi' extraction you will not believe described it as the sign of good thing to come in the state. In his words, 'it signposts the beginning of the collapse of the fake Rochas empire, built on no foundation''. You will wonder the hypocrisy in politics for somebody to be in one camp and rooting for events in the opposite camp. When challenged on why he is happy about the court victories against his master, he quipped, 'I stand for justice, do you like what is happening in the state, he fired back?'
Expectedly, the city of Owerri was momentarily thrown into frenzy as jubilant guys were seen in groups and pairs discussing the Madumere victory over bottles of drinks and pepper soup. It is not difficult to understand that people are happy and are anxious to welcome any sad event or negative outcomes against Okorocha. As I watched and felt the people's reaction I was put to ask the question within me the kind of Christianity we practise where people are rejoicing over the failings of others. Instantly, I blurted it out pretending I am not in the picture of the show. Another guy in a terse response said, 'it is victory over evil'.
He did not end it there. He said predicting that the mother of all defeats is coming soon while referring to the Direct Primaries in which he claimed that Okorocha will be dealt with what he called the final blow and sent packing to where he comes from. It would be recalled that the national secretariat of APC has instructed that the Imo APC will choose its governorship candidate through the direct primaries to avoid further litigations that may arise therefrom. The Direct Primary gives the generality of the members' better opportunity to elect their true representatives than the indirect approach which puts the exercise at the control of money bags.
Earlier on information filtering from the grapevine indicates that those who have vowed to enthrone their surrogates had promised to share huge amounts of dollars to the delegates in order to win their votes. It means the treasury of the state will be emptied in case they still want to buy up every party member. Reflecting on the disgrace Okorocha has suffered in the hands of Madumere now I am wondering if it is not time the governor use the occasion of his 56th birthday to make peace with ndi Imo before he suffers more humiliation which awaits him. The anger of the people is against him and I do not want to believe that he doesn't know this.
The disgrace he thought he has given to Madumere has returned to him and his errand boys in the house of assembly. If they have conscience the dishonourable members should be hiding their faces in shame. There are numerous lesson points from Madumere victory. He has been labelled anything but courageous but he has quietly proved book makers wrong. It is not difficult now to believe that Madumere was the engine room of Okorocha through his cool headedness and strategic mode of operation. He has won the sympathy of many including yours sincerely. In spite of his travails, Madumere remained calmed and refused to squeal on any secret(s) he knows about his Master. That is maturity. It shows that if the roles were to be reversed he would do nothing to Okorocha.
Rochas is not known to respect court judgements especially when it goes against him. Hypocritically, he would run to the same court when he thinks that he can use the court to secure some benefits. Is he not a man of double standards? We are watching him to see if he would treat this like the Council Chairmen case or the case of EzeIlomuanya Cletus which he shunned all court rulings at different levels. Would he dare the courts again otherwise he may be attracting this time the judgement of the people. People who play along with their master to undo others without the courage to speak truth to power should now know that when their master fails in the game of intrigue they also fail with him. Can Okorocha spare Madumere a breathing space now?
A strong lesson point from the episode is that the people should stand up and fight for their rights. The victory of despots like Rochas can only be temporary and possible for those who swallow his dictatorship. The court has proven again that it is still the last hope of the common man and oppressed big men like Madumere and indeed everybody. It is still not late in the day for Imo people to stand up to Okorocha and ask for redress against any of his oppressive policies. Okorocha is a dictator through and through. He wants to be the only cock that crows. He wants to be the guy calling the shots. It is either him or nobody. He shouts democracy with his mouth but he handpicks people and endorses them to run for office. That has his own definition of democracy.
I am sure Okorocha will be experiencing democracy for the first time in his life through the forthcoming non-delegate option which is likely to shatter his dreams of realising his pet project of installing and imposing his stooge on Imo people. I guess he may have sized Imo people and concluded that there is nobody with the size of Imo treasury at his disposal to match his spending powers to take over power. This is the reason he claims, 'I must make Uche Nwosu governor, Only God can stop it''. He was quoted as saying that nobody should disturb him over the manner he is running the state because he paid to acquire the position he is occupying. Let his conscience judge.
Owelle arrogates so much power to himself forgetting that powers belong to the people. I think he should be taught this lesson in a manner it would be drummed into his consciousness. He used people as lather to ascend to power, and then turned back to kick the lather away. It would be interesting to see how he jumps down from that Olympian height without the people. Imo people do not deserve the kind of humiliation they got from him. It is now time to do 'back to sender' and cut him to size.

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