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Majority of Imo people are counting the days to May 29, 2019 when they shall be freed from the whimsical and dictatorial government of Rochas Okoracha.

Majority of Imo people are counting the days to May 29, 2019 when they shall be freed from the whimsical and dictatorial government of Rochas Okoracha.

They can't wait to see the back of a government that has brought them suffering and sorrow, blood and tears. They had prayed for the end to the nightmare of a government that has desecrated all political, religious and cultural institutions in the state and enthroned mediocrity, unbridled nepotism, corruption and unprecedented impunity. Never in the history of Imo created in 1976 have the people been subjugated and held captive by a government of the family, for the family and by the family.
But even as may 29 draws nearer, there is even a greater danger facing the people of Imo State. In the real sense of it, the present economic slavery inflicted on the people by Emperor Okorocha would be a child's play, if the man is by any means allowed to produce a successor as he is currently scheming. In other words, be it , his son in-law or anybody he succeeds in imposing on Imo will signal the end of the state. Anything for now is better than the continuity of the Okorocha's dynasty in whatever form. And this has nothing to do with political parties or Zones. It has a lot to do with the political and economic survival of Imo people.
It is unfortunate that Okorocha who rode on the back of the masses to office in 2011 with his so called rescue mission agenda, has succeeded in taking the entire populace captive, rescuing only his family members and cronies. Apart from the fact that Imo today is owing the largest amount in foreign and domestic debt, Okorocha failed  to keep to any of the electoral promises he made to the people.
Instead of addressing the economic problems of the people, the governor has compounded them with his contradictory policies that have resulted in demolition of markets, houses and other business premises. Pensioners and other categories of workers are dying in their droves due to nonpayment of pensions and salaries. Those who spoke out against the despotic disposition of the Governor were abused even in their sacred altars. Traditional rulers have been reduced to mere puppets with the brave ones derobed and deposed. There is massive defacement of the city of owerri . The entire city looks like a lunatics inn. Imo is now in a state of anarchy.
But bemoaning these atrocities without doing anything about them would be the hallmark of failure on the part of Imo political stakeholders. Allowing Okorocha to go away with murder in the name of imposing a successor as the next governor of the state would be akin to surrendering our manhood to him. As pointed out earlier, this is a collective battle to reclaim Imo from Okorocha. Anybody who truly loves the state will offer himself as a volunteer to the people liberation army to secure the future of our children and children's children. We need to rally round a candidate who will rebuild Imo, restore our pride and respect the people.
We must correct the political accidents of 2011 and 2015 by enthroning justice and equity in the selection of a virile and credible candidate for 2019. While it is acknowledged that every Imo son and daughter has the right to contest the election, we should not gloss over the fact that injustice is the sole spark that ignites a conflagration in a polity. Another issue for consideration in our bid to enthrone a governor that will save Imo from Okorocha is experience. Imo's economy is so battered that only a man or woman who has experience can attend to it. We do not need a neophyte to start a learning process. We do not need a learner that will take months to wake up to the reality of governance. We need somebody that will hit the ground running as soon as May 29, 2019 breaks. This is where we must jettison sentiments and exorcise this evil spirit of propaganda which rail-roaded us to this unfortunate political accident of 2011.
It is noteworthy to point out that given the excess money available to Okorocha after years of impoverishing Imo people, that there must be a grand coalition to stop him from imposing his successor in 2019. This coalition should cut across party lines and zonal persuasions. It must identify and support a man or woman ready to offer the kind of quality leadership that will eclipse the current mediocrity found in our State. Support for such a candidate must be broad-based given the monumental challenges that need to be tackled in the post Okorocha's era.
Arising from the aforementioned, there is an urgent need for the convocation of a political Roundtable where these burning issues will be tabled, dissected and solutions proffered. The single most important item in the agenda will be how to ensure that Okorocha does not succeed in his planned kidnapping of Imo's political future in the guise of making his son-in-law, the next governor of the state. Other issues will then flow naturally.
Because the last seven and half years have been harrowing to every Imo indigene and resident, we should not gamble with 2019. It is a poetic justice that among those suffering the brunt of Okorocha's misruled today are people who invested heavily in his election in 2011 and 2015. But this is no time for recriminations. This is a time for people to forgive the mistakes of the past and work for the future of our state. 2019 beckons on all of us to join hands and rebuild Imo State by electing the best candidate for the governorship position. Show quoted text

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