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 In 2015, Michael Collins Ajereh popularly known as Don Jazzy released a hit song titled, "Reggae Blues." The song made portentous references to rascally or knavish character. Also, the song captivated the social circle like an influenza in the magnitude, which the lure of ticket chasing madness is tearing certain political parties in Imo State into shreds.

 In 2015, Michael Collins Ajereh popularly known as Don Jazzy released a hit song titled, "Reggae Blues." The song made portentous references to rascally or knavish character. Also, the song captivated the social circle like an influenza in the magnitude, which the lure of ticket chasing madness is tearing certain political parties in Imo State into shreds.

In consideration of the foregoing, John Mason said, "Keep your head and heart going in the right direction, and you won't have to worry about your feet." My enduring fascination in this saying influenced my choice of the caption of this piece. Truly, the significant remark about this vexed issue lies in the reason why most political party aspirants who displayed sheer desperation or madness are cajoled. But, who really can claim not to be mad?

I have often said that after watching the silly walk event, I arrived at the conclusion that every man is mad, though there is a difference in the degree of madness in every man. This traditional ceremony in certain countries showed the rich and the poor, the tall and the short, the males and the females, the children and the adults, the professionals and the artisans, etc walk along the streets and major roads in a conscientious stupidity and sincere imbecility.

The above display of madness is not strange in our political clime, too. Unarguably, every ticket, be it music concert ticket, sports ticket, flight ticket, bus ticket, meal ticket, theatre ticket, or even political party ticket appear to have a kind of intense and spiritualized effect on people when its demand is high. No wonder, the lure of ticket chasing madness subsists in dominant political parties where the demand is insurmountable. Here, in Imo State, the insanity about ticket chasing madness abound in the All Progressives Congress (APC), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Obviously, there is something bad and inherent in this passion for ticket chasing madness in our political clime. This is because, honesty and justice does not blend with madness. To worsen the matter, this madness has gone in the direction of tearing the dominant political parties into shreds. In a circumstance as this, Charles J. Lever said, "They are Spartans in deceit, and only disgraced whenever the madness is detected." Also, William D. Lighthall  puts it thus, "He shall learn that this kind of madness is not permitted ...." Ridgewell Cullum concluded thus, "And, honesty never yet blended satisfactorily with madness."

At this point, it is imperative to assert that APC, APGA, and PDP are in troubled waters due to the madness exhibited by their desperate aspirants. In short, these political parties are in a lose-lose situation. For example, what informed Senator Ifeanyi Araraume that he will successfully fly the flag of APGA when there was no primary election? Did he bargain for this madness or irregularity out of fear of losing in the primary election? Still, how does he think that the other aspirants who paid more than #12million each for nomination form will fold their hands and watch him cruise to victory? How will over 5,000 prospective ad-hoc and statutory delegates who paid #14,200 each for delegate forms and updating of party cards clap for the party for disenfranchising them from their civic duties? For a political party that claimed to be ours, is this the manner to prove that "nke a bu nke anyi?" Indeed, nke ahu bu nke ha. Ndi isi mmebi! Ndi Imo cannot reject a cat and go ahead to bring a dog. Ndi Imo can't stoop to that.

Furthermore, a peep into the APC showed that Governor Rochas Okorocha has found the "one who is older than Beatrice." Why wouldn't Governor Okorocha be suffering from the lure of ticket chasing madness when he arrogated to himself the acronym of "Unu dum." This is a man that offered ndi Imo with massive road destruction in place of massive road construction and still goes on to justify the continuity of his misgovernment. Please, my reader, is Governor Okorocha running for third term by proxy?

There is nothing that madness can not elicit. By the way, who sent hoodlums to the peaceful Owerri residence of Barr Nnamdi Anyaehie in search of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak? Is Barr Anyaehie a governorship aspirant of APC, the party that appointed Alhaji Gulak as Chairman of the Governorship Primary Panel? I thank God for protecting Barr Anyaehie, a young man of commendable benevolence from that siege. Although, I am not a member of APC, but I owe so much to Alhaji Gulak. Know it that the enemy of our common enemy is our friend. So, Gulak has become my bosom friend.

It is necessary at this point to emphasise that whoever that is not afraid of Gulak has not heard about Gulag. I was really in a confused moment when I heard that APC was sending Gulak to Imo State. I misplaced the man, Gulak for the institution, Gulag. Indeed, Gulag was a government agency in charge of the Soviet Union's forced labour camp system that was created under  Vladimir Lenin. The agency reached its peak during Joseph Stalin's rule from 1930s to 1950s. You can see that my fear was not unfounded since Gulak dealt with a sitting governor in the manner Gulag terrified or sent shivers down the spine of culprits or the opposition.

Let me leave Gulak and Gulag and go on with the case of Imo PDP gubernatorial tussle, which I will only say that the dead should bury the dead. Since after the mass exodus of the members of Sheriff faction of Imo PDP, the little life in the party appears to be sickened with Senator Sam Anyanwu versus Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha power tussle. In the past, I had written copiously on this political party whose stock in trade had been impunity or rigging in all of its party congresses, conventions, and primaries. Following from these unsavoury events in APC, APGA, and PDP in Imo State, we will no longer rely on self-defeating permutations we used in 2011 and 2015 that put us in one-step forward and ten-steps backward. In a situation as this, Prof Nnamdi Obiaraeri said, "A new normal is possible."

Significantly, a new normal is possible particularly in this circumstance we have found ourselves where W. Banky stated thus, "When you are in a lose-lose situation, you don't take sides, you change the situation." In this vein, let's reject the notion that the option we have in 2019 is to select the incoming governor from the three dominant parties, which are in confusion over their flag bearers.

In fact, APC, APGA , and PDP in Imo State are like artificial ponds. Ndi Imo can not fish in such polluted ponds. In other words, ndi Imo need to pause and reconsider their wishful thinking about magical harvest. Ndi Imo should be ready to till the ground, sow the seeds, water it, weed , and apply natural manure in order to reap bumper harvest. Instructively, in the past 7years, Imo and Abia States are the only backward States in Igboland, which is chiefly owed to misgovernment. Therefore, in our bid to rediscover ourselves, we need to explore another direction or platform for 2019.

The foregoing shows that I have taken sides since I considered APC, APGA, and PDP to be in a lose-lose situation. In this vein, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said, "The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction."  Thus, ndi Imo should discard the glittering facade about money politics and rise with one voice in 2019 to usher a government, which will be led by a man that has conquered greed, inordinate ambition and vindictiveness.


Acceptably, ndi Imo can borrow a leaf from Nelson Mandela who once said, "I never lose. I either win or learn." Thus, ndi Imo should learn not to lose again. Let's close this sad chapter of our collective destiny if only Imo must be fixed. Prejudice and sentiment occasioned by zonal irredentism and religious denomination will no longer be of help to ndi Imo. In the same vein, this is not an era for a learner-governor since Imo State is in an intensive care unit with a debt profile of over #350billion, and with alarming infrastructural decay.

Let's consider the man whose experience counts and who has not been a team player of this government that ruined Imo State. I mean the man that has only 4years to put Imo State back on the track. With the original documents of the records of properties and other assets of Imo State in his possession, he will definitely not make any mistake in the recovery of stolen loots as well as laying a new and better foundation.

Without equivocation, Dr Ikedi Godson Ohakim is the man that will start to fix Imo State at the blast of whistle on May 29, 2019 because as a former governor, he knows where and how to start. Again, he will go ahead to cure this insanity called ticket chasing madness in our political clime by restoring the Imo Charter of Equity based on collective interest.

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