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My memo titled 'the new road map for Igbo polities' was a message to the Igbo some of whom may be disillusioned about the current state of our affairs given the conscious and consistent conspiracy to demonize us for having the independence of mind in exercise of our democratic right in the last election.

My memo titled 'the new road map for Igbo polities' was a message to the Igbo some of whom may be disillusioned about the current state of our affairs given the conscious and consistent conspiracy to demonize us for having the independence of mind in exercise of our democratic right in the last election.

I found some non-Igbo jumping into the conversation questioning my right to demand for Igbo unity. One commentator even threatened that the Igbo cannot be President. Yes Igbo cannot be President so long as the Hausa and Yoruba nation want it to be so but the loser of this conspiracy will not be the Igbo but Nigeria. Those who demonise the Igbo should always remember that the Igbo helped shape Nigeria. Without the Igbo Nigeria would have been worse. Our strength isn't just in our industry but in our intellect.
For those who want me to stop writing about the Igbo I will not be silent. Because of my Igbo brothers I will not be silent; I will remain committed to the Igbo cause until the Igbo nation is free from political marginalisation.
Thanks to Nnamdi Azikiwe, Emeka Ojukwu, Mbonu Ojike, Michael Okpara and other Igbo brothers who shaped Nigeria and still shaping the nation. Because of them our heads are high.
Philip Emegwali the Mathematics prodigy is a native of Onitsha who at 13 served the Biafran Army. Emegwali is described as the father of the internet having found the super computer in the 80's. Borrowing an idea from a science fiction story about predicting the weather, Emeagwali decided that rather than using eight expensive supercomputers he would employ thousands of microprocessors to do the computation. The discovery earned him the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers' Gordon Bell Prize in 1989, considered the Nobel Prize of computing, and he was later hailed as one of the fathers of the Internet. Since then, he has won more than 100 prizes for his work and Apple computer has used his microprocessor technology in their Power Mac G4 model. Today he lives in Washington with his wife and son.
NWANYEREUWA: But for Nwanyeruwa, housewives in Nigeria would be paying tax. She was a widow in the village of Oloko, on the Outskirts of Aba. She was approached by an agent of the Warrant Chief Okugo, ostensibly on a tax assessment, upon which a scuffle ensued; she rallied women to her aid in the traditional method, by sending Palm fronds to her fellow women, who came out in their 1000's. This set in motion the most violent protest of the early Colonial era, in which several persons were killed. This became a rallying call of protest, for women not just in Nigeria but all over the world.
LAUD (LOUIS) VICTOR UGBOMA: Born at Atani in Ogbaru, Anambra State, and initially trained as a teacher. He received emergency commission into the Army on 28th August 1948, becoming the first Nigerian Officer. He is said to have been instrumental to the award of Commissions, to other Nigerians. He relinquished his commission in April 1953 and went back to teaching- at Zixton Grammar School Ozubulu. PROF NJOKU OBI: But for Njoku Obi Kano and major parts of the North would have been wiped out by cholera epidemic that besieged the city in 1972, yet Njoku was a target of Nigerian Army and would have been killed in the genocide against the Igbo that lasted from 1966 to 1970. Njoku was born in Owerri in 1930, studied Microbiology obtaining a PhD from the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama USA. He returned to Nigeria lecturing at the University of Lagos in 1965, and later at the University of Nigeria Nsukka after the Civil War, Where he became a Professor of Virology. He produced a Cholera Vaccine, which was approved by the World Health Organization as efficacious in 1971 and employed successfully in the Kano Cholera epidemic of 1972.
FLORA NWAKUCHE (NWAPA) was born in 1931 at Oguta and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University College, Ibadan in 1957. After a career in education at the Ministry of education Calabar and Queens School, Enugu, she made history by becoming the first Nigerian woman to Publish a novel in English- "Efuru" in 1966 She made history once more by her appointment as a Commissioner in East Central State in 1970. She passed on in 1993.
JOSEPHINE TOLEFE was born in 1931 at Ogwashi-Uku in present day Delta State .She studied Nursing and after qualification, she was commissioned into the Nigerian Army Medical Corps, on 7 February 1961 becoming' the first woman to be commissioned into the Nigerian Army. On 1 June 1963, she was promoted to the rank of Captain- equally the first Nigerian woman to achieve this.  She left the Nigerian Army in 1967, as a result of the political crises of 1966-1967.
CHIEF MERCY ENELI was a native of Obosi, she got married to Pharmacist Frank Eneli in 1937. She started a career as a trader in the 1930's, selling general goods, until the advent of Nigeria Breweries in 1949, when she then specialized in Beverages. She slowly grew to become one of NBL's biggest distributors and Shareholders. This relationship was rewarded in 1975, when she was appointed to the Board of NBL, as a Non-Executive Director- the first Nigerian woman to be appointed to The Board of a listed company
STELLA NSOLO (UGBODE) from Ilah, after her secondary school education, she was Admitted to study Architecture at the Birmingham School of Architecture. She qualified as an Architect in 1960, becoming the first Nigerian female Architect. She practiced for several years as Government Architect- Chief Architect of the Midwest State till her retirement.
 JUSTICE VICTORIA ONEJEME was called to the Bar in 1965 and in 1976, achieved the Distinction of becoming the first Nigerian and indeed the first Igbo female Attorney-General, in the old Anambra State, subsequently transferring to the Bench as a Judge of the FCT High Court. Justice Roseline Ukeje also made history by becoming the first Nigerian woman to be appointed the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court in 2001.
PROF. CHIKE OBI was a native of Onitsha. He was the world acclaimed mathematician who gave scientific proof to a 361-year old mathematical puzzle known as Fermat's Last Theorem. He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science, the world renowned mathematics scholar won the Ecklund Prize from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics for original work in Differential Equations, and pioneering works in mathematics in Africa He had earned his doctoral degree in 1950, specializing in Non-linear Differential Equations at the Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, England.
LOUIS ODUMEGWU OJUKWU KBE was a Nigerian businessman from Ojukwu's family of Nwakanwa quarters Obiuno Umudim Nnewi. Sir Ojukwu was the first and founding President of The Nigerian Stock Exchange as well as President of The African Continental Bank. He was also either Chairman or on the board of directors of some of Nigeria's most profitable companies such as Shell Oil Nigeria Limited, Guinness Nig. Ltd, Nigerian National Shipping Lines, Nigerian Cement Factory, Nigerian Coal Corporation, Costain West Africa Ltd, John Holt, Nigerian Marketing Board amongst others. He won a parliamentary seat during the nation's first republic. MAJOR GENERAL JOHNSON THOMAS UMUNNAKWE AGUIYI-IRONSI (3 March 1924 - 29 July 1966) was a senior Nigerian military officer. He seized power in the chaos that ensued from the first military coup in Nigeria and served as the Head of State of Nigeria from 16 January 1966 until he was overthrown and killed on 29 July 1966 by a group of Northern army officers.
Culled from Sun Newspaper

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