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As the 2019 general election heats up in Imo State, there has been heated argument on the zoning question in Imo State. How the zoning mantra came about is yet clear to many, but Owerri people have started out with the claim that 2019 governorship slot in the state belongs to them.

As the 2019 general election heats up in Imo State, there has been heated argument on the zoning question in Imo State. How the zoning mantra came about is yet clear to many, but Owerri people have started out with the claim that 2019 governorship slot in the state belongs to them.

Their reason is that they claim to be marginalized in the governorship of the state. In making this argument Owerri people do not reckon that their sons and daughters have been at the center of the governorship of the state. In 2007, former Governor Ikedi Ohakim governed the state with Chief Ada Okwuonu as the Deputy Governor. In 2011 Governor Okorocha began with Sir Jude Agbaso as Deputy. He was the Deputy Governor until the state House of Assembly found him unfit to continue. The reason was simple: the House had found him answerable in a corruption case involving JPROSS.
Currently, their son, Prince Eze Madumere, is the Deputy Governor of the state. But while Owerri Zone continues with their claim to the governorship of the state, they try to push to the trashcan the shame their son brought to them when he was ingloriously impeached on the ground of corruption. They also try to make us forget that their son, Chief Martins Agbaso, was accused of selling his governorship ticket in 2011.
From research, Imo Youth Platform concludes that Owerri Zone is the most selfish and divided in the whole of the state. Granted that politics is a game of interest, Owerri Zone is not known for collective interest. We wonder where they borrowed the collective interest thinking from. They only invoke the spirit of Owerri Zone whenever they are after selfish ends. After that, nothing else matters to them. They can even course their mother once they have achieved their selfish ends. And of course, if there was anything as Owerri Zone in person, they would not mind to spit on his face.
Recently, Hon Uche Onyeagocha, Barr Kingsley Ononuju and Dr. Orikeze Ajumbe created one of the funniest organizations we have ever seen since the creation of Imo State. The Imo Equity Movement, as they chose to call it, is a platform for them to achieve what they thought they did not achieve since 2015. The Imo Equity Movement is also a funny one because it is a fruitless attempt to recreate the moribund Owerri Zone Political Leaders Forum (OZOPOLF) which was headed by Chief Charles Amadi. Our findings point to the fact that Barr Uju was one of the founders of the dead organization but they recruited Chief Amadi to be the face of the group. And at the right time they showed why they remain Owerri people. They are always the Judas in Imo State politics. Ironically, in 2015 all the promoters of Imo Equity Movement worked against the interest of Owerri Zone. They did not find any of their sons worthy to be Governor. Worthy of mention is Hon Onyeagocha who was neck-deep in the campaign for the rescue mission against his own brothers. But as he suspects that Uche Nwosu might run for the governorship of the state in 2019 he dusts up his jealousy cap and puts it on. But it does not fit him.
Nothing else is driving Imo Equity Movement but jealousy. Otherwise, how could a people who on their own volition destroyed the spirit of zoning and equity in the state, now attempt to resurrect it? It is only dogs that go to their vomit. These men make themselves political dogs and harlots when they turn to their vomits and attempt to swallow the zoning and equity they repudiated.
Imo Youth Platform urges these politicians to listen to Mr. Collins Ughalaa, who recently asked them to come to equity with clean hands. They need a cleansing before they could approach the throne of equity, because equity does not behold dirty hands. We also call on Hon Onyeagocha to face his people of Owerri Zone and tell them his role in denying Owerri Zone the governorship slot of 2015. And to Dr. Ajumbe, he should do same, and tell the people of Owerri Zone why he swore never to have anything to do with Emeka Ihedioha in 2015. He should tell them why he did not find any of the four sons of Owerri zone that contested the governorship of the state under different platforms fit and proper to be governor. For Barrister Ononuju, he needs to tell Owerri people how much he collected to sell OZOPOLF in 2015.
However, Imo Youth Platform has discovered that the same mercantile spirit has not left the trio of Ononuju, Onyeagocha and Ajumbe. What they are doing with the Imo Equity Movement is to breed and sell. But we warn that in doing so they should not allow Imo State to sink. We warn further that in going about their merchandise politicking they should not try to destroy another man or drag him down with them.
Imo Youth Platform frowns at the statement that Governor Okorocha wants a third term through the backdoor, using Uche Nwosu. In making this claim they assert the failed position of zoning, forgetting they dug the grave and buried zoning. They cannot at the same time try to resurrect zoning. In invoking the spirit of zoning, the message they attempted to preach was that Uche Nwosu is not qualified to contest the governorship slot of the state in 2019, just because they assert he is from Orlu Zone. Barr Ononuju and Onyeagocha should have known that the constitution of the country forbids anyone from being discriminated against based either on the fact of his place of birth, social or economic or religious status. If Owerri Zone asserts zoning and denies Uche Nwosu the right to vie for any position he is qualified to vie, then he is illegally being discriminated because he comes from Orlu Zone. They also commit the second offence when they attach the fact of his marital relationship with the Governor. Everyone knows Nwosu is married to the daughter of the Governor. But to discriminate against him and try to stop him from running for the position of the governor of the state in 2019 is an illegality that cannot be sustained on the platform of zoning.
Many people in Imo State agree that what they need is a credible person for 2019 governorship in Imo State. Even the diehard critic of the rescue mission government, Mr. Collins Ughalaa, agrees that Imo needs a credible person. Is Uche Onyeagocha a more credible person than Uche Nwosu? Can Onyeagocha explain to Imo people his role in the aborted third term bid of former President Olusegun Obasanjo? Is it true that he was among those that shared the third term fund and jolted away? Was it not because of his inglorious roles in the third term saga that he was threatened out of the House of Reps, then he ferried down to Imo to run for guber? Can a man with this chameleon character be trusted? Can we say he is a credible person? Unless there are no people in Owerri Zone, people like Onyeagocha should not be talking for the zone. Imo Youth Platform believes that unless serious issues are raised to show that Uche Nwosu is not a credible person, all matters pertaining to zoning in relation to him should seize. Uche Nwosu should not be discredited because he comes from Orlu Zone. After all, all the people from Orlu Zone that have ruled Imo State emerged through the ballot. That would look like throwing away the baby with the bathwater. As youths of Imo State, what we want to see is a situation where all credible persons are tested out on the day of election, using the ballot papers to pass our judgement on whom we think is the credible person to lead us. And if Owerri Zone is waking up at all, Uche Onyeagocha should not be the face to champion the Owerri course.  
Media, New Media & Strategy Coordinator.

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