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Aside Political sentiments, Senator Araraume has sent the first shot, he has started the collective project of Ndi Imo to fight against Familiocracy in Imo state.

Aside Political sentiments, Senator Araraume has sent the first shot, he has started the collective project of Ndi Imo to fight against Familiocracy in Imo state.

Like I have always said, I am a true fan of Governor Rochas Okorocha during his first term, but now I don't think no man with his right and functional conscience will do that for now. But that does mean that my governor is bad, no its far from it.
My governor is a man with surprises, he loves when he really wants to love, a cheerful giver, that had good vision, but at a time his vision started driving him crazy, and most of those around him didn't help positively in his vision and dreams for a better Imo.
For the past 3years, Imo state has witnessed and experienced a very bad government. I watched the democracy day media briefing of my governor, he nearly confused and convinced us on the things we knew the truth already. According to him he builds for the future and not for the present, and I witnessed it. His government is for the future and not for the present, no wonder his administration has currently has so much uncompleted projects, left to be completed in the future. If you watch most of his projects are uncompleted, yes they are for the future and don't forget his government is for the future and a governor with the highest number of uncompleted buildings.
He said he built, 300, bed space hospitals in all the 27 local government areas. Yes I was there yesterday and I saw sick and healthy snakes and some dangerous animal receiving treatments while others were busy sharing their salaries. He said he built 305 primary schools in all the INEC wards. Yes as usual, they are for the future. I took my time last week and visited 10 out of the 27 local government areas; I visited most of the wards, all I saw death trap, collapsing buildings and uncompleted buildings, while those completed were left to be used in the future. I visited Owerri and I saw how beautiful the capital city of Owerri is, if you are not careful in Owerri when it is raining, you will end up swimming without a swimming skit, rather with your suit.
Is it the demolition of markets and the incompletion of new market sites? He said the level of hardship in IMO state has reduced; well as usual that is a speech for the future. Yes the level of hardship in Imo state is second to none. Reasons are the demolition of markets, banning of keke riders, nonpayment of pensions, nonpayment of complete salaries to civil servants. May be he has plans for the future. Currently most of those affected by the demolition of those markets, can no longer afford 3squre meal and other basic human needs. And the highest of its all is him dreaming to install his in-law as the new governor of Imo State, from the same zone, and automatically making her first daughter the first lady after his wife.
Well I have researched about Hon Uche Nwosu, I found out that he is a very kind man, a very good man, that helps those around him and support the youths working for and with him, and that he has a good listening ear.
But his sins/crime is allowing Governor Rochas to champion his cause. Imo state citizens are not ready for another future government. And for the Governor thinking and believing that we all are for the future, that maybe he can have his way as the emperor of Imo state as the king of the kings. It sounds somehow that a man after ruling for 8years single handedly hands over power to his in-law, it sounds somehow to the ear, is unheard for, but let's assume this happens after 4 or 8years and above after he meant have left office as the governor of Imo state, it will be understandable. All thanks to Senator Ifeanyi Araraume elected Senator for the Imo North (Okigwe) constituency of Imo State , Nigeria at the start of the Nigerian Fourth Republic, running on the People's Democratic Party (PDP) platform. He took office on 29 May 1999. He was reelected in April 2003. After taking his seat in the Senate in June 1999 Araraume was appointed to committees on Communications, Police Affairs, Federal Character, Finance & Appropriation, Information and Niger Delta (vice chairman) And currently a full time APC member. And the best inter party politician in Nigeria. He has made things easier for Imo State citizens, to vote in a candidate of their choice irrespective of his/her political party.
He has tried to reduce the pressure and power if my family system. And at the same time told him how 2019 election will look like, how angry Imo citizens are and how ready they are to end my family government. As usual, I am currently not a partisan politician, am only a sociopolitical analyst, working towards bringing in “LIGHT” and good governance into Imo State, irrespective of the political party.

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