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Though development is one concept that is multi-dimensional but it is agreeable that it is a process of improving the quality of all human lives with three equally important aspects.

Though development is one concept that is multi-dimensional but it is agreeable that it is a process of improving the quality of all human lives with three equally important aspects.

These aspects are; raising people's living standard; creating conditions conducive to the growth of people's self-esteem through the establishment of social, political and economic systems and institutions, which promote human dignity and respects; the third one is increasing people's freedom to choose by enlarging the range of their choice variables.
 Sports development is an intrinsic part of national development, must have its place in the scheme of things especially at the grass root levels.    
This may not be unconnected to the view of sports development experts who see it is an initiative aimed at promoting sports and recreational activities with specific emphasis on rural areas and links between schools, clubs and young people. This creates an opportunity for the talented youths in various areas of sports to discover and develop such talents, which eventually might become a means to an end. This will ultimately have its positive impacts in the State and Nation at large.
The Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere is a personality whose life antecedents have continued to dazzle many whenever and wherever it is  mentioned because he is a man who prefers to carry on with whatever course he believes- in noiselessly but relentless in bringing it to fruition. This tradition has led to him to prosecuting successfully various projects which are socio-political and economic in nature. His track records have proven him a man who is focused and committed to both individual and collective goals. He is known for his proactive, researched based and thorough planning prowess, which has not only distinguished him as an administrative guru but as a visionary leader. Therefore, his adventure into sports is not a cash-and-carry and one-off thing but a careful initiative to contribute his quota to the development of latent of the young ones towards becoming productive members of their society. Prince Madumere's love for sports dates back to his primary and secondary school days. At that level, he had become conscious of his immediate environment looking up to the role models who have lifted the image of the country to the high heavens in the comity of nations. Sports as unifying factor in the communities, States and nation at large and this import spurred Prince Madumere, over twenty years ago, into founding “Prince Eze Madumere Unity Cup”. It was a football tournament that united the communities in Mbieri. The initiative was not only timely but it was at a time well-meaning Mbierians came up with peace initiative with a view to resolving brewing conflicts within and among the communities. This did not only prove potent, it served as a unifying point for the youths where they joined hands to collectively vote against violence, hate and stood for a harmonious and progressive way out. This landmark effort is still alive till date as people look up the always-well-attended-and-up-coming star-studded competition.
In the area of support, he has at various critical occasions made his interventions and contributed morally, financially and otherwise. Little wonder, our visionary Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha elected him to head the repositioning the State-pride football club when it mattered most. That singular effort saved the club from going on relegation. He was visible during the period as he showed a responsible and responsive leadership. It is on record that Heartland Football has never lost a match whenever Madumere is at the stand to watch their match. In the Community Government Councils, Mbaitoli Local Government in particular, Prince Madumere' s effort at sponsoring football development is never in contention as he ensured that opportunities were created for the youth at the grass-root to showcase their God given talents.
On July 14, 2015, Prince Eze Madumere responding to the dearth in track and field events, took the initiative through his Peze Foundation in collaboration with Monarch and Co to host the maiden Prince Eze Madumere Athletics Championship where primary and secondary school pupils and students respectively competed in different categories of heats.  The colour, pageantry and entertainment that occasioned the event have refused to go away from the lips of sports lovers and students of Imo State. Of course, talents were discovered.  The games featured, 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 4 by 400 meters, Long Jump, High Jump to mention but a few. Recently, the Imo State Deputy Governor in collaboration with the Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON) will be hosting the First ever Female Football Competition. This is a right step in the right direction. This shows the vision of Prince Eze Madumere.
This is a testimony of a man who is gender sensitive. At every point in time, while investing in the boys, he has never closed his eyes to the role and place of the girl child in the national development.  This can explain his yearly talent show where men and women feature in various arts. Today, through Prince Madumere's effort and human capacity investment in many facets, many families have commended for these humane attributes.
Today, among some of the celebrated stars in Nigerian Premier League are products of Prince Eze Madumere who passed through his establishments. Bright Ejike of Heartland Football Club of Owerri, one of the highest goal scorers in the present season. He has remained a delight to Imo people and Nigerians at large. We also have another fantastic talented player in the person of Chiamaka Madu who plies his football trade with Sharks Football Club of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State to mention few. Speaking to newsmen recently over his love for sports and investment made so far, Prince Madumere first thanked his leader, Owelle Rochas Okorocha whom he said has supported him in his various venture to contribute and support the youths who are inclined to making a career path in Sports. He also posited that his interest in sports is not unconnected to his love for it. Secondly he said while agreeing that extra-ordinarily gifted sports men and women could take it as a career path, he also stress its importance in keeping the idle minds busy thereby preventing youths from engaging in crimes and other vices. Prince Madumere also stressed the need to build a healthy work-force through sports, which he said is only possible through engaging in sporting activities. He therefore called on people who care about their personal health to engage in the sporting activities after they might have consulted their Doctors so as to know the level of indulgence. Prince Madumere must be commended for his disposition to sports and stopping at nothing to ensure that Imo youth are kept busy while building a healthy and able body men and women for any productive engagements. More importantly, Prince Madumere as a patriotic leader is partnering with the established institutions not just to develop latent in the youth of Imo State but to create choices for our young population to eke out a living.

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